When And How To Get Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service | Arlington, TX

When And How To Get Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service | Arlington, TX

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A professional duct cleaning service is crucial for many Arlington, TX, homeowners that wish to keep their HVAC system in great shape. Ducts are a great place for contaminants to hide in, as they’re hard to reach inside during typical home cleaning. While duct systems have filters installed, contaminants will still find a way to stick to walls, grills, and other components. Air duct cleaning targets many areas, including the intake, supply, and return vents. Additionally, a comprehensive cleaning service can also involve cleaning the HVAC unit, furnace, registers, grills, and fans.

One reason to allow a reputable HVAC company to service your home’s air ducts and associated components on a regular basis, rather than trying to DIY-it, is that with a trained cleaning technician, your air ducts will be cleaned with specialist equipment. When you should arrange for a professional service depends on a few factors.

When Should You Book Air Duct Cleaning?

Many companies will recommend booking a duct cleaning service every 3-5 years, at a minimum. Although, in some cases, you can benefit from cleaning your premises’ air ducts every two years, or even every year. If you notice your HVAC system isn’t operating at peak efficiency, if unpleasant odors are emanating from the ducts, or there’s less airflow, a duct cleaning can improve the situation. If you experience any of these symptoms, book a professional inspection to see if these issues can be resolved with a cleaning service.

Apartments and houses will typically benefit most from a duct cleaning service every 2-4 years, while commercial properties may require it more frequently. Offices, schools, malls, and other large-scale buildings can sometimes need HVAC inspections and cleaning on an annual basis.

According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), there are several reasons to consider air duct cleaning, leading to an increased frequency of air duct cleaning.

One of the best times to book an air duct cleaning service is before moving into a new home. As you haven’t lived there yet, you don’t know if there are issues with the air circulation or how well the former occupiers treated the air ducts. While it might seem an unnecessary added expense on top of the home purchase costs and move-in costs, a duct cleaning service is a relatively small expense that can provide peace of mind and confirm that your new living space is free of contaminants.

Why You Should Book A Duct Cleaning Service

NADCA also lists a variety of other scenarios where a timely duct cleaning can improve your living space. For example, if you are in a pet-friendly home with dogs or cats that shed hair regularly, you’ll find that pet hair and dander will accumulate in spaces you never even thought of. A long-term build-up of pet hair can eventually cause your AC to work less efficiently. Other reasons include:

  • Residents with asthma or allergies. If you, your children, or visitors suffer from dust allergies, asthma, or similar conditions, organizing a professional duct cleaning service can help to reduce the number of allergens that may cause an increasing number of flare-ups.


  • Resident smokers. As you may know, smoking in closed areas is typically not recommended. Indoor smoking can stain walls, cause odors, and even cause build-ups in your home’s air conditioning filters and air ducts that, if improperly maintained, cause issues with your AC’s efficiency.


  • Recent fire or water damage. If fire damage or leaks have caused damage to your property, cleaning the air ducts will help remove any residual airborne particles. When you’re getting restoration or remediation work done, it’s a great idea to schedule duct cleaning just after so that you can be sure that any lingering debris is cleared out.


  • Recent renovation work. As with the above, if part of your home has just been rebuilt, or renovated, cleaning the air ducts will remove any dust stirred up during the building or remodeling that has settled in your home’s HVAC.

How Professionals Will Clean Your Air Ducts in Arlington, TX

There are three parts to any duct cleaning service that targets ductwork. There’s the preparatory inspection, the duct cleaning, and a post-cleaning inspection.

Pre-Cleaning Inspection

At the scheduled appointment time, you should expect an air duct technician to arrive and inspect the entire duct system. Entry points will be assessed, also the interior condition, to determine the best cleaning technique and equipment to undertake the cleaning service. Common tools used during the pre-cleaning inspection can range from hand mirrors and periscopes to flexible wire cameras fitted with LED lights that capture clear images of hard-to-reach duct sections. These tools will be used in cases where there are suspected clogs or unpleasant odors emanating from ducts to determine where the cleaning service should target.

Duct Cleaning

A vacuum collection unit will be used to create negative pressure inside the ducts and collect accumulated dust, debris, and dirt so that they don’t spread around your home. Before using the vacuum, technicians will agitate the walls inside the ducts to unstick dirt, pollen, bacteria, and other contaminants that have found their way inside the ductwork. Typically, a rotary brush machine will do the agitating, while a negative air machine or industrial vacuums will collect any loose contaminants. Push-pull vacuums and other industrial machines used during a duct cleaning service are specifically designed to clean air ducts and will do a much better job than a home vacuum cleaner.

Post-Cleaning Inspection

Reputable technicians that specialize in air duct cleaning will also perform a post-cleaning inspection to ensure that nothing is left behind. Camera, mirrors, periscopes, or the inspection tool of choice will be used once again to confirm that problem areas have been successfully cleared.

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