4 Reasons You Need Air Duct Cleaning Service | Arlington, TX

4 Reasons You Need Air Duct Cleaning Service | Arlington, TX

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In an air conditioning or heating system, there are ducts. These ducts serve as the transportation canal for the treated air and the air that needs to be treated. You might be wondering why you need duct cleaning services. Duct cleaning removes the dust and debris from your ducts so that you get clean treated air. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth serving Arlington, TX would like to share with you four reasons why you need duct cleaning and why you cannot do them yourself.

1. Reduce the Amount of Air Pollution in Your Home

People often think that air pollution can only occur outside of your house but that is not true. The air within your home can be polluted by various things. The pollution can build up if you have poor air circulation or ventilation. Air pollution can be caused by dirty air filters and uneven temperatures in your home. Mold, bacteria, and dust can pollute the air in your home by getting stuck inside of the ductwork. If there are any odors in your home like a musty smell then that is a good indication that there is mold growing inside of your ductwork. The mold will release spores that will be inside your home. Usually, these spores are not deadly but they can cause irritated airways. Removing the mold from your ducts can be a tricky process. That is why it is best to hire a professional to conduct duct cleaning services. The technician will remove all the dust from your ducts as well as any mold or bacteria that might be growing there. They will also spray the ducts with disinfectant to make sure that any mold or bacteria is killed. By allowing professionals to clean your ducts, you can rest assured that it will be done properly.

2. Reduce the Number of Allergens in Your Air

In your house there are allergens, but what are allergens? Allergens are substances that can cause an allergic reaction. There are many different types of allergens and some are airborne. Usually, there is a large number of allergens in the air during the spring season. Plants release pollen and the pollen can make it into your home. There are other types of allergens such as mold, dust, and pet dander that can build up in your air ducts. The air filters in your home are meant to keep out these allergens but if they are in your ductwork and the filter is dirty then the allergens can escape into your home. Duct cleaning services will remove these allergens from your ducts so that they do not cause inconvenience. If you haven’t had your ducts cleaned in a long time and your allergies are acting up then it is time for duct cleaning services. These services will dramatically improve the quality of the air in your home.

3. Ensure Your HVAC Unit Is Working Efficiently

Dust is not just an annoying substance. Dust can also be harmful to your air conditioning unit. The dust from the ductwork can make its way towards the air conditioning unit. The dust build-up can inhibit the efficiency of the air conditioner unit. This means that the air conditioner will be working harder than necessary to supply the same amount of air. Since the air conditioner is working harder, the AC will have more wear and tear which means it will have to be repaired more frequently. If it is left for too long then the air conditioner unit might be beyond repair and you will have to replace the whole unit. This can be very costly. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth serving Arlington, TX recommends regular duct cleaning to make sure that your air conditioner unit is not working harder than it should. This can also be a great opportunity for a technician to inspect your unit to make sure all the components are working properly. This can save you from costly replacements because you are able to identify the fault before it becomes a problem.

4. Put An End To Odd Odors

There is nothing worse than having to live in a smelly home. There are some odors that are short-lived such as the smell of burnt food. But if there is a persistent odor then there could be a problem in your ducts. If there is a musty smell in your ducts then there could be a build-up of mold. Sometimes animals can get into your ducts and then they struggle to get out. If this is the case then you will smell a rotten odor. It is important to get a duct cleaning service to remove the dead animal as well as the smell. The ducts need to be disinfected because there will be bacteria and if it is not disinfected then the bacteria can get into the air and make you sick. If there are smokers that smoke in the house then your house will benefit from duct cleaning services. If you have odors in your home then you should not try to clean the ducts yourself. You could damage your ducts and not do a proper job.

Now that you know why you should hire duct cleaning services, you can move onto hiring the right service provider for your needs. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth has some excellent service for all your heating and air conditioning needs. They do installations, repairs, and replacements. They also provide excellent duct cleaning service so that you don’t have to look around for another contractor.

If you are in need of duct cleaning services then contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth serving Arlington, TX to schedule an appointment.