What Are HVAC Services? | Heating and Air Conditioner Repair in Plano, TX

What Are HVAC Services? | Heating and Air Conditioner Repair in Plano, TX

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Do you have problems with cold rooms and draughty windows? Do you have trouble staying warm in your house without temperature control? Is your house stuffy or feels suffocating?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you are in need of HVAC services. HVAC services are services that cater to a building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning requirements. These can range from a number of heating repair problems to air conditioner repair problems. It is important to consider your home or work environments’ HVAC requirements and maintenance.

This is because Plano, TX, has harsh climate conditions that may negatively impact your belongings as well as your health. Now a lot of folks may not know much about the world of HVAC services. Here’s what they are!

HVAC Services


Heating services are for the installation and maintenance of gas or electrical heating systems. Most HVAC technicians will be concerned with the smooth and safe running of the heater parts, furnace units, gas lines, and electrical heaters.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning repair services are for various kinds of air conditioning issues like problems in evaporator and condenser coils, obstructed air flow, damaged filters or broken thermostats. Here HVAC technicians will be concerned about repairing, maintaining, installing and replacing your air conditioners.


Ventilation services are done to make sure that you have proper air flow in the home so that the rooms do not get stuffy, draughty, or suffocating.

All of these conditions can be a problem in Plano, TX, homes. Ventilation is often to make sure airflow is perfect in your heating and cooling systems in Plano, TX.

HVAC Maintenance

Now that you have a good idea of what these HVAC services mean, you might want to know about what specific tasks an HVAC professional will need to perform in your home. An HVAC serviceman will often:

Lubricate Your HVAC systems

HVAC professionals often need to lubricate your heating and air conditioning systems while carrying out routine maintenance, and repairs.

Lubrication is essential to machine parts because otherwise high friction can damage, overheat and break the machines.

Maintain Your Thermostat

If you ask for regular services for heating and air conditioner repair and maintenance, your HVAC serviceman will check and recalibrate your thermostat as per your need. Thermostats need to be set and reprogrammed by professional technicians and these tasks should be attempted by amateurs.

Check Controls

Your air conditioning and heating systems are often complex technologies that need to be checked on at different intervals for repair, maintenance and replacement services in Plano, TX. Your HVAC serviceman will especially need to check the controls in your heating and air conditioning units to determine if everything is all set.

These repair services are important because these are easy ways to detect a problem in the nick of time in your Plano, TX, home.

Clean Machine Parts

At times Plano HVAC professionals will need to check, repair and clean parts of an air conditioning or heating unit. They will need to adjust and clean blowers in an air conditioner to make sure air flows smoothly throughout the home.

They will also need to clean the air conditioner’s coils yearly to make sure the air conditioning unit runs smoothly and does not rack up high energy cost as a result of decreased performance efficiency.

Check Connections

The HVAC professional will need to check various connections in the heating and air conditioning systems. These could include potentially loose electrical connections and switches in the electrical network.

HVAC professionals will need to repair and monitor voltage and equipment monitors as well as check fuel line connections for heating systems. The latter is far more crucial because a loose gas connection to the heating system, for instance, could be a massive safety risk.

Inspect Heater and Air Conditioner Parts

An HVAC professional in Plano, TX, is often responsible for checking multiple parts like the heat exchanger in a heating unit. The professional will need to make sure that the heat exchanger does not have cracks, damaged burners or improper amounts of pressure on them. If a heater has a crack, the furnace will need to be replaced altogether.

The HVAC professional will also need to check, repair and maintain the gas pressure and burner combustion that might possibly affect the proper running of the heating unit. If the HVAC professional adjusts the gas pressure, you will have a healthier heating unit and lower energy costs. The same can be done by cleaning the burners in your heater.

The Plano HVAC professional will also need to inspect and fix the refrigerant charges in an air conditioning unit. If the charge is incorrect, you might either have high energy costs or an undercharged air conditioning system.

When to Call an HVAC Professional?

Ideally, you should call for an HVAC professional at least once a year for an annual checkup in Plano, TX.

However, if you notice faults in your heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems that seem dangerous or are affecting the equipment performance, you should immediately call an HVAC serviceman for repairs.

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