Who to Contact for Heating and AC Ductwork Repair | Fort Worth, TX

Who to Contact for Heating and AC Ductwork Repair | Fort Worth, TX

Heating and air conditioning is meant to keep you and your family happy and comfortable indoors. No one wants to be stuck in the house during winter with a broken boiler! The breaking down of an air conditioner is also as frustrating as it is expensive.

Our team of professionals at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating in Fort Worth, TX will take the frustration of your shoulders. We are specialists in heating and AC repair, installation and maintenance. Contact us today at 817-283-6911 for an around the clock response.

How Heating and Cooling Systems Work

Every climate-control system or device has three basic components:

  • A source of cooled or warmed air
  • A distribution means of the air to the room being cooled or heated
  • A control for regulating the system, such as a thermostat

Sources of warm air and cool air, such as a furnace and air conditioner respectively, use similar control and distribution channels. Furnaces put heat in the air to warm your house while air conditioners remove heat to cool down your home. In case your house uses central air conditioning, heat probably flows through the same ducts that cool air flows. And, are both regulated by one thermostat. When a cooling or heating system malfunctions, any of the above basic components could be the cause of the problem.

In the same way that water moves from a higher level to a lower one, heating and air conditioning works the same. Applying the principle that heat moves from a warm object to a cooler object. Most home air conditioners use electricity while heating systems use fuel oil or gas.

When a furnace is at work, fuel that powers it is consumed, be it oil, gas or electricity. As the fuel is burning, production of heat happens channeling it to your home through ducts, wires or pipes. Some systems that are older use the produced heat to boil water that then heats the air in the home. In such case, a boiler is used to store then heat water that then circulates as hot water through pipes in the floor, ceiling or walls.

On the other hand, when an air conditioner is working, electrical power cools the gas in a coil to liquid state. Warm air in the room comes into contact with the cooling coil and is cooled. The cooled air is then channeled through ducts or directly cools the room from the unit itself.

Ductwork Inspection and Repair

Carrying out a heating and AC repair is a big expense that a homeowner has to endure. Our heating and AC repair professionals will advise you against failing to replace a faulty duct system. The main reason why most home owners fail to do so is to save on the cost. However, the existing duct work may be of poor quality in the following ways:

  • Not being sealed properly
  • Not being sized properly according to industry guidelines.
  • Full of debris and trash
  • Lack of proper support or being crushed in the ground.
  • Excess amount of Flex Ducting.

Newer homes are sometimes at a greater risk than older homes. Improper sizing of the flex duct creates more stress on the duct system. Significant reduction of the equipment’s life happens as a result.

Removal of Ductwork

Most ductwork systems hard-to-reach owing to their location on floors, ceilings or walls. Some basic tools and safety precautions are required to remove ductwork:

Step 1: Accessing the ductwork

Protective clothing such as leather work gloves and a dust mask are important during the process. When working in small spaces, be sure to carry all the necessary tools such as, a flashlight, knife and drill.

Step 2: Beginning at the end of the system

A ductwork system consists of two parts, output and return. Output ducts channel heat and air conditioning into a space while return ducts channel the air back to the system. Tracing the ductwork system to the end point from the central unit is vital.

Step 3: Dismantling sheet-metal ducts

By unscrewing sheet-metal screws using a screw gun or ratchet handle, dismantling can be done. Caution should, however, be taken since there are sharp edges on sheet-metal ducts.

Step 4: Removing flexible ductwork

When working in a small space, gradually remove the dismantled sections frontwards. It keeps you from having to the end of the system a second time.

Step 5: Disposing the old ductwork thoroughly and properly

Fiberglass pieces should then be completely removed through sweeping or by using a vacuum cleaner.

Repair of HVAC Ductwork

Below are some important steps in achieving a proper heating and AC repair:

  • Preparing ductwork and piping for the new system:

This is the first step of heating and AC repair. It involves pushing nitrogen through the copper tubing then evacuating moisture from the system. By this, our heating and AC repair technicians in Fort Worth, TX are able to address necessary ductwork repairs.

  • Positioning and connecting the new system:

Here a vacuum is created in the lines so as to prevent any buildup of acid during installation. Also, new copper is welded together and a leak testing is conducted.

  • Carrying out a test performance:

Double-checking the performance is key. Our heating and AC repair technicians in Fort Worth, TX test the new AC thoroughly for optimum functionality. The installation is only complete when the system is activated in the presence of the homeowner. Also, in Fort Worth, TX we insist on outlining the performed work and reviewing it with you.

Benefits of Heating and AC Repair

Having your heating and AC repair has several benefits, including:

  1. Saving on energy

Any heating system that is dirty and faulty has to work harder to raise your house temperature. As such increasing your energy usage and monthly bill. A thorough repair saves you from all that.

  1. Extending the lifespan of the equipment

A heating or cooling system in good repair, is able to move freely without impeding the airflow. As such, years of optimum performance can be expected.

  1. Improved safety

A well repaired fuel burning appliance produces minimal carbon monoxide which is well catered for by the venting system. However, a malfunctioned one produces high concentrations of this deadly gas. A great threat is posed to the occupants of your home.

Call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating in Fort Worth, TX for quality heating and AC repair. Your comfort is only a dial away.