4 Reasons to Inspect Your New Home’s HVAC System | Heating and AC in Azle, TX

4 Reasons to Inspect Your New Home’s HVAC System | Heating and AC in Azle, TX

Have you bought a new house? If yes, then let us congratulate you on your accomplishment. Buying a new house is an important decision. We know that it must have been a difficult and time-consuming task. You must have stayed awake during multiple nights going over your decision to buy or not to buy a new house. Finally, you found the house of your dreams and bought it. You must have encountered a lot of paperwork and went through the daunting task of shifting. These complicated activities usually direct our minds away from the task of inspecting the new home’s HVAC system.

Have you also ignored the inspection of one of the most essential elements of modern-day homes? Are you guilty of ignoring the HVAC of your new home?

If yes, then you should go through the following reasons that will compel you to either inspect the HVAC system on your own or call a technician of heating and AC in Azle, TX for its inspection.

Understanding the Warranty

Understanding your new home’s HVAC warranty is necessary because let’s face it, these electrical systems can malfunction at any hour and force you to spend a large sum of amount on repairing heating and AC in Azle, TX. Most HVAC companies provide a warranty of 5, 7, or 10 years on parts, but the service providers that installed it may or may not provide a labor warranty.

If you have acquired the warranty information provided by your HVAC manufacturer and installer, the next thing to determine is that whether the warranty is intact or not. If your house’s previous owner has used a non-approved replacement component or had the maintenance and repair activities carried out by an unlicensed professional, then your warranty might be void. You can check this by acquiring the copies of past maintenance and repair activities from the previous owners. These receipts will also help you in identifying the areas of concern in your unit.

In case of a valid warranty, ask the previous homeowner to transfer it to your name so that you can use it in case of a requirement for repairs in heating and AC in Azle, TX.

Understand Your New House’s HVAC System

If you want your HVAC system to perform as per your requirement, then you need to understand its major components and how they function. This usually requires help from technicians of heating and AC in Azle, TX because they are fully aware of the functionality of various systems.

The technician will explain the system and its various components to you. Furthermore, he/she will provide you recommendations so that you can keep your system running in an efficient manner. The expert will also answer your queries and provide you with the estimated remaining life cycle of the system.

If you house’s heating system is old, then this doesn’t mean that it requires replacement. You can increase its life cycle by conducting maintenance and repair on regular basis from a technician of heating and AC in Azle, TX. It has been observed that a well-maintained HVAC system usually lasts for 15-20 years.

Replace the Filter

The HVAC system’s air filter is the root to many of its problems. The first thing that you should do to ensure a safe indoor air quality and efficient HVAC performance is to change or clean its air filter. This will also help in toning down the electricity bills.

If you have bought an old home then you should ask its owner that when he/she changed the filter. Usually air filters cost a few dollars, therefore, it is always wise to change the air filter no matter when the last owner replaced it.

If you have bought a new house, then, it is essential to change the air filter of your HVAC system because there are chances that it might have accumulated the drywall dust.

The HVAC system’s manual contains the complete information regarding the type of filter required and the procedure to change it. However, if you are having issues then you should call a technician of heating and AC in Azle, TX to avoid a wrong installation.

Master the Thermostat

Nowadays, most of the HVAC systems are accompanied by a programmable thermostat that adjusts the house temperature according to the programmed settings based on the time of the day. You can understand its setting by a written set of instructions present on the inside panel. However, if your HVAC system doesn’t have it or you are unable to understand it then you should call a technician of heating and AC in Azle, TX. He/she will help you in understanding the thermostat settings and will recommend the most efficient temperature settings.

If your house has a manual thermostat then, we suggest that you replace it with a programmable one. This investment will cost you a few dollars but in the long run it will have big returns because programmable thermostats consume less electricity and are more efficient. You can get help in this regard by contacting an expert of heating and AC in Azle, TX.

HVAC system is expensive and negligence in its maintenance and repair can cost you a lot. You can avoid this in your new house by understanding the one inherited with it. If you are having issues in this regard or if you believe that your new home’s HVAC requires maintenance or repairs then contact One Hour Heating & Air. Their experienced professionals in heating and AC in Azle, TX will service your system and save it from potential malfunctions.