When Should You Have An Annual Duct Cleaning Service? | Fort Worth, TX

When Should You Have An Annual Duct Cleaning Service? | Fort Worth, TX

Your Fort Worth, TX home’s air conditioning unit is a critical appliance. It ensures that your indoor space is sufficiently cooled and comfortable under the scorching heat outside, especially in summer. However, if the AC unit isn’t properly functioning, it will not be able to cool your home sufficiently during the summer months. If your heating and air conditioning system has a problem, it will also be unable to heat your home effectively in winter.

To ensure that your HVAC system is appropriately functioning throughout the year to sufficiently cool your home, you should have a routine maintenance plan. During the servicing, minor issues are caught and addressed by a technician before they worsen. Some maintenance activities include lubrication of mechanical parts, duct cleaning services, filter replacement, tightening of any loose parts, and putting up a shade over the outdoor unit.

Air ducts are the components that deliver cooled or heated air from the HVAC system to all rooms at your home. If the air ducts are dirty, the air conditioning system will not be able to function optimally and might even strain to cool or heat your home. An annual duct cleaning is the only way to ensure that the heating and air conditioning system is efficiently functioning. Are you unsure whether a duct cleaning service is worth the time or money? As explained below, there are many reasons and situations to have a professional clean the ducts.

To Keep the Energy Utility Bills Down

Whenever debris builds up in large amounts in your ductworks, it will block the airflow from the vents and into your home. It makes the air conditioner or furnace strain to keep your home at desired temperatures. The extra work might require more energy and causes a considerable increase in your energy utility bills. Whenever you call a technician for a duct cleaning service, they will remove all the dust and debris, allowing sufficient airflow.

You Want to Extend the Service Life of Your Heating and Air Conditioning System

Like any electrical system or appliance in your Fort Worth, TX, the heating and air conditioning system has a rated maximum service life. HVAC systems can last for up to 20 years on average. Upon attaining maximum service life, any electrical system can no longer operate efficiently or sufficiently. When this happens, it’s just a matter of time before your system completely shuts down.

Whenever pet dander, dust, debris, pollen, and air accumulate within your air ducts, it will block the airflow from the AC vents. It makes the HVAC system work harder. The extra work places an added strain on your HVAC system, reducing its rated lifespan. Replacing a heating and air conditioning system isn’t the cheapest of undertakings. Since the HVAC system is a costly appliance, you should leave nothing to chance when it comes to extending its lifespan.

The best way to ensure an extended service life for your air conditioner is by having annual or seasonal maintenance that includes a duct cleaning service. When the air ducts are cleaned, the air will freely flow through them and into your home via the vents. This reduces the strain on your system. Air duct cleaning is worth the time and cost, considering that the alternative is replacing the HVAC system prematurely.

After Installing a New Furnace

Have you just installed a new furnace at your home? Then you need a follow-up duct cleaning service. During the furnace installation process, debris and soot are kicked up. These might have an impact on your home’s air quality. The heating and air conditioning technician can clean the debris to ensure that your new furnace produces clean air.

Whenever You Smell Mold Upon Turning on The HVAC System

When you turn on your HVAC system, do you smell a musty or moldy smell? That is a telltale sign of mold growing within the air ducts or filters. It isn’t uncommon that moisture might build up in your ductworks since there isn’t sunlight within the air ducts; the moisture won’t evaporate. This will result in mold growth since dark, moist conditions are ideal for the growth of this fungus. Mold growth at your home is a severe problem, and you’ll need to have a professional come for duct cleaning to remove it from your air ducts.

Ignoring mold growth in the air ducts will only worsen the problem. The mold spores will circulate throughout your home whenever the heating and air conditioning system runs. Unfortunately, your family members might inhale the mold resulting in issues like inflammation and allergies. Mold can also cause various respiratory issues and heart problems. If you have a family member living with a chronic lung or respiratory condition, inhaling mold spores could exacerbate their condition.

Whenever you schedule a maintenance service with your reputable Fort Worth, TX technician, they should inspect the air ducts for contaminants such as mold. If they notice mold growing, they will offer a duct cleaning service and use an antimicrobial fogger to eradicate the spores and prevent any future mold growth. Mold is one of those problems that will affect the health and comfort of your family. Hence, performing a duct cleaning is well worth the cost and money.

When There Is A Large Buildup of Debris in The Air Ducts

It is simple to overlook your air ducts because they are tucked beneath the flooring and behind the walls. You might be surprised to learn that up to 15 lbs. of pet dander, dirt, dust, and other material can accumulate in the air ducts within one year, affecting the air quality and the HVAC system. All the dirt accumulated in the air ducts will be removed if you have an annual air duct cleaning service performed.

