What To Expect During Air Conditioner Installation | Fort Worth, TX

What To Expect During Air Conditioner Installation | Fort Worth, TX

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Most people are a bit anxious when it comes time for air conditioner installation, and for good reason. Choosing to replace your AC is a big decision. The costs and the many different variables are involved in the process. It is normal to feel a bit anxious, and if your AC installation takes place during the summer months in Fort Worth, TX you are probably a bit anxious as well. After all, no one likes spending a day more in the hot summer without AC, but if you choose a professional company to handle your installation the process shouldn’t take long.

Some people attempt to install their own AC systems, but this has the potential to go badly in many different ways. To start with your condenser unit is very fragile and realistically can only be moved one time. In fact, most HVAC companies have it delivered straight to the home to eliminate extra travel and possible damage. Add in the many different factors you need to measure before choosing a unit and it makes sense why an HVAC technician is the logical choice for air conditioner installation.

Of course, even if you hire an HVAC tech from Fort Worth, TX to handle your air conditioner installation it may still be useful to read about the process so you know what to expect and what you are paying for. AC installation is not a simple process, so you can expect the process to take some time, but the payoff is a system that is highly efficient and completed correctly. The lifespan of your new AC unit will depend heavily on its accurate installation, so this is not a place where you want to cut corners.

How Long Does Air Conditioner Installation Take?

Trying to figure out how long you should take off work to prepare for your air conditioner installation? On average the complete installation will take between four to eight hours. While that may seem like a huge difference, there are some factors that cannot be avoided and some that must be figured out on the day of installation. Not only does the old unit need to be removed and disposed of, but a new unit also needs to be carefully installed and calibrated to work with your current HVAC system. Most HVAC technicians tell their clients to plan on the installation taking an entire day, and if they get done early it’s a happy surprise. The good news is that the job is usually always done in one day so you can count on having cold air in your home soon.

Is There Anything I Should Do to Prepare for My Air Conditioner Installation

While most HVAC technicians will not ask you to do much to prepare for your air conditioner installation, there are a few things that you can do in advance to help the process go a little smoother. To start, you want to make sure that the area around the outdoor location of your unit is completely clear. Unless you are upgrading the size of your air conditioner, it is usually set on the same slab as the old AC. Therefore, you just need to make sure that the techs will have clear access to the spot. Keep in mind that even if you are moving your new system to a new location, the HVAC company will need to remove the old one so you still need to keep access open to it as well.

This means removing all toys, bikes, sticks, leaf piles, and/or trimming nearby bushes if they will present a problem. If your unit is positioned near the driveway it would be helpful to park in the street or at the neighbors during the actual air conditioner installation so that the units can be delivered straight to their location without anything blocking the pathway.

In addition, the AC unit will need to be connected to your HVAC unit in the basement and to its own dedicated circuit at your breaker box. This means that you will need to clear a pathway in your home to both the HVAC system and the breaker box as well. In general, a four-foot pathway is recommended and a four-foot radius around the HVAC system so that the technicians have enough room to work. Clearing out the pathway can save everyone time compared to moving boxes at the last minute around in a storage area of your basement. Keep in mind that if you have a pet it is a good idea to place them in a crate or safe outdoor location throughout the process so that everyone stays safe.

Given the current health presence, you can also expect the technicians who come to your home for air conditioner installation to take proper safety precautions. All technicians should wear a mask throughout the entire air conditioner installation process and most will also wear gloves and slipcovers over their shoes when entering your home. The technicians will limit their time as possible within your home but will need access to your HVAC system, air vents to test the airflow once your AC is installed, and to the thermostat to ensure it is properly calibrated.

How Do I Choose a New AC Unit?

Choosing a new AC unit is a very important decision and one that involves a wide range of factors which is why it is best to get advice from a professional. If you are replacing your AC unit you most likely already had an HVAC tech in your home who recommended that you replace your unit for better performance, or because your old system failed and it makes more economical sense to replace an older unit versus placing more money into it. Take advantage of their knowledge and ask them to help you choose a unit. Before you can schedule an air conditioning installation you need to have these details figured out, so it pays to get their input to help speed the process along. After all, you don’t want to be sitting in the Fort Worth, TX heat for too long. One of the big things they will probably discuss is the SEER rating, which basically rates how energy efficient an AC unit is. The EPA requires all units to be rated at a 13 or higher, but obviously spending a bit more will get you a higher rating and is usually worth it. The more efficient your AC system is the lower your energy bills will be so you will get some of your investment back.

In addition to the SEER rating, you will need to know what tonnage you need to properly cool your home. Tonnage is the term used to describe how much heat can be removed from a home in the span of 60 minutes. A one-ton unit on average can remove 12,000 BTUs of heat per hour. This is where talking to an HVAC professional can be helpful because the average homeowner does not know how many BTUs there are in their home and how much power they need to remove them.

A unit that is too large will struggle with properly removing humidity from your home while a unit that is too large will force your AC unit to constantly cycle in an effort to keep up. The end result will be high energy bills and a lot of wear and tear that will break your AC system down long before its expected lifespan. This is why it is extremely important to choose an AC system that is equally matched to the needs of your home. AC systems are not one-size-fits-all solutions and need to be tailored to each individual consumer’s needs.

Finally, the last thing to consider when choosing a new AC system is your budget. Most homeowners put off replacing their AC unit as long as possible because it is a costly investment, but if you live in Fort Worth, TX it is not something you can put off for long. If your unit dies unexpectedly you will be left with no choice but to purchase a new unit and complete air conditioner installation. A customer who planned for replacement will likely have a different budget to work with than a customer that is caught off-guard by a failing AC unit.

Regardless, you need to figure out what you can afford to pay and then start to price AC units. You may have to choose an AC unit with a lower SEER rating to get closer to your budget or may want to shop around a bit before your new air conditioner installation if that is an option. Usually, it is a good idea to get multiple quotes because you would be surprised about the pricing variables that alter between companies. Since buying the new unit and air conditioner installation is often a package deal, you want to choose the company that offers you the best overall price.

What Will Happen During the Installation Process?

At this point, you have hopefully picked out a new AC unit and know which company you are using for air conditioner installation. The only thing left to do is wait for the big day when the company shows up at your home and restores the flow of cool air to your home.

The first thing that will happen is the technicians will remove all aspects of your old AC system. This includes the compressor, evaporator, air ducts, and any old wiring that may look compromised. The idea is to basically start fresh and that is what you should be able to do by the end of the air conditioner installation.

Now that everything is out of the way, the new AC unit will be brought up to your home and the unit will be secured evenly on the ground. The outdoor unit is generally installed first and includes leveling the final destination of the unit and then securing it onto the pad. Once your AC system is in place it will not be moved again as this can severely damage the system, so this process is taken care of very carefully during air conditioner installation.

Once the outdoor unit is in place, then the electrical wires and refrigerant tubing will be installed and the outdoor unit will be connected to the new indoor cabinet that will be placed near your HVAC systems. Then all air vents and registers will be addressed and finally, it will be time to plug the new air conditioning unit into a power outlet and turn it on to test out its capabilities.

As part of the air conditioner installation, the HVAC technicians will test the performance of our new AC unit. They will look at both the outdoor unit and the indoor unit to assess how well each is working on its own and how well they are working together. In addition, the technician will measure the temperature of your home and compare it to the thermostat to ensure that it is reading correctly. Finally, they will drop the temperature setting a few degrees and then run your AC to see how well it responds.

At this point, the air conditioner installation will be complete, but your technician will take some time to talk to you about your new system offering usage pointers and general maintenance advice. This is the time to ask questions if you have any and to set up your annual maintenance visit.

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