The Dark Side of Heating and AC in Frisco, TX

The Dark Side of Heating and AC in Frisco, TX

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Heating and air conditioning have a dark side which is rarely spoken about. When we talk about it, we mostly mention the advantages that you get when heating and ac in Frisco, TX becomes an inseparable part of your life. It becomes something you cannot live without.

But we are here to warn you of the potential dangers of unchecked heaters and air conditioners. They can end up being quite harmful to you and your family in the long run. And it is also responsible for a lot of financial burden on the minds of people who have heating and ac in Frisco, TX.

 But if you employ a professional service like One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating. Then heating and ac in Frisco, TX can be a treasure. Something that makes your life simple and hassle-free. But not all companies are like ours. So there are various things customers should be careful of when installing these systems in their homes.

Let’s break down some of the issues that most people overlook.


1.  Regularly Required Maintenance

It is really important for our customers to understand that repairing heating and ac in Frisco, TX is a need. The systems that are installed in your homes can make your life so much more comfortable than you have ever experienced before. But to take advantage of all of the benefits of yourclimate control systems. You should make sure that a professional technician checks your system at least once a year. Our technicians are your friends – they want you to live as comfortably as possible. So you should keep an eye on your air conditioning and heating systems for any problems.

These problems can be fixed swiftly if you have a keen eye for detail. The problem could be loud, like banging noises from inside your unit. Or they could be dangerous, like harmful gases leaking into your rooms which threaten your family. They could also be downright annoying. Like an air conditioner spewing hot air when cold air is what you want.

These problems are just some of the things that can go wrong with your heating and ac in Frisco, TX. The only way to get rid of these issues is to rely on our certified employees. As they want to provide you with the very best service which is possible.


2.  Companies That Scam You

A problem that happens way too often is companies try to take advantage of customers who do not know better. Many companies in the field of HVAC make a living out of exploiting customers. These companies are represented by technicians who do not have the proper qualifications to work on your heating and ac in Frisco, TX.

 These people will try to cut corners at all times to save themselves money. But they will charge their customers the full premium price on repairing. Replacements of the system parts can cost almost as much as the system itself!

And these unqualified technicians do not think for a second before telling you that your system needs to be replaced completely! As a customer for such expensive systems, you should be wary of a technician who thinks that replacing a part is the only solution to your problem.

A standard air conditioning unit can last for 15 years with the proper maintenance from a professional. Why should you suffer because somebody just wants to make a quick buck?

Some scammers will also insist that you need a new system for heating and ac in Frisco, TX installed where you do not have a need. They will upsell the systems to you so you think that you will come out a winner in this deal. But at the end of it all, they are the ones who will profit.


3.  Choosing the Right System Can Be a Nightmare

Summer vacations have finally come around once more. As a social and enthusiastic person, you have the pleasure of inviting a lot of friends and family to your home. Or you are just someone who loves to spend their time by themselves. Wrapped in your sheets, enjoying a good book. But you realize that the HVAC system that you had installed before is now very old. It will need to be replaced with new heating and ac in Frisco, TX.

How do you choose which is the best system for you? What are your needs and how do you help yourself? This is another issue people overlook.

Your house may be small with not a lot of space. Should you choose an air conditioning system that is high-powered? Probably not. It will cool or heat your home a lot more than you need. And it will run up your energy bill till it makes you dizzy. You may need a heater for a large living room. Is the single furnace heater the best pick for you? Again, maybe not.

Besides this, things such as thinking about where to place your heating and ac in Frisco, TX could be a hassle. As you do not know where in your house the system would work most effectively.


All of this can really put customers off from buying air conditioning and heatingbecause it becomes so darn complicated. This is why you need professionally trained technicians to give you the honest facts. One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating will send you technicians who are helpful. They will show you the happy side of heating and ac in Frisco, TX and help you realize that it is a treasure. Contact us today at 817-283-6911.