When It Feels Like You’re Constantly Scheduling AC Repair, Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner? | Euless, TX

When It Feels Like You’re Constantly Scheduling AC Repair, Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner? | Euless, TX

The AC at your Euless, TX home has probably seen better days. You might have used it for several years, and maybe it probably needs a repair or two. However, you have always followed a rigid maintenance plan, keeping your home cool and comfortable whenever called upon. Then one day, it does not. When this time comes, and inevitably will, you will have to look for an AC repair company near you to repair the unit or replace it.

When the professional arrives at your home, you will want to hope that the issue can be fixed and they’ll be on their way quickly. Unfortunately, the repair might take some time, and the technician might tell you it will take some time. At that point, you have to answer the question: invest in a new air conditioner or repair the current one? The two will be an option at that point, but how do you determine which one is worth it? How do you know the best option among the two?

In this article, you’ll learn several things to consider. You will know how to weigh between the two and arrive at a solution that benefits you and your family.

What Is the Lifespan of an Air Conditioner?

An air conditioner can last for between 10 and 15 years. However, it could even last longer depending on your maintenance. Besides the obvious sign of the AC not turning on, how else can you tell that it is to have an AC repair technician replace the air conditioner?

Is It Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

If It Uses R22 Refrigerant

The air conditioner cannot cool your home without a coolant or refrigerant. All air conditioners use a refrigerant, and there are different types of refrigerants. However, if your air conditioning unit was manufactured earlier than January 2010, it most likely uses a coolant called Freon or R-22. This refrigerant is not environmentally friendly. It also could have a devastating impact if inhaled.

However, the US government halted the production of this refrigerant, and the EPA requires that all new AC use an eco-friendlier version. This means that if your AC is leaking the refrigerant, getting another Freon will be hard unless it is harvested from the older units, a rather inconveniencing undertaking. Hence, you should replace the air conditioner to comply with the government and environmental protection. Hence, check the nameplate to know when the air conditioner was produced and what refrigerant it uses. Does it use Freon? It is time to upgrade. Call an AC repair company for a replacement.

Uneven Cooling

Have you noticed that your rooms are cooled differently but haven’t implemented HVAC zoning? That is a sign that your present air conditioner isn’t working efficiently. However, that is just one of the reasons. The other reason is that the air conditioner might be too small to effectively cool your Euless, TX home.

Rather than guess the main cause, have an AC repair company inspect the unit. If the professionals determine that the unit is too small for your home, the only viable solution is to replace it. A small unit will work hard to cool your home, prone to components breaking up or using more energy. Further, you will likely experience more humidity if the unit is small. The humidity at your home indicates that the evaporator coils have an issue.

Installing a new AC system is the best solution if the current one is too small.

Higher Energy Bills

Although the heating and cooling energy bills fluctuate from one month to the other, they should follow a noticeable and explainable pattern. However, if you notice an unexplained, uncontrollable, steady increase, the air conditioning unit might have an issue. After several years of use and wearing out, the air conditioner eventually becomes inefficient and needs a replacement.

Before embarking on a replacement, conduct an energy audit of your home to confirm that the air conditioner is the reason for the skyrocketing energy bills. There might be some other appliance like the water heater that might be overconsuming the energy. After this, call an AC repair technician and have them inspect the air conditioner and determine whether it is consuming that much energy because of a fixable problem. If the issue can be repaired, then there is no need to replace the system. Otherwise, have the professionals install an energy-efficient air conditioner. Ask the AC repair technician about the SEER and EER rating of the AC and check if it has an Energy Star Logo.

Dust Increase in the System

Dust is among those nuisances that, at times, might fade into the background. However, if a lot of dust is accumulating, you might have an issue with your air conditioner’s ductwork. If the air ducts are leaky, the air conditioner will have less efficiency as it has to strain to achieve the thermostat set temperatures. As a result, this results in higher energy bills and is a sign of an underlying problem. Fortunately, an AC repair technician can weed it out and fix it. Sometimes, the damage may be highly extensive to the extent that you may have to replace the air conditioner.

Unusual Smells

If the air conditioner is properly working, it should not have an uncharacteristic smell. Musty, burning, or moldy smells are a telltale sign that something is amiss with the unit, and an AC repair technician should further inspect it in Euless, TX. It may be an issue that can be resolved fairly easily, such as changing a clogged air filter or cleaning its drip pan. Fortunately, these are some issues that the professional can address during routine air conditioning maintenance. You can avert these extensive repairs or permanent damage by having a technician come over for an air conditioning inspection and maintenance at least two times a year. However, there comes a time when the air conditioning repair isn’t the best investment, especially if the deterioration is extensive and you might have to replace the AC.

