What Should You Know About Air Conditioner Installation? | Fort Worth, TX

What Should You Know About Air Conditioner Installation? | Fort Worth, TX

Are you a tenant or a homeowner? You need your home to be comfortable and clean. This means having systems and structures that work. The comfort of your home largely relies on indoor air quality. Fortunately, you can easily address this concern by purchasing an AC unit and having an air conditioner installation technician install the unit at your home. A properly functioning air conditioning unit will ensure that your home will have quality cool air, especially in Texas’s hot and humid summers.

However, when choosing an air conditioner installation company, you should know all the red flags to look out for. Apart from offering you the best installation service, you want to be sure that you have a reliable partner who will efficiently and promptly answer your call and hear your cry in case an AC emergency arises. Therefore, this article will highlight what to avoid when hiring an air conditioner installation company and things to consider before installing an air conditioner in your home.

What to Avoid When Hiring an AC Installation Company

The first step before finding the air conditioning unit that suits your needs and getting to your home is finding the right air conditioning installation company. When undergoing the search, it is vital to remember that you are looking for a reliable partner with whom you will walk the journey and someone you can rely on when you are frustrated. Therefore, below are some of the things you should avoid in an air conditioning installation company:

Poor Response Time

The first thing to consider when hiring any company, not only an air conditioner installation time, is the company’s response time. Therefore, when it comes to an AC repair company, check for things such as how easily you can reach their customer service agent, how long it takes you to set an appointment if you need one, and how long the company takes to get back to you if they said they would. You do not want to get entangled with a company that you have to call back several times to get in touch with their customer care agent. If this is the case, it also indicates the trouble you will encounter in getting the information or getting in touch with agents when you hire the company.

Additionally, it is advisable to note how punctual the air conditioner repair company is regarding emergencies. You can get this information from other customers who get the services from this company. If their technicians are either late to inspection or show up unprepared for the task, you should consider this a red flag. A good air conditioner installation company in Fort Worth, TX, should be prompt in emergencies and give you direct access to the necessary services and information on time.

No Reviews

When considering if an air conditioner installation company is a good fit, it is always advisable to go through their website and all relevant information. This includes what customers say about the company, the rating of the company’s operation, and, most importantly, the company’s reviews. The online information will help you to get a feel of the company and ascertain if this is the kind of air conditioner installation company you want to work with. However, it is essential to note that looking at the company’s site alone is not advisable.

This is because some companies post false reviews or delete those that are not favorable. Therefore, venture across third-party sites to get the proper depiction of the company in question since they have more reliable information. Although no company is perfect, it is better to look for an air conditioner installation company with positive reviews. Going through reviews will save you effort and time since you will know which of the companies offer quality services.

No Cost Estimate

The other red flag when searching for an air conditioner installation company is one that has no stipulated cost estimate. When searching for an expert to rely on, you want to look for someone you can trust with the comfort of your Fort Worth, TX, home. The foundation of this trust is built on issues such as transparency on the cost and procedures to be undertaken during the installation.

Additionally, since it is a standard procedure for air conditioner installation experts to draft a quote that details everything, go through the estimation if one is provided. Ensure that you understand everything stipulated and seek clarification for those you do not. On the other hand, if the AC company does not offer a detailed quote but rather gives roughly defined figures, this could mean that there could be a last-minute addition. An estimated cost will allow you to compare different air conditioner installation companies to pick one that matches your budget.

Negotiating Prices

A company that negotiates prices after you have agreed on the cost is worse than one with no cost estimate. Imagine choosing the company because of their price margins, only for them to try and renegotiate the agreed-upon price later. Apart from being rather inconvenient, this shows that the company is not reliable or trustworthy. You want to deal with an air conditioner installation company that stands by its word and one you can trust.

On the other hand, similar to a hike in price, you should also consider a decrease in price a red flag. It is possible that if the company offers you a reduction in price after the fact, they are likely to use substandard material or cut corners to make the discount worth it. Therefore, before taking the deal, check online reviews of previous customers to see if any of them have had problems with their installations.

No License or Insurance

A license and insurance are the fundamental things you should pay attention to when searching for an air conditioner installation expert. These two components are the safeguards for both you and your family. The license certifies that the company has been given the okay by relevant bodies to operate, meaning that it has passed all the required tests and met all the laws. Secondly, it tells you that the technician who will perform the installation is licensed and trained in all matters of air conditioning systems.

