Why Hire A Heating And AC Repair Company To Replace The Furnace Transformer? | Fort Worth, TX

Why Hire A Heating And AC Repair Company To Replace The Furnace Transformer? | Fort Worth, TX

A furnace comprises various components that ensure that your home is efficiently heated. From the heat exchanger, heating chamber, ignition, and air ducts to filters and vents, these components are critical to the efficient functioning of your furnace and, generally, your HVAC system. However, the furnace also has electrical components like the transformer, contactor, capacitor, and circuit board.

The phrase “furnace transformer” might sound pretty intimidating. Just the name sounds influential or important, and this is true. A furnace transformer is critical to your HVAC system and should optimally operate to ensure that your Fort Worth, TX home is sufficiently heated. However, it shouldn’t be daunting. However, you should have a routine air conditioning service to tune up the element to ensure it is in the right state.

The main function of a transformer is to supply power to your furnace. It is integral in powering all the key electrical components of your furnace. If it runs into a problem, you should have it attended to by a heating and AC repair company immediately, as it might prove to be an emergency. If the furnace transformer is faulty, other elements of the HVAC system, such as the temperature controls, circuitry, ignitions, and timers.

The only good thing besides noticing on time that your furnace transformer is faulty is understanding why the issue arose in the first place. This can help prevent the same furnace issues from re-occurring later in the future. Additionally, knowing the signs that the furnace is about to malfunction can help you avert a total shutdown, as you will have enough time to contact a heating and AC repair company. However, this can all be prevented by having a regular air conditioning service.

There are many reasons why your furnace transformer might malfunction, including improper installation, wiring issues, and power surges. Others include cooling problems, worn-out parts, old age, and accumulation of debris and dirt on the unit. This article will teach you more about the issues that might make a furnace transformer faulty. You will also learn the common signs you should look for to know when to call a heating and AC repair company to replace the furnace transformer. But before that:

What Is the Role of a Furnace Transformer?

A Furnace transformer transfers electricity from one circuit to another via electromagnetic induction. Increasing or decreasing the voltage is critical to meet the needed capacity by the other electrical components. The transformer changes the voltage from a circuit board to the HVAC system. The process allows the air conditioner and the furnace to work in tandem by cycling off and on. The transformer is installed inside the furnace, but it isn’t uncommon to find it outdoors in the condenser unit. Hence, if you suspect the HVAC transformer has an issue, you better call a heating and AC repair company to perform the inspections and repairs.

The Working of a Furnace Transformer

Understanding a transformer’s internal workings is also useful. The HVAC transformer is made up of two systems that together compose the wiring of the furnace transformer. The first system controls supply voltage, while the second controls secondary voltage. You might need to deal with the internal wires of the two systems if your transformer isn’t working properly. Hence, if you suspect your unit is malfunctioning, you should have a heating and AC repair company come over for an inspection.

The professional will thoroughly inspect these cables because a damaged wire may be the root of a furnace issue. There will be supply wires which are white and black on the typical transformers that transport 120 volts. However, based on the furnace model, some colors may differ. If you have the manufacturer’s instructions on hand, don’t forget to read them.

Live and neutral wires are the standard configurations for the wires. Typically, the live wire will be colored black, and the neutral wire should be white. Using a voltmeter, your heating and AC repair company may examine each of these wires individually. The red input is used to measure the white wire, while the technician will use the black lead to test the black wire. Your voltmeter should record the same reading, depending on the voltage of your transformer.

What Are the Signs That the Furnace Transformer Has Issues?

While it may be challenging to spot furnace transformer issues, you should check for several obvious symptoms. The furnace transformer is likely broken or blown if you see burn marks or bulges on the exterior. Instead of testing the device on your own, consult a heating and AC repair company to conduct the required tests to identify the issue and the best course of action. Usually, strange noises are a sign that something is wrong. It’s completely typical for the transformer to make droning noises. However, the transformer may malfunction if strong vibrations follow the humming sounds. Remember that there may be additional causes for the strange sounds and sensations. Therefore, it is best to engage a qualified specialist.

Repeated circuit breaker tripping is a solid sign that your furnace transformer is broken. To avoid a voltage spike, it acts in this way. When fuses blow, and this happens repeatedly, it’s time to get the assistance of a heating and AC repair company. A bad transformer could prevent the furnace from working even with the proper power supply. This is done to safeguard the other parts of the furnace. When this happens, it is wise to have a heating and AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX inspect the unit and perform the required repairs. Below are some of the reasons why your furnace transformer might start malfunctioning:

Reasons Your Furnace Transformer Might Malfunction

Improper Installation

The first and, in most cases, the leading cause of a failed furnace transformer is improper installation. At times, Fort Worth, TX homeowners end up installing the furnace themselves or hiring an incompetent heating and AC repair company. Below are two things you should steer clear of when it comes to replacing or installing your furnace.

