Are You Spending Too Much On Your Air Conditioner During The Summer Season? | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Are You Spending Too Much On Your Air Conditioner During The Summer Season? | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Many of us absolutely love the summer season for it brings forth a plethora of the delicious summer fruits, the dazzling sunshine and a chance for us to bask under that huge golden sun to get that perfect tan.

Not only this but the summer season also allows one to bring out all their light and bright summer clothes and show off their perfect summer bodies.

However, while in all its sunny glory, the season definitely takes a toll on the air temperatures around you and even more on your air conditioning bills. Alongside numerous signs that welcome the summer season, one of the most obvious is skyrocketing energy and electricity bills. The scorching heat brought by the sweltering summer season is one of the major reasons why you are likely to find yourself spending too much on an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX during this season.

While the use of an air conditioner during summers is an absolute given and simply inevitable, you don’t necessarily have to burn a hole in your pocket by spending excessively on an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX or sky high energy bills.

There are numerous surefire ways through which you can cut down energy costs during the summer period while also keeping a comfortable indoor environment. Luckily, a proper implementation of these ways will save your money on air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX and will also ensure that your air conditioner runs smoothly throughout the summer season.

1.   Ensure Seasonal Maintenance and Service

This goes without saying, like any other machine or appliance, your air conditioner also needs a seasonal check-up in order to ensure that it is working just fine. Regular service and maintenance is absolutely necessary because your air conditioning system is working harder than it should especially during the summer season. This can often lead to a machine burnout due to which your air conditioner can seriously start malfunctioning. You certainly don’t want that to happen during the summer period, not when the heat and temperature levels are at their highest and nothing can come to your rescue other than a perfectly functioning air conditioning system.

It is best to spend as much as it takes on an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX one time rather than having to take multiple trips to the AC contractors and driving yourself insane.

2.   Prevent Cool Air from Seeping Outdoors

Often times, many of you fail to understand why your air conditioners are not cooling your home properly even after getting an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. Does that ever happen with you? If yes, the answer simply lies in your home.

There are times when the cold air inside your home makes it way outdoors through worn out window seals and doors, sneaks cracks and poorly insulated attics. This may particularly ring true for people whose houses aren’t newly built. In such cases, your air conditioner is also cooling the entire neighborhood along with your home which is why your energy bills have skyrocketed.

An easy solution to this problem is signing up for an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX that will help you check how well your home is holding the cold air. An air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX will also help you investigate your home for any possible cracks or leaks that might be allowing cold air to escape outside.

3.   Set Your Thermostats and Timers

If you haven’t been told before, every degree matters when it comes to energy consumption and reducing energy costs on air conditioning systems. Simply put, every single degree that you forgo on your AC unit during the summer season, you are saving a lot on your energy bills.

Having said that, one of the most energy-efficient things you can do during the boiling summer heat is setting the AC thermostat at a temperature that is comfortable and doesn’t make your air conditioning unit work way too hard. As surprising as it may sound, setting a temperature even as low as one degree warmer than you normally would can reduce costs by almost 10 percent. Doing this will help your air conditioner run smoothly for a long time without you having to hire a air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX every once in a while.

To further cut down your energy bills, it is best to invest in an air conditioner that comes with a built-in timer. This option will help you save a great deal because you are not only setting a decent temperature but you will also be deciding the hours of operation in order to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

4.   Use a Ceiling Fan

The summer season, without question, increases your dependence and reliance on your air conditioning units to keep things cool and comfortable. While that is completely okay, it certainly doesn’t hurt to make use of energy saving options like ceiling fans that help you reduce the cost of your energy bills, right? After all, there is nothing more satisfying and relieving to know that you haven’t spent too much on air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

Using a ceiling fan will prevent the need to ramp up your thermostat in order to feel cooler. This is primarily because ceiling fans help the air around you move in different directions. This allows the hot air emitting from your body to move away from you and also ensures a quick evaporation process of any small amounts of perspiration in your body.

A ceiling fan will also disperse cold air with much greater efficiency so you won’t really need to amp up the thermostat on your air conditioner in order to increase the coldness inside your home. Even if you consult any air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, most of them are likely to suggest you to do the same if you are to cut down your energy bills.


In a nutshell, you should always get all your air conditioning units checked for any possible malfunctions or defects before the summer seasons knocks your door. Doing this won’t just cut down the numbers on your energy bills but will also allow you to enjoy the summer season without any hassle or trouble.

If you need any help with your air conditioning system, feel free to reach out to One Hour Heating and Air and bid farewell to all your heating and cooling problems!