Why Is My AC Not Working? | Tips from Your Fort Worth, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

Why Is My AC Not Working? | Tips from Your Fort Worth, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

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As the summer months draw near and the temperatures rise, we all turn towards our air conditioners to provide us a conveniently cool environment indoors. It can get reasonably hot in the Fort Worth, TX area, around this time of the year, and there is rarely any house that will not rely on their air conditioning system. However, not all are lucky enough to find their ACs working perfectly after that long winter break. It is advisable to call in an air conditioning service professional in the Fort Worth, TX areajust before that time of the year, so you don’t have to suffer while waiting for your AC to be fixed. Let’s look at some of the most likely reasons behind your air conditioner not working.

1.   The Thermostat Batteries May Be Dead.

Yes, there are times when there is nothing wrong with the system as such except that the thermostat batteries might have died. You may find that your AC’s thermostat does not display anything at all; it’s because the batteries have run out of juice. Call in an air conditioning service professional to fix it for you in no time by simply switching the dead thermostat batteries with the new ones. While you might think that you can simply do this task yourself, the batteries are not always located in a convenient location and may require removing the thermostat. In such cases, you might actually damage the thermostat by removing it incorrectly.

2.  The Indoor Disconnect Switch Could Be Off

A number of times, it is the indoor disconnect switch that has been turned off for one reason or another. Since it’s been a long time since you last turned on the AC before the winters, it is likely that the switch which is inside your garage or attic might be turned off by accident. Look for this switch in the attic or the garage and turn it back on. If you cannot locate the switch or for some reason, or the AC still doesn’t seem to work after it has been switched back on, call in an air conditioning service professional to look into it.

3.  A Circuit Breaker Might Have Tripped

The circuit breakers often tend to trip whenever there is a circuit overload. You need to inspect the breaker box; see if any of the breakers have tripped. It may just be the one that connects to your HVAC system. Try resetting it and see if the AC works. If this doesn’t seem to work or the circuit breaker trips again, you must call in an air conditioning service professional to take it from here. Do not try any DIY hacks to fix the circuit breaker, as doing so can be really risky.

4.  A Blown Fuse

There may be a blown fuse or even two that could be the culprit here. They are connected directly to your thermostat. The blown fuse will need to be replaced for the AC to work. Call in an air conditioning service professional to look into the issue and replace the blown fuse for you.

5.  It Could Even Be a Blown Transformer

Although it is not exactly the same thing as a blown fuse, the result is similar; your AC will not start working unless the bad transformer has been replaced. A transformer can blow up due to a malfunctioning contractor inside the outdoor unit; you must have that replaced as well. At other times, it could be bad wiring that led to it. In any case, call in an air conditioning service professional to look into the matter and come up with the requisite solution.

6.  Starting Components Might Have Worn Out

For an AC to run properly, it requires two capacitors that are located inside the outdoor unit to be working perfectly. These capacitors may look like oversized batteries, and they basically power your AC to turn on and stay that way. One of them is what allows the system to start or turn on; the other one allows it to run and continue to stay on. Like most things, they have a limited life and tend to eventually die. You’ll need the services of an air conditioning serviceprofessional to replace these for you.

7.  The Outdoor or Indoor Coils May Be Too Dirty

This happens when your AC is turned on and seems to be running just fine except that it’s not cooling the room at all. The air it breathes out of the vents is far from cool, in which case, you most likely have coils that are clogged with dirt. The AC has two coils; one in the indoor unit and the other in the outdoor unit. If you’ve not been regular with the maintenance of your AC, these coils are bound to get dirt accumulated on them.

This will then hamper its crucial function of removing heat from your room. As a result, you’ll get warm air coming from the AC’s vents, and it will never meet the temperature set on the thermostat. Before it causes any further damage to your AC, you better call in an air conditioning serviceprofessional to fix the issue.

8.  It Could Be the Filters

If you’ve not been particular about changing out the filters timely as per the manufacturer’s instructions, you’ve been setting yourself up for this. As time passes by, these will get clogged with dust and go on to restrict the airflow to the HVAC system. This can lead to a number of scenarios, including the air conditioning system freezing up. Acquire the services of an HVAC service professional promptly to deal with the issue.

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