When Considering Your Upcoming Home Renovations, Remember Air Conditioner Installation | Arlington, TX

When Considering Your Upcoming Home Renovations, Remember Air Conditioner Installation | Arlington, TX

Are you out to perform a major renovation of your home or office? You might have seen things that need upgrades, want to install another bedroom or kitchen, or even enlarge your office. Renovation projects can be both exciting and make you anxious at the time. The additional space will make your life easier and also enhance your business. It will add comfort and convenience to your home too.

Conversely, there are too many details that you must consider to ensure the upgrade is successfully finished. All these things might make you feel overwhelmed. For instance, you might not have considered that those renovations mean that you may have to enlist for another air conditioner installation.

This is especially true if you aren’t changing your space’s square footage or overall footprint. It might leave you wondering why you need to replace your cooling and heating systems with other new ones. The reality is that your heating and air conditioning system‘s needs are based on much more than just your home’s or office’s square footage or overall footprint. Your air conditioning system’s design must also change any changes in the usage, house occupancy, layout, and materials used to build your space. Below are the reasons you might need a new air conditioner installation after a renovation project”:

Reasons Why You Might Have to Install a New Heating and Air Conditioning System After Renovation

Any Changes to Your Indoor Space Need a Corresponding Change In Air Ducts

An air conditioning system is a combination of several subsystems that all work towards ensuring the comfort of your home through air conditioning. One such sub-system is the ventilation system. It mainly comprises the air ducts responsible for carrying the cooled or heated air throughout your home. The ducts maximize your home’s comfort based on the existing interior layout.

If the renovations include moving the walls, doors, cubicle positions, and windows, it will change the current layout of your Arlington, TX, home. The existing ducts were designed to carry air to the present rooms and spaces. Hence, if you don’t have an air conditioner installation technician update the ventilation system, then the heating and air conditioning system will not be able to cool or heat your home effectively.

Unfortunately, this will result in uneven cooling and heating in your home. Unbalanced air is among the leading causes of high energy use in many homes. Hence, you may be forced to enlist an air conditioner installation technician to perform air balancing tests to determine where the balancing should be done. Since the AC will be straining to cool your home, it will experience increased wear and tear.

More Occupants Means More Cooling and Less Heating

There is a chance that your renovations are supposed to achieve more than ensuring that your place looks nicer. Maybe you are expecting to grow your investment or business. For instance, if you renovate your hotel or restaurant to ensure that it can accommodate more clients, you’ll be increasing your space’s occupancy. With more people occupying a space, much heat is produced, heating the space. Hence, your restaurant will need less heating during the winter season and require more cooling during the summer. To accommodate these changes, you need a new air conditioner installation.

Your Old Heating and Air Conditioning System Might Be of Incorrect Size After You Renovate Your Interior Space

The need for cooling and heating in your refurbished area can vary thanks to new energy-efficient building materials and processes. Newly installed, insulated doors and windows eliminate drafts, which lowers the need for heating and cooling. New lighting technology produces less heat, lowering cooling needs and raising heating needs. It’s possible that your current air conditioner and furnace aren’t sized properly for the requirements of your refurbished room.

It might now be too big in many circumstances. You would think that’s a good thing, but an enormous system wastes electrical energy and makes your area less comfortable. Hence, a new air conditioner installation that meets the size of the new interior space is paramount. It is the only way you can avoid the complications of a wrongly-sized system.

When the Use of Building Sections Changes, the Cooling and Heating Requirements Change Too

Why are you renovating your Arlington, TX, home? Do you want to accommodate other new activities and use the space? Then that means that the use of the building is changing. For instance, your business might be expanding following an increase in customers. If you decide to move to another new space, your business will use the space differently from the previous tenant. This means that you might need a new air conditioner installation.

If you manage a yoga class, the heating and cooling requirements will be distinct from those of an office or a shop; a clothing boutique with racks has different needs than an open gym. The tenants may have varied comfort requirements, and the hours, activities, and activities will all change. Even little adjustments to the area’s computer equipment density can significantly impact. To prevent unpleasant surprises, ensure an air conditioner installation professional updates the design of your new Air conditioning system accordingly.

You Might Have to Modify the Flow of Air to Regulate Odors

This is a crucial concern if you operate a fitness club or work in the food industry. It’s also important to consider if you’re remodeling restrooms. The airflow needs to be structured to move the air in the right direction to prevent undesirable aromas from staying in areas where they may bother your clients. It needs to be fixed by an air conditioning installation technician to keep those kitchen or bathroom smells away from the customers.

If you’ve just renovated your home, you should consider upgrading the HVAC system. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, your reliable air conditioner installation in Arlington, TX.

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