On the other hand, the insurance certifies that, although this company and the technicians are licensed, if damage occurs due to their services, you would be compensated and the damage fixed. Therefore, this protects you from any medical bills or damages due to negligence by the contractor. Thus, even if the company states that these licenses are available, it is advisable that you ask for proof of the insurance policy before signing any contracts.

Things to Consider When Installing an Air Conditioner

The other important step when searching for the best air conditioner for your Fort Worth, TX, home is knowing which things play an essential role and aligning them to suit your needs. Some of the things to consider include:

Size of The Air Conditioner

The adequacy and efficiency of an air conditioner to cover your home’s temperature needs are highly dependent on the size of your unit and that of your home’s needs. Therefore, the size of the air conditioner you pick should follow your Fort Worth, TX, home size. Therefore, when searching for the best air conditioner to keep your home comfortable, it is best to consult an air conditioner installation technician on the best size. The technician will first consider the needs of your home, then the size of the space to be covered, and the configurations and eventually help you determine the size of air conditioner unit your home requires.

If you install a very small air conditioning unit, it will not be able to meet the temperature requirements, thus running constantly to try and keep up, thus driving your energy bills over the roof. On the other hand, if you get an extensive AC unit, its compressor will turn on and off quickly since the load requirement is too little. This will prevent one of the primary functions of an AC unit which is dehumidifying the air. Therefore, it is imperative to get just the right size to get all the advantages offered by an air conditioning system.

Type of Home

The next thing to put into consideration when buying an air conditioner unit is which type is your home. The air conditioner you buy should be influenced by whether your home is a stand-alone building or an apartment. An array of AC unit types in the market cater to every building type. For example, if your home has a small balcony adjacent to your neighbor and you want the AC system installed there, it is advisable to check the noise level of your system.

In addition, you should get an AC unit that meets the local council’s noise regulation. On the other hand, if your home is a stand-alone building, you should ensure that the AC unit you get does not interfere with the structural integrity of the building. Therefore, to adequately get an AC unit that will suit your building type perfectly, you should consult an air conditioner installation expert’s advice.


The location where the AC unit will be installed in your Fort Worth, TX, home is also a factor you should consider. This is influenced by aspects such as the rooms which you want air-conditioned and the best location for the AC unit to meet these rooms’ requirements. Since cool air is heavier than room temperature, conditioned air tends to sink down.

Therefore, it is crucial to consider that the positioning of your AC system will holistically affect the cooling of the rooms. Hence it is best to place your AC unit closer to the ceiling. However, you can also consult a technician for the best positioning of the system for optimum cooling of your house.

On the other hand, prepare an adequate shady area outside your home for the condenser before getting an air conditioning unit. During the hot and humid weather, this will come in handy in protecting the system from overheating. In turn, avoiding unnecessary costs for repairs. Notably, the shaded area for the condenser should also be well-ventilated and open since enclosed spaces will restrict the airflow and can result in severe damage to the machine.


The ductwork of an air conditioning unit plays the role of distributing hot air from your Fort Worth, TX, home to the AC unit and cooling air from the cooling system throughout your house. When operating optimally, it helps the system’s efficiency and keeps your home comfortable. However, leaking ductwork can lose up to 20% of the air from the cooling system, which strains the system and makes it work harder.

Consequently, your energy bills go up, forcing you to dig deeper into your pocket. Therefore, before installing an air conditioning system, ensure all the ductwork is sealed if one exists. You can also get an air conditioner installation technician to check the damage and ascertain the best step forward between fixing the leaks or changing the entire system.


The last and most crucial aspect of this process is choosing which air conditioner installation expert will install your air conditioning unit. The professional you choose should be credited, well trained, and experienced in this field. Additionally, they should present you with a current insurance policy in case of any damages. Therefore, it is advisable to always go for tried and tested experts by referring to customer reviews from third-party websites. Social media pages can also greatly help to know about a Fort Worth, TX, air conditioner installation company’s reputation.

You can only attain the tranquility and comfort you envision in your home by taking the proper steps and doing the due diligence when searching for the right air conditioner installation company. Therefore, meet all your expectations by contacting us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth.

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