What Methods Does A Duct Cleaning Service Provider Use? | Arlington, TX

What Methods Does A Duct Cleaning Service Provider Use? | Arlington, TX

In one moment, the workplace or home air quality can be clean and pure and full of contaminants and pollutants within seconds. Fortunately, you can ensure high indoor air quality by installing an air conditioner or air purifier in your home or office. These electrical appliances filter the contaminants from the air to ensure safety. Unfortunately, the air conditioning system or furnace might be clogged up at the air ducts or filters by the dust they remove from the air. They strain to push the air into various sections of your home whenever this happens.

Therefore, this needs immediate addressing, meaning you should have a duct cleaning service. Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t consider duct cleaning part of the routine air conditioning maintenance. It is only when they start noticing that the air coming from the vents is dusty that they take matters seriously. Even then, some homeowners opt to try cleaning their ducts themselves, which is particularly reckless if not risky. If your air ducts are due for a cleaning, a professional should do it. These technicians are adequately trained to properly and safely clean the ducts. Based on the dirt, material making the ducts, and location of the ducts, the pro can use either of the following methods:

Source Removal Duct Cleaning

Being the most popular duct cleaning method, source removal is considered by duct cleaning service providers to be the best and most effective method. It extracts the contaminants from the air duct and other components. The method uses mechanical agitation to loosen the dust and dirt from the air ducts and also safely and efficiently and safely extract the debris. Source removal is a specific technique that effectively moves all the contaminants within the air ducts, making them compliant with various industry standards like TR19.

Point of Contact (POC) Duct Cleaning

This newer duct cleaning method has been increasing in popularity in recent times. Compared to the source removal duct cleaning method, the point of contact cleaning is much less expensive and great at removing the pollutants from your air ducts. It uses High-Efficiency Particulate vacuum cleaners to remove the dust, dirt, and other debris lodged in the air ducts. It’s a simple duct cleaning process that a technician can perform within only a few hours. Although there is rapid development in advanced duct cleaning technologies, the professional duct cleaning service providers in Arlington, TX still use point-of-contact cleaning because it is among the most effective and safest.

Truck-Mounted Duct Cleaning

The ventilation system is connected to the truck vacuum by a hose. The loose debris is moved into the ductwork to be gathered by a rotary brush while the vacuum generates a negatively pressurized suction. Truck-mounted vacuum cleaning is no longer the method of choice for cleaning the air ducts since it can pull dirt and emissions from the car and recirculate it into the atmosphere of the building. Duct cleaning service providers today choose cleaner, more effective techniques over those that could result in cross-contamination dangers, like those offered by truck-based or truck-powered appliances. Hence, ask the professional what measures they have implemented to prevent cross-contamination.

Air Sweep or Power Vacuum

This is a duct-cleaning technique that is very common. It clears any contaminants from the HVAC system using a powerful vacuum cleaning device, extracting ant debris and dirt from the air ducts. A power vacuum is an efficient and fast method that carefully cleans accumulated grime. Thus, if you want your air ducts cleaned faster, you should have a duct cleaning service using power vacuuming. However, this method is effective for removing loose dust particles.

Steam Duct Cleaning

Steam ductwork cleaning is another method that a duct cleaning service provider can use to remove any debris or dirt from the ducts. The high-pressure steam makes the contaminants lose and is later removed with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Regarding your air conditioning system, you should avoid using any moisture-based cleaners or other methods involving steam. Introducing water to the air ducts will damage the various components and make your machine less efficient. This includes the electronic parts critical for properly operating your HVAC system.

High-Static Pressure Duct Cleaning

Another technique your reliable duct cleaning service provider in Arlington, TX might use is high static pressure ductwork cleaning. The method uses a highly pressurized air stream for cleaning the air ducts and is perfect for commercial applications because it will remove even the most stubborn debris and dirt. Since it uses pressurized air, the method is an efficient and safe way of cleaning the air ducts. High-static pressure duct cleaning is a great solution for companies that want to ensure their air ducts are always clean and clear of debris. It can, however, also put a great deal of stress on the machinery HVAC system, which, if not properly maintained, might reduce its lifespan.


One of the most recent cleaning techniques that duct cleaning service providers use today is dry ice or cryogenic blasting. Utilizing pressurized air to propel dry ice pellets, dry ice-blasting removes debris and dirt from ducts. Although it is a simple and quick procedure, it is costlier than most other air duct cleaning techniques discussed.

Combination Method

Some air duct cleaning pros use a combination of methods discussed above to ensure the best cleaning possible for their clients. For instance, they may use truck-mounted cleaning of your air ducts to remove the bulky debris and dust and, later, use a highly pressurized stream of air to remove any leftover dirt.

Routine Maintenance Ensures Your Ducts Are Clean

By the very nature of their work, your air ducts will become dirty from dust, rodent nests, and other objects. However, you can minimize the impact by having a duct cleaning service when the technicians come for maintenance. If you want your Arlington, TX home’s air ducts professionally cleaned, contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth.

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