Why Central Air Conditioner Installation Is So Important | Azle, TX

Why Central Air Conditioner Installation Is So Important | Azle, TX

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If you would like to understand why air conditioning is so important. It is important to understand history, how it works, and it’s benefits to our lives. The history of the air conditioner is actually very interesting. It shaped the way we condition our homes today. Learning the history of the air conditioner will help you learn to appreciate the modern tools we have at our disposal today. If you don’t have an air conditioner, you should get one as soon as possible. Air conditioners can drastically improve your quality of life. If you live in the Azle, TX area, and are in need of an air conditioner, contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating for professional air conditioner installation and service.

Why Was Air Conditioning Invented?

People have been trying to cool their homes since the beginning of existence. The earliest ideas of air conditioning can be dated back to ancient times. People in ancient Egypt would hang wet clothes from their windows and doors, so the breeze would pass through it and cool the room by passing through the damp cloth. This was a genius idea that did help keep rooms cooler. However, not cool enough. This was the earliest recorded method of cooling a home or room with air conditioning fundamentals.

Air conditioners use vapor to cool rooms, and this method of cooling is essentially the same. Using this method to cool rooms today isn’t as practical. An air conditioner has the capability of cooling a room or house fast. If you don’t have an air conditioner to cool your home, AC installation by a professional should be your next step.

The 1800’s

In The 1840s an inventor by the name of John Gorrie thought of cooling the cities. He described the conditions in Florida as being in “the evils of high temperatures.” John Gorrie was also a physician that believed the key to avoiding the many prevalent diseases that were rampant in America at the time was cooing the air. He believed that diseases such as Malaria could be either avoided or treated by not having to suffer through the extreme temperatures of the peninsula. He designed a way to cool rooms that require huge quantities of ice. We now have convenient ways to cool ourselves and our homes with modern air conditioning. If you are in need of air conditioner installation, make sure it is completed by a professional air and heating company.

Ice was not easy to come by at this time. Ice would have to be imported to Florida from the frozen bodies of water in the North. In order to avoid this, John Gorrie decided to create another method to cool the residents of Florida and perhaps save them from these diseases. His artificial cooling system was quite the machine. It was something you would see out of a movie. In order to power the machine, he needed to use a horse, hence the term horsepower. It also used water and wind sails or steam to work. Gorrie was given a patent for this air-cooling system in 1851. Unfortunately, he was unable to successfully bring this to the mainstream market. However, his invention became the foundational premise for modern air condoning. This technology also became the basis for the invention of the refrigerator.


The air conditioning unit was reimagined when an engineer, soon to be inventor, named Willis Carrier was working for a printing company. The Buffalo Forge Company printed magazine pages, however, at the time, the facility that handled the printing was hot and the ink would take a long time to dry due to the humid environment in which the work was being done. This would ruin the printed pages, making it hard for the company to complete its duties. Willis Carrier had an idea that would solve the humidity problem and soon be the same technology we use to cool our home today. If you are in need of this humidity relieving technology, you should contact One Hour Air Conditioning, in Azle, TX, for professional air conditioner installation.

Willis Carrier conducted a series of experiments in order to get the job done. His system design involved cooling coils, which he secured a patent. The patent was known as the Apparatus for Treating Air. This apparatus could either create humidity by heating water or dehumidify by cooling it. He then went on to pattern another technology that automated the system to regulate the temperature of the air in a textile mill.

After Carrier realized that his invention could revolutionize other industries, he decided to form his one corporation, along with 6 other fellow engineers. In 1904 public buildings began using this technology to keep people cool. However, the cooling systems were large. This was revolutionary for the fact that this was the first time in history the Public of America was realizing that cooling a room for means of comfort was possible. Now, most homes in America today have central air and heating. As of 2019, statistics show that 87 percent of American homes use Air conditioning, and of that 87 percent 75 percent of those homes use central air units. More and more homes are being remodeled, and with that, some sort of central air conditioning unit will be installed. Proper air conditioner installation is important for comfort, modernization, and increasing the value of a property. If you are in need of a professional air conditioner installation service and live in the Azle, TX, area, you should contact One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating.