Hiring an Inexperienced Contractor

When it comes to air conditioning or furnace installation, it is recommended that you hire a licensed and experienced heating and AC repair company. This is recommended because only licensed contractors have the training, qualifications, and know-how to complete the job correctly. They are capable of carrying out tasks correctly the first time. To make things easier for you, make sure you’re investing in your HVAC maintenance.

DIY Project

Although many online tools are available, hiring an expert is preferable. You most likely won’t have the tools, knowledge, or knowledge to install the furnace properly. DIY projects may appear doable, but they might be time-consuming, expensive, and challenging. Only an experienced heating and AC repair company can install the furnace or HVAC system correctly. DIY installations might damage your unit, proving more expensive than the few bucks you intended to save.

Wiring Problems

The other common reason why the furnace transformer might fail is if there are issues with the wiring. If the furnace transformer is properly functioning, you should expect vibrations and minimal humming sounds. This is because of the expansion and contraction of the laminations. However, the vibration might make the internal wires of the furnace lose with time. The wires might disconnect at best.

The loose wires might result in short-circuiting. This is particularly harmful as it could cause an explosion or fry the transformer. For this reason, it is recommended that you ensure that the heating and AC repair company firmly attach the wires to the furnace transformer and come over for routine inspection several times a year. This is to ensure that the wiring is not loose and is secure.

Power Surges

Furnace transformers are subject to voltage spikes and power surges, much like any other electrical appliances. A transformer can only withstand a certain amount of voltage. As a result, if it gets more power than it can manage, the internal parts will be damaged, and the transformer may even be fried. Unfortunately, you cannot stop a power surge. It typically occurs during lightning strikes or a surge in your power supply. You have no power over either one of these.

However, a heating and AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX, can install a surge protector to protect your furnace. You should install one for all your electrical components to protect them from sudden voltage spikes and power surges. Any manufacturer’s load center can be connected to the device. Once installed, it will shield every device in the house from utility line surges and lightning-related indirect power spikes.

Worn-out Components and Old Age

With annual maintenance and under optimal conditions, your furnace will last for over 15 years. However, it is only natural that the furnace will wear out because of age, meaning that the transformer will fail. Without routine maintenance, you may accelerate the process of aging and malfunctioning. Without a professional heating and AC repair company sending a technician for furnace maintenance at least once per year, the various internal furnace components will wear out. The wiring, coils, and other elements within the transformer will become damaged or even rust. If the damage is extensive, the furnace transformer will prematurely fail.

Accumulation of Debris and Dirt

The furnace operates by heating or warming the indoor air with the help of a heat exchanger and pumping the heated air back into your room with the help of a blower fan. As the air reaches the furnace, it brings dust and other particles. The furnace filters are positioned where the cool interior air enters your furnace to stop this from happening. However, they need frequent replacement, something a heating and AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX, can do during the routine air conditioning service.

As dirt and particles build up on the filter over time, the airflow will obstruct. Lack of airflow causes the furnace to heat up. This, in turn, causes the transformer to heat up to the point of failure. Damage to the furnace filter is another issue. As a result, the furnace will gradually fill with dust and dirt. The internal parts, including the transformer, will eventually accumulate dust. The dirt will increase the heat trapped within the furnace, which could lead to a faulty transformer.

Cooling Issues

Heat production by transformers is a problem, especially for furnace transformers. Overheating could harm the transformer’s internal circuitry and cause damage. Therefore, many furnace transformers use a cooling mechanism to protect the device against heat-related damage. The majority of systems use forced air to regulate the transformers’ temperature. Others utilize mineral oil as the preferred liquid coolant, while others employ water cooling systems. The transformer will overheat, fail, or even blow if the cooling system fails. When the heating and AC repair company comes for an inspection, they will check to ensure the transformer isn’t overheating.

Proper Air Conditioning Service Makes a Difference

As mentioned above, your furnace needs periodic maintenance. This may also apply to your transformer. As was previously mentioned, inspecting your transformer’s cables can help with maintenance and troubleshooting. A heating and AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX, can replace a wire if it has worn or even ripped. The secondary voltage can be checked as part of the maintenance inspection. The method for checking the supply voltage is the same as for testing the secondary voltage. However, the colors will change a little more during this procedure, which could make things more challenging. Red and blue are typically secondary voltage colors.

As you can see above, several things could result in furnace transformer damage. However, you can avert the possibility through routine maintenance by a professional heating and AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth for quality air conditioning service.

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