Why Isn’t Your AC Unit Turning On? Insights From An Air Conditioning Service Provider | Azle, TX

Why Isn’t Your AC Unit Turning On? Insights From An Air Conditioning Service Provider | Azle, TX

Whenever you turn on your air conditioner, you expect it to work perfectly and cool your indoor space properly. The air conditioner is your companion in comfort on scorching Azle, TX summers. However, the air conditioning unit can malfunction like any other electrical appliance. The situation can be worse because it won’t turn on. Are you facing a similar problem? Don’t panic. Air conditioning service providers can deal with such issues with relative ease.

There are various reasons your air conditioner might not start when you turn it on. Each problem has a solution, from thermostat malfunctioning and other maintenance issues to the unit becoming old. That is why you shouldn’t fret when you notice that the unit isn’t turning on. Below are several reasons why the air conditioning unit.

Faulty Outlet or Power Cord

One of the reasons why the air conditioner might not start is because it isn’t getting power. A faulty power outlet or cord can cause it. Therefore, you must examine the unit’s power components, such as the power cord and outlet. If you had stored the air conditioner for some time, the power cord might become frayed and even wear down. A power outage could also damage the cord. To properly examine the power cord, unplug it. If it shows any damage, you might have to replace it.

Or perhaps its outlet was plugged in, not the cord. Plugging other appliances may determine if the power outlet is operating properly. If none of these resolve the problem, you know the root cause. Depending on the extent of damage, call an electrician or an air conditioning service in Azle, TX, to repair or replace the outlet. It is never advisable to try to fix the power outlet or cord by yourself. You could get an electric shock if you don’t shut off the power supply. It is not sufficient to flip the switch; you must also shut off the electricity at the power box.

Thermostat Malfunctioning

Has your air conditioner stopped functioning suddenly? You might panic and start phoning various air conditioning services. But have you inspected the thermostat? Your AC performance can take a toll from a thermostat malfunction. Therefore, you must ensure that the thermostat is lit. If the thermostat isn’t lit, it cannot relay a signal to the air conditioner telling it to turn on. This might be caused by wiring or power problems. Check your thermostat’s batteries and replace them if you haven’t for a while.

If the batteries are working fine and the thermostat isn’t turning on, that signals a wiring problem. Reach out to a reliable air conditioning service to have a closer inspection. The professionals are trained and experienced in resolving such issues with relative ease. They will disassemble the thermostat and look for wiring, corrosion, or circuit issues. They also can clean the thermostat using a soft brush. The air conditioning service provider will also check for any blown fuses. If, after repair, the thermostat still won’t turn on, the professionals will recommend you replace the thermostat.

The Capacitor Is Dead

Are you experiencing trouble starting the air conditioner? Does it keep stopping and starting abruptly on its own? Have you heard a clicking sound from your AC’s outdoor unit? All these signs point to a dead capacitor. The capacitor is usually connected to the motor circuitry and gives the motor an initial push to begin running. Once the motor achieves a particular speed, the motor will disconnect from the circuit. There Are two kinds of capacitors; start and run capacitors. The run capacitor provides motors with energy that keeps them running, and the start capacitors give the motor a voltage to kickstart it. If either is faulty, you will need an air conditioning service to replace it.

The air conditioning unit’s capacitor is highly sensitive to heat. It might overheat if the air conditioner works harder to attain the thermostat-set temperatures. Overheating also may be caused by direct exposure to the sun. If the outdoor unit is on the roof, it can become a victim of overheating during summer. Surges in power and blackouts can also seriously harm the capacitor. Consider having an air conditioning service install a surge protector to safeguard your Azle, TX home from harm caused by power fluctuations.

Clogged Drain Pan

The other reason your air conditioner might not be turning on is that the drain pan is clogged. That air conditioner unit cools your home and removes moisture from the air. But where does this moisture go? It flows and collects into the drain pan beneath the evaporator coils in the indoor unit. The moisture then flows into your unit’s condensate drain lines and is directed to the plumbing.

If the drain pan isn’t cleaned regularly, the drain pan might become clogged. Fortunately, the drain pans have secondary drainage that prevents them from clogging. However, if both the drain pan and the second drain are full, a float switch is triggered, turning off the air conditioner. The float switch is a safety mechanism for preventing an excessive leak into your home and any damage to the air conditioner.

Hence, your air conditioner won’t turn on until you have an air conditioning service provider clean the drain pan and turn down the float switch. Call an air conditioning service to clear the pan. Although it might seem a simple task, you don’t want to see the gunk. Regular maintenance can go a long way in ensuring that your air conditioner doesn’t experience clogged drain pans.

Clogged Air Filters

Can you recall when you last had an air conditioning service clean the AC filters? If you cannot, you have a serious problem even if it isn’t visible. The air conditioner cannot work properly if the filters are clogged and dirty. Regardless of your air conditioner type, you must clean the filters. It is an essential part of maintenance that protects other components such as the compressor. It also ensures that you inhale high-quality air.