The earliest cooling systems used in places such as theaters were actually just refrigeration systems, modified or distributed air through vents in the floor. Refrigeration systems heat and air and then need to find some sort of outlet in order to release the heat. This unfortunate design resulted in the levels of the theaters to be extremely hot and humid, due to the heat exhaust and lead to the higher levels to be very cold. People would actually cover their feet with anything they could find to stay warm. After this was discovered to be an issue, the Carrier Engineering Corporation designed a cooling system for theaters that helped to better suit the theaters. This system pumped air in order to move the air in order to control temperatures all over a building. Air conditioners were eventually made to be much smaller and then were gradually distributed among the rest of the world.

Why Is Central Air Conditioning So Important In Today’s Society?

There are all kinds of air conditioner systems that can be utilized today. If you do not have central air, there are other options, Options such as ductless or portable air conditioners are good temporary solutions for a home, however, if you want to increase the value of a home, have a central air conditioner installation service upgrade your home. This can have a direct impact on your property’s value. If you own a property in the Azle Tx, area without heating, this can cause your home’s selling value to go down in price. Texas can become unbearably hot and having a home without heat can cause new home buyers to not want to deal with the hassle of no central air or heating.

Central air and heating have many advantages. Central air conditioner installation is initially a large cost due to the way central air is installed. Air ducts must be installed throughout the house and attached to vents. This may take a significant remodel if your home does not already have systems like this in place. However, this addition is well worth it, not only for the increase in value to the home, that it will provide, but for the fact that it will increase your comfort, as well as save energy in some cases as well.

Central Air conditioners are also way more convenient than many other air conditioning systems. Portable air conditioners or window units are perfect for temporary use, however, over time, these air conditioners may prove to be an issue. Central air conditioner installation is the best option for long term use for a variety of reasons. Central air conditioner installation can provide automated air temperature control, while you are out of the house at work, or at the store, you shouldn’t leave your air conditioner on, this can lead to temperatures that are too cold for comfort as well as a waste in energy. Controlled air conditioned temperatures can help you save money on energy usage by shutting off when the temperature has reached the desired level.

These temporary solutions to air conditioning can also lead to a huge waste in energy due to the way they must be used. These air conditioners require access to a window, this is not an air tight, or insulated design. This can lead to air leakage. In most cases it does. Your room will not stay cool and you will have to manually turn your air conditioner on and off in order to keep your room at the perfect temperature. Central air conditioner installation can alleviate this issue. With central air you can have your windows closed, and have your air conditioner running. This will work even better if your windows are insulated. This will help you not have to use as much energy and prevent energy waste from occurring. If you live in the Azle, TX, area, you should contact One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating professional air conditioner installation services.

Portable and window air conditioning systems also present another problem. This is a safety issue. Having a unit like this low to the ground gives people a direct entry point into your home. Removing it and putting it back when you leave the home is also a real inconvenience. Even having these units on an upper level can result in a dangerous situation. Not to mention the heaviness of many windows air conditioning units. Window air conditioning units require balancing and proper tools. This form of air conditioner installation involves screwing it into the window. You can contact a professional air conditioner installation professional to do this for you, however, many opt to do this themselves. This may lead to improper air conditioner installation and cause your window unit to become unstable. If your window unit is not screwed in, it can very well become unstable. This can definitely cause your window unit to possibly fall, injuring anyone or animal that happens to be under at this time. If this happens on your property, you may be held responsible for this accident. Don’t allow this to happen to you. If you plan on getting a temporary air conditioning unit such as a window or portable air conditioner, have a professional air conditioner installation professional install it for you.

Central air conditioner installation will also help you cool your entire property better and more efficiently. Having a central air conditioning unit means you can cool your property to the same temperature throughout the entire building. This is a more convenient solution to that of any of the other air conditioning options.

Mounted air conditioning units may be the exception in this case. Mounted air conditioning units do not require a window in order to function properly. This is because these air conditioning units are already connected to the exterior of the building through a set of ducts that are contained within that single unit. These air conditioning units are often used in hotels or apartment buildings. It allows for separated temperature control and can be useful in many different situations. If you would like a mounted air conditioning unit, you should have a professional air conditioner installation service install it for you.

Whatever air conditioner you choose, proper air conditioner installation is going to be important. If you live in the Azle, TX, area, contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating for more proper air conditioner installation, maintenance, and repair needs.