The Dangers of Heating and AC in Plano, TX

The Dangers of Heating and AC in Plano, TX

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We all know that buying new heating and ac in Plano, TX can be considered one of the best things to happen to someone. After all, it provides homeowners with the ability to make their own homes of the most comfortable places for them. More so, it gives homeowners some ease of mind. The ease of mind is in when they think about what they’re going to do about the grueling summer hear or the torturous winter chills. That’s why heating and ac in Plano, TX systems are considered almost a necessity for homeowners. There are only a handful of houses in the western hemisphere which do not have heating and ac in Plano, TX.

But what most homeowners do not realize is that HVACs are multi-purpose, extremely complex systems. These complex systems require certain things that do some homeowners are unaware of. Most homeowners do not even bother getting maintenance for their systems, this can lead to extremely unfortunate situations.

In this article, we will talk about some of the common dangers that homeowners may find themselves in when owning a heating and ac in Plano, TX system. And what to do in those situations.


1.  Do Not Ignore Maintenance

Some people do not know that HVAC systems need proper and regular maintenance. We put emphasis on the word proper. Maintenance of any machine is needed. Without it, the machine can break and stop working fast. In the case of HVACs, badly maintaining your heating and ac in Plano, TX can lead to short circuits causing fires. This happens because some debris can get lodged in your system somewhere and can lead to extremely dangerous situations.

That’s why it is always best to get maintenance done annually or bi-annually. It is actually advised that heating and ac in Plano, TX repairs and servicing be carried out in the fall season. This is ideal because it comes right after the summer season and right before the winter season. After getting it done your HVAC will be primed and ready to go!

Another thing worth noting is that skipping maintenance actually leads to an increase in your costs. So do not skip maintenance if you want to save some cash. In the long run, what happens is that your system will become inefficient – costing you more.


2.  Don’t Let Those Fumes In

There are some dangerous gases that can kill humans. These gasses are often colorless, odorless and even tasteless, so you won’t even know if they are around you. Some of these gasses are carbon monoxide or even phosgene – a gas used in World War I.

What the average homeowner does not know is that both the gasses mentioned above are produced and used in HVAC systems. That’s why it is of utmost importance that heating and ac in Plano, TX systems only be treated and handled by extremely trained professionals. Do not try to attempt any repairs on your own. If there is a suspected gas leak, we suggest that you call your trusted technician immediately. They will come fully prepared and equipped with the necessary tools to identify and close the problem. Perhaps what is equally as important is that this issue can be avoided by regular maintenance too – as previously stated. We emphasize that you get your systems checked regularly as the cost of servicing is much less than the cost of human life.


3.  Leaks

Occasionally what can happen is that there can be a refrigerant leak coming from one of the lines. Refrigerant is the gas that is used to cool the air that comes through your vents, without it, the system will not work. That’s why HVACs need the right amount of refrigerant at all times if they do not have it the system will try to overcompensate which can lead to great inefficiency.

A refrigerant leak can also cause other severe issues. Due to the leaking out refrigerant, the escaped gas can affect the indoor evaporator coil. The coil will most likely fall below the freezing point. Following that will be a buildup of moisture. Moisture can also lead to a ton of various issues taking place, such as a buildup of mold in your ducts. But because the coil freezes up, there will be a reduced amount of airflow that will slowly become obvious. If this is not noticed, another sign of a refrigerant leak is that the refrigerant lines out will slowly start to ice up – odd in the summer. When it is noticed we suggest that you turn off your heating and ac in Plano, TX  immediately because extended usage can have severe consequences.


How To Avoid These Dangers

Sometimes it can be that the homeowner is just very unfortunate and there was no way they could have foreseen the danger. But there are a few signs that everyone can look out for, which indicate a possible issue with their heating and ac in Plano, TX.

If you get the smell of rotten eggs coming through your vents at all times. There is a high chance that there is some sort of gas leak coming from your furnace. In this case, leave your house. It can be a very dangerous situation, call your technician and they will handle it safely.

There is a smell of burning wires that almost everyone is familiar with. Don’t know where that is coming from? Check your HVAC for any wires that are torn or if you can see visible sparks coming out.

Lastly, if there is a musty smell coming from your vents, this likely means that mold has formed inside your vents. Mold forms when there is excess condensation coming from your system.


Need Any Help?

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