You Have Pets

Dogs, cats, and rabbits are wonderful additions to your family. Pets provide companionship, are cute, and are lovable. Unfortunately, their dander and fur could end up inside your air ducts at your home. Whenever you turn on the HVAC system, these airborne contaminants will be spread throughout your Fort Worth, TX home. Assuming that your pets don’t shed their fur, their dander might still end up in your air ducts.

Whenever the pet dander or fur circulates throughout your home, you might notice that some of your family members show signs of allergic inflammation. If one of your family members or incoming guests is allergic to pet dander or fur, you will notice them struggling and showing allergy symptoms. Hence, if you have pests, it is recommended that you have an annual duct cleaning service. Further, you should replace the air filters monthly or install high-performance ones.

When You Have Had A Recent Renovation

Have you just had a home renovation or remodeling, even for only one room? Then you should call an HVAC technician for a duct cleaning service. Large amounts of drywall dust and sawdust are created during remodeling and home renovations. These will eventually find their way into the air ducts, contaminating the conditioned air. The debris will circulate through the air and affect your family’s comfort unless you clean the ducts. After duct cleaning, all the debris within the ducts will be removed, meaning you will have improved air quality.

Prevents Pest and Rodent Infestation

Whenever it gets cold outside, insects and rodents usually look for a comfortable, warm place to live. The air ducts are hidden and dark, creating a perfect home for pests, critters, and rodents. They might mate whenever the rodents and insects find a home in the air ducts. Should this happen, you are at risk of a full-blown infestation. Additionally, the rodents and insects may leave their droppings or even die within the ductworks. The dirt and smell will be circulated throughout your home whenever you turn on the HVAC system. This is harmful to the air quality at your home and could make your family members sick.

The HVAC technician will inspect the air ducts for any rodents, pests, and critters whenever they come for duct cleaning. They will further check for any droppings left behind and clear them. The technician cleans any biological wastes and handles the infestation, greatly improving the air quality of your Fort Worth, TX home. An annual duct cleaning service is the best way to ensure your family is safe.

Recent Basement Water Damage

Ductworks deliver clean and conditioned air in every room of your home, including the basement. However, if your basement is often damp or recent flood water has entered, you should immediately have the ducts cleaned. The moisture in your basement might get into the ductworks and create favorable conditions for mold growth. Mold has serious health implications for the respiratory well-being of your family. The HVAC technician will inspect the filter and air ducts for mold growth during the duct cleaning service and use antimicrobial foggers to remove them.

Prevent Allergy Symptoms

No matter how clean your Fort Worth, TX home is, pet dander, dust, dirt, and other allergens will accumulate in the air ducts. When you turn on the air conditioner, the allergens circulate throughout your home, affecting air quality. When your family inhales the allergens and contaminants, they may develop various allergic symptoms.

They include watery eyes, stuffy or runny nose, itchy throat, congestion, and even sneezing. Do any of your family members have either of the signs above? Then their symptoms will only worsen unless you have a duct cleaning service. The debris will be removed whenever your air ducts are cleaned, meaning that the air flowing in your air ducts will be clean and allergen-free.

You Have A Smoker At Your Home

Do you have a smoker at your home? Then it is best if you could do it outdoors. Whenever a person smokes indoors, that takes a toll on the air quality. Hence, you need to have a regular duct cleaning service per year. The smoke might accumulate in the air ducts, considerably reducing indoor air quality and the harmful airborne toxins. Further, that smoke can also leave a smoky, stale smell. A duct cleaning service will clean the air ducts, and the air at your home will remain safe and fresh for breathing.

Your Home Gets Dirty Very Fast

Have you noticed that you have to vacuum, dust, or sweep your Fort Worth, TX home more frequently than normal? Then your dirty air ducts may be the culprit. Whenever the dirt, pet dander, debris, pollen, and other contaminants accumulate in the air ducts, they circulate throughout your indoor space, land on various surfaces, and ultimately mean that you’ll have to clean your home more frequently. The HVAC technician will properly clean all the debris from the air ducts during the routine duct cleaning service. After the service, you will notice that your home can stay cleaner for longer.

Air Duct Inspection

Whenever the technician comes for a duct cleaning service, they inspect the air ducts for leaks or cracks. If the ductwork is damaged, the cooled or heated air might escape via the crack or pinholes, which results in a limited airflow. Have you noticed that you are not getting adequate airflow? Then the cooling and heating system may be forced to work harder to ensure that your home is cooled or heated sufficiently and to the desired temperatures.

Consequently, you’ll notice an increase in the monthly energy utility bills. At worst, the HVAC system might even break down prematurely. If the technician notices that the air ducts are damaged during the duct cleaning service, they will perform the necessary repairs to restore the airflow and prevent energy wastage.

Reliable Duct Cleaning Services

Have you had a new furnace installed, noted the electricity bills, or noticed that your upholstery is getting dirty quickly? That might be because your air ducts are dirty. Contact our technicians at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth for a reliable and thorough duct cleaning service.

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