3 Heating and AC in Azle, TX Tips that You Never Saw Coming

3 Heating and AC in Azle, TX Tips that You Never Saw Coming

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Did you just buy a new HVAC system to provide you with heating and ac in Azle, TX? Or are you in the market for a brand new HVAC system? Whatever your case is, these helpful heating and ac in Azle, TX tips could help improve your HVAC system. This improvement could be so great that you would not even believe the results after seeing them!

We all have some way or another that provides heating and ac in Azle, TX. Most of us use HVACs in our homes. No one these days uses more conventional methods such as putting ice in a bucket in your room. But with using these complex modern systems come a number of maintenance methods that the average homeowner doesn’t know. And if we do not carry out regular and sustained maintenance for our machines, we all know the results – they break.

But what are these maintenance methods that people don’t know? Keep reading this article to find the best heating and ac in Azle, TX tips!


  1. Keep changing your filters. Air filters are perhaps the most key part of any HVAC system. But what is sad is that their use is often severely underappreciated. Air filters are used to filter out all the bad things that could invade your heating and ac in Azle, TX. This includes dust particles but also much more dangerous debris such as bits and pieces of insulation. That seems all great and amazing – which it is. But if you don’t change your air filters regularly, your best friend could turn into your worst enemy. A clogged air filter is the number one reason behind major heating and ac in Azle, TX failures. This happens because the longer the air filter is in use the denser its fine mesh becomes. If that happens then air cannot pass through as easily as it would before. But what happens because of a clogged air filter? There are many side effects which could take place. Your blower fan would need to work much harder. That would, in turn, lead to higher energy bills and more wear and tear. What else? Less air will be being provided through your air filter due to which there will be an overall decrease in the amount of air present in any room. Even more dangerous is that since air cannot escape out of the air conditioner or heat pump easily. The system will be in major risk of overheating or freezing up. Because of that, there will be no change in the temperature of your living area. There are all major and very dangerous risks that can arise due to the irregular changing of your air filter. The solution to that is easy! What you need to is simply change it! You can easily change the air filter yourself or even if you want, hire a professional who can do heating and ac in Azle, TX repairs. Experts suggest that air filters should be regularly checked and changed once a month.


  1. The second heating and ac in Azle, TX is much simpler. Call a technician who knows what they’re doing. There are two key parts to that sentence. The first key part is that you should call your technician. It’s good to have your technician frequently attend to your HVAC because they are a trained and experienced professional who know what they’re doing. HVAC technicians go through rigorous training so they can service your machines and that’s why they are able to detect hidden issues. These issues may be present in your system but you may not even know they exist because to the common man they are not apparent. That is why it is important to get regular checkups for your HVAC as this can greatly reduce the risk of your system going through a meltdown. It is advised that you contact a technician for maintenance every 6 months to 1 year. The second key part is that the technician should be an experienced and capable individual who knows what they are doing.HVACs are large and complicated machines that are not safe to handle by untrained hands. If they are, there can be some severe disasters that go follow – not only to the technician but to the whole house. That is why it is important you make sure your technician is well trained and well versed in HVACs.


  1. The last and most important tip is perhaps the simplest tip you could ever get. Get yourself a programmable thermostat. Heating and ac in Azle, TX could have never been easier since the introduction of a programmable thermostat. This is a simple device which can get attached to any wall near you – similar to a normal thermostat. But what the programmable one offers you is that you can at any time set the temperature to whatever degree you want. All it requires is that you input the desired degree and the thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature for you. You can even tell it to change the temperature at certain times in the day. This way, when the need for cooler air or warmer air is less the HVAC can output less air. That saves you a ton in terms of energy bills! The programmable thermostat is the device you need to maximize the energy efficiency of your HVAC system!


After reading this article, we’re sure you’re ready to go out and do these things in order for your HVAC to run at top performance. But before you do that, we suggest you give One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating a call for all your heating and ac in Azle, TX needs. They have been in the HVAC industry since 1988 and know the dos and donts.

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