Strange Noises

The air conditioner makes noise, and you know the normal sounds it makes when running. After all, you have been using it. However, the unit shouldn’t be squealing, rattling, banging, or grinding noises. Whenever you hear such noises, that could be caused by any of the various components of the air conditioning system. What is clear is that you need an AC repair service.

The noises could be because of a faulty compressor, a motor that requires lubrication, a belt that is out of place, loose parts of the AC, or debris and dust blocking the airflow. There are some problems that an AC repair technician can identify and resolve. But if the air conditioner is over 12 years and has suffered extensive damage, you might find replacing it more economical.

Recent Remodeling

The air conditioning unit’s cooling efficiency may be affected by any adjustments in your home’s size. For instance, adding room(s) to your house might make the air conditioner strain cool because it becomes smaller. This means that it most likely will not be able to keep up with the added demand for cooling. The unit will begin short cycling, making it use more energy and have a shorter service life. Before you start a remodeling project, consult an AC repair technician in Euless, TX. They will help you calculate whether the current unit can sufficiently cool your home and the additional space.

Benefits of Investing in an Air Conditioning System Replacement

You must consider all the options before replacing the air conditioner because it isn’t a cheap appliance. At times, you might find out that a repair is more sensible than a replacement. However, you should also consider the advantages of replacing the unit, and if they exceed those of replacing it, maybe it is time to go ahead with the replacement. Below are the advantages of replacing the air conditioning system.

You Will See a Reduction in the Energy Consumption

In the last few years, air conditioners have come a long way. These are welcome news for many homeowners because most of them are energy efficient. The new system is highly likely to have higher energy efficiency than your current air conditioning system. When shopping for an air conditioning unit, look for an energy-efficient one. But how can you know that a unit is energy efficient? The most energy-efficient air conditioners have an Energy Star Logo, meaning they have met strict compliance in terms of energy efficiency. The other thing to consider regarding energy efficiency is SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). The Higher the SEER, the more energy efficient the air conditioner is. Hence, talk to your AC repair company about installing a new and energy-efficient unit at your Euless, TX home.

Lower Energy Utility Bills

Having a reduced energy consumption by installing an energy-efficient unit means you’ll get lower utility bills at the end of the month. You can save a lot of dollars by having an AC repair technician install an energy-efficient unit at your home. You can get more information by reading the Energy Guide label on the AC. The guide estimates the air conditioning unit’s average energy consumption for several years. It also calculates or estimates the average electrical power that the unit might use over one year. You may be surprised by the amount of money you save by having an AC repair technician in Euless, TX install a new energy-efficient air conditioner.

Increased Comfort

Air conditioning units don’t effectively cool your home as they age. However, cutting-edge air-conditioning systems have an incredibly long service life. An old unit strains to cool your home ineffectively and uses more energy simultaneously. This means you will get larger energy utility bills at the end of the month but with less comfort. Having an AC repair technician replace your unit could reduce the electricity utility bills and make your home comfortable.

It Improves the Indoor Air Quality

Besides cooling your home, the air conditioners ensure that your indoor air is clean. Additionally, the newer air conditioners offer an indoor air quality technology that is even better than the older versions. With such a unit, you will get humidity control, superior air purification, and ventilation.

Having an air Conditioning repair service install a new air conditioner, you will automatically notice an improvement in your indoor air. This is because the previous issues in your old air conditioner will be resolved while the newer unit will eliminate mold, pollen, dust, and other contaminants. Have you struggled with ventilation or humidity? Have an AC repair technician in Euless, TX, come over and inspect the unit.


If you wonder if it works whenever you turn on the air conditioner, you shouldn’t have to go through that. Having an AC repair company install a new system will be a thing of the past. You should be able to trust that the air conditioner will turn on and cool your home at any point should you need it. Whether cold or hot outside, you should be able to trust the air conditioner.

Improve air quality and save money by having an AC repair technician replace your air conditioner. With rebates and tax credits, upgrading to a more energy-efficient air conditioner will save you money on energy utility costs while ensuring you can fully rely on the unit to cool your home whenever you need it.

Reliable Air Conditioner Repair Company Near You

Even with meticulous maintenance and inspections, there comes a time when replacing the air conditioner is inevitable. Maybe the compressor is badly damaged, the unit is too old, or it uses a particularly harmful refrigerant called R-22. Whenever that time comes, you should be able to trust an AC repair company to do the job. This means hiring a licensed, reputable, and reliable company. Call us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth for prompt repairs and replacements of your HVAC system.

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