Air Conditioning Service in Azle, TX: The Real Specialists Always Know What to Do!

Air Conditioning Service in Azle, TX: The Real Specialists Always Know What to Do!

For many people, the onset of summer brings with it the hassle of AC units that ostensibly seem to work fine. But in reality, they do not cool the room at all. When you check the problem, the remote controller and fan are working fine, and even the temperature gauge shows that the AC is working as well as it should. The only problem is that the appliance does not dispense any cold air, even though the usual satisfying hum is ever present and the unit is also working the way it should. However, it is a bit too soon to break out the bottle of soda and relax in your favorite arm chair. The seconds turn to minutes and the AC still does not cool the room. And instead of the temperature dropping to an acceptable level, the room ends up becoming even warmer and stuffier than ever before. The question is, what exactly are you supposed to do about this ostensibly sad situation? Well, call in the experts of air conditioning service in Azle, TX, of course.

However, before you make the necessary calls, it is important that you take the time out to troubleshoot the problem on your own so that everything that can be eliminated has been done so to your complete satisfaction. Here are the few things you should look at:

•  Check the Batteries and Various Other Small Details First

If the system is not functioning at all, the odds are that it might be a fairly common culprit, i.e., weak batteries. This is why you should immediately check them first of all. If the battery cells have been sitting in the remote unit since last winter, the chances are that they have just about finished their service life. You should get a fresh pair and insert them into the unit. Be extra careful and check the polarity of the remote so that you don’t insert the batteries the wrong way. Calling the experts of air conditioning service in Azle, TX, for a mere change of battery cells would be quite embarrassing, to say the least.

After that, you should try and check the power mains. If there is any fluctuation, then it could have switched off the fuse. Once the power has normalized, you can switch on the main fuse and re-start your AC unit. Apart from that, you can also check and see if the cooling element is on or not. Sometimes, the AC is switched to ‘fan mode’ only; therefore, it does not cool the room.

•  Time to Call in the Real Professionals

Once you have methodically gone through your troubleshooting checklist, then it is safe to assume that there is something really wrong with the AC unit itself. However, any accurate diagnosis can only take place after your AC has been checked by the real professionals who are really adept in air conditioning service in Azle, TX.

If the AC really is not cooling properly at all, the odds are that there is a leakage of cooling gas in the system. Here it is very important to point out that all AC units (irrespective of the fact that they are either split units or window-based ones) work by circulating cooling gas though the individual condensers, which are present in the internal unit of the AC. If the refrigerant leaks out into the atmosphere, then the AC will become, for all extents and purposes, nothing more than a glorified fan.

As the experts of air conditioning service in Azle, TX, will explain to you, this eventuality occurs because the aptly named ‘cooling gas’ is chilled to a very low temperature.  The blower throws the air onto the super cold condensing coils and they, in turn, chill the air and send it to the room, where the internal unit has been installed.  The skilled professionals of air conditioning service in Azle, TX,know all these electronic and mechanical intricacies.

•  Why Has the Cooling Gas Leaked from Your Air Conditioner?

There are many reasons due to which cooling gas will be able to burrow a hole through the many pipes, ducts, and coils that are present in the AC. However, the key reason why the refrigerant leaks in the home AC is that the air conditioner has simply not been used for an extended period of time.

Fortunately, this is a fairly common problem that can all too easily be rectified by the experts at air conditioning service in Azle, TX.  As a matter of fact, these highly skilled technicians will not only plug in the leak, but, they will also get rid of the stale cooling gas, purge and flush the system, and finally charge the AC full of fresh refrigerant so that your AC unit is able to function as well as it used to.  `

Once the specialists responsible for air conditioning service in Azle, TX, have successfully gotten rid of the leak and have recharged the gas, they will clean the whole unit quite thoroughly, starting from the filters all the way to the blowers and condenser coils, so that your AC will not require any further service for an extended period of time.

•  Conclusion

If you really want your AC unit repaired and serviced properly so that it is able to work as it used to, then it would be a very good idea to call the real experts in the field of air conditioning service in Azle, TX. One outfit that you can hire for this difficult task would be ‘One Hour Heating and Air’ Once you hire these excellent professionals, you will have nothing to worry about.