12 Questions To Ask An AC Repair Company When Getting Your AC Repaired | Fort Worth, TX

12 Questions To Ask An AC Repair Company When Getting Your AC Repaired | Fort Worth, TX

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Has your AC unit been acting up recently? Is it no longer producing enough cool air for the entire home? Or, is it taking too long to work its magic? Have you noticed foul, unusual odors coming from the vents whenever you turn the AC on, or is it so loud that it keeps you up at night or prevents you from concentrating if you work from home?

The sooner that you get your AC repaired, the better it will be. Contact an AC repair company in your Fort Worth, TX area as soon as possible and have them come to inspect your unit. Here are some questions that you should ask before, during, and after the repair service.

#1. Are There New Technologies I Should Consider?

During the repair service, one of the first things that you should ask is whether there are any new technologies that you should consider. There are so many changes in the HVAC industry, and new technologies are constantly coming out. During the repair service, the AC repair company can switch out your old parts with some of the new technologies. This can significantly boost the performance and overall energy efficiency of the AC system.

Some of the technologies might not necessarily boost the performance and energy efficiency of the system. They might simply improve the overall usage of the system. For example, you might be able to switch to a new part that integrates the AC with your home controls, so you can remotely change the temperature using just your phone or some other device.

#2. Is an Energy-Efficient Upgrade Worth It?

During the repair, you can also ask the company whether there are any energy-efficient upgrades that you can make, and if so, whether making the upgrade will be worth it. In some situations, making the energy-efficient upgrade will be worth it. For one, the upgrade might be very simple to do and may make a huge difference. You’ll notice your energy bills drop by quite a bit once the AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX upgrades the part.

In some other situations, while the part may make your AC unit more energy-efficient, it won’t be worth it. This is likely because the increase in energy efficiency won’t be that much, but the cost of the upgrade will be significant. It might also be difficult to do, so the AC repair company might not even want to do it.

#3. Does Anything Else Look like It Will Break Down Soon?

In most cases, you’d call an AC repair company because you notice something wrong with your unit. This could be anything from the AC not being able to produce enough cool air for the home or it making too much noise. While the AC repair company is fixing the problem that you’ve called about, they’ll also quickly inspect the unit. This is a good time to ask them whether there is anything else that looks like it needs to be addressed or dealt with.

It’s always best to deal with all of the problems at once. You’ll be able to save quite a bit of money on labor and travel expenses because the AC repair company won’t need to disassemble and assemble your unit more than once. They also won’t need to drive all the way to your home again.

#4. How Long Does My AC Look Like It Will Last?

During the thorough inspection, the AC repair company will also be able to give you an idea of how long your AC unit will last. For example, they’ll be able to look at the condition of the various parts in order to figure out whether everything will break down in the near future. If you don’t want to deal with unnecessary service disruptions, you might want to consider getting the AC repair company to install a replacement before that happens.

#5. Do You Recommend Any Changes to the Maintenance?

This is also a good time to ask about the maintenance. The AC repair company should get a good idea of whether the parts look worn down. If the parts look worn down or if the condition of the AC unit appears to be deteriorating at a rapid rate, they might recommend that you schedule AC services more often. The more frequent services will ensure that the AC unit lasts for even longer and that you won’t have to deal with as many problems in the future.

#6. Can You Service My AC at the Same Time?

As mentioned above, it’s always better to get everything dealt with at once than to schedule different services and repairs at different times. Ask the AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX whether they’d be able to service your unit at the same time as the repairs. This will usually include a thorough inspection of all the parts, a cleaning of every component and even the nooks and crannies, as well as a realignment of the different areas.

For example, the AC repair company will take this time to tighten all of the screws and loose parts. They’ll also shift misaligned components back into place. By doing so, they’ll be able to restore the AC unit back to its original condition, so it’ll be just as efficient as before.

#7. Do You Offer Any Guarantee for Your Work?

An AC repair company that is confident in their own abilities and work will often offer some type of guarantee for their work. This might be a guarantee of workmanship. If the part that was repaired fails at any time in the future, the AC repair company will send someone out to fix the problem at no cost at all to you. This is like a type of insurance that they provide you for trusting them.

Other companies may offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In the event that you are not 100% satisfied with the work that you’ve received, the AC repair company will work with you to make things right. This includes not only the quality of the work but also the quality of the customer service that you’ve received from the technicians.

#8. Are You Licensed and Insured?

Before you work with any AC repair company, make sure that they are licensed and insured. Some AC companies will have their license number posted on their website. You can take the information that they’ve openly provided and confirm it with the city. As for the insurance, you’ll probably need to ask them about that.

A company that is licensed and insured will provide a higher quality of work and will also take away liabilities from you. If anything is to go wrong, you won’t need to be as worried, as you won’t be responsible for the bill. For example, if an unlicensed and uninsured AC repair technician got hurt on your property, you could be responsible for their medical bills or even for their loss of income.

#9. How Much Will This Cost?

Before agreeing to any contract, get a good idea of how much everything will cost. Ask several companies for a quote. This is the best way to compare and contrast the estimated cost in order to determine whether you are getting a good deal or not. It’s important to ask about travel fees, diagnostic fees, overtime charges, and more. Make sure that the amount quoted is what you will be paying for the repairs.

It’s important to examine the quote in detail in order to ensure that there isn’t any confusion on the day of. If you have any questions about the quote, make sure that you speak with the repair company before you sign anything. A reputable company will help you better understand how the charges are broken down.

#10. Are There Any Specials or Promotions Happening Right Now?

When you’re on the topic of the cost, you should also consider whether the company offers any specials or promotions. Many companies regularly offer different types of discounts for repairs. Some might even waive the cost of the diagnostic if you get the repairs from them. If you keep an eye out for specials, promotions and deals, you could save a substantial amount of money.

If there aren’t any specials or promotions, you should consider asking the AC company whether they are able to offer any type of financing program or payment plan. These programs can