Filters remove the contaminants from the air to ensure that you breathe clean air. Whenever the filters are filled with debris, the airflow is blocked. This means the AC will strain to cool your Azle, TX home for a period and eventually stop. The filthy filters also can freeze the outdoor air conditioning unit. This will hinder the efficiency of the air conditioner and, at times, the reason behind your air conditioner not working.

It is scary, but you shouldn’t become anxious. To handle the matter, you should call an air conditioning service provider. They will correctly collect the water because the frost on the evaporator coils will melt. Before they turn the air conditioner on after cleaning it, they will let the filters thoroughly dry. To monitor the cleanliness of your AC’s air filter, it is recommended that you use a smart thermostat if your home uses a ducted system. You can also use a smart air conditioning controller with a ductless mini-split system. Filter clogging can be prevented in the future with ongoing monitoring.

Low on Refrigerant

It might not turn on if the air conditioner has low refrigerant levels. The refrigerant refers to a cooling agent within the air conditioner coils. However, AC units do not use up this coolant. Its function is to remove the heat from the air and ensure that the air entering your indoor spaces from the air conditioner is cool. Hence, the only reason why the air conditioner might be low on refrigerant is if there is a leak along the coils. Cracks might develop on the air conditioner coils making them spring a leak. Additionally, if you don’t maintain that air conditioning unit might result in corrosion with time.

Whenever this happens, there isn’t much that you can do. You should call an air conditioning service to address the problem. You can know there is a refrigerant whenever you smell a sweet chloroform-like odor. The professionals will patch the leak using a sealant and refill the refrigerant to ensure that your Azle, TX home is efficiently and sufficiently cooled. However, homeowners are recommended to have routine maintenance of their air conditioners to ensure refrigerant leaks are caught early. Inhaling refrigerant fumes can harm your health.

Dirty Condenser

Have you noticed that your external air conditioning unit isn’t turning on? The outside or external unit of your air conditioner is called a condenser. It releases all the heat collected by the evaporator to the exterior environment. If it isn’t maintained regularly, it could collect a lot of dirt with time. Hence, it will strain to disperse the collected heat and start acting as an insulator. It means the condenser will begin to draw more electrical power, which will trip the circuit breaker, making it not turn on.

Should you think the solution is straightforward as it only involves cleaning the condenser, and you could do it, sorry to disappoint. Once the condenser malfunctions because of dirt and debris accumulation, it will need an air conditioning service to clean it. If the condenser is improperly cleaned, its fins might be damaged, worsening the problem. To ensure you don’t reach this stage, have routine air conditioner maintenance by a reliable professional.

Damaged Motor

Do you hear a grinding noise whenever you turn on the air conditioner? That should be a cause for concern. It might indicate that the motor blades are faulty. The motors are typically sealed to ensure they never come into contact with external debris, water, or air. Because of a lack of maintenance or old age, the seals will come off with time.

It makes the oil sealed within the motor seep out. The oil acts as a lubricant. The motor will wear out without the lubricant and might even entirely stop working with time. If the motor becomes faulty, the condenser will not be able to dissipate heat. You will have to call an air conditioning service to perform a thorough inspection and repair the unit.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

If the circuit breaker is tripped, the air conditioning unit will not turn on. Further, if it is constantly tripping, that is a sign that the unit is drawing more energy than necessary. Hence, next time you notice that the air conditioner isn’t turning on, check if the breaker is tripped. The breaker is a safety mechanism that turns off the power whenever there is a heavy voltage. Power surges or high voltage appliances might also cause tripping.

However, DIY air conditioning repairs aren’t recommended. Hence, enlist an air conditioning service in Azle, TX, to check the unit. After several minutes, the professionals will return the breaker to its position after turning off the power and turning on the air conditioner. If the breaker keeps on tripping, that indicates an overvoltage.

Dormancy Issue

The other reason the air conditioner might not turn on is a dormancy problem. Check to see whether the air conditioning unit’s fan is running. If it isn’t, that is because of a dormancy issue. If you weren’t using the air conditioner for some time, it might strain to start the rotations due to a buildup of dirt. Have an air conditioning service inspect the unit and manually start. The problem will be resolved when the fans get out of dormancy.

Reliable Air Conditioning Services

Have you noticed that your air conditioning unit isn’t starting? Either of the issues discussed above could cause that. Due to the critical role an air conditioning unit plays in removing humidity and cooling your indoor air, you need it running whenever it’s turned on. However, you must enlist a professional air conditioning service in Azle, TX, to inspect and fix the unit. Additionally, routine maintenance by an AC repair technician can ensure that it never runs into such issues. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth for a prompt and top-class air conditioning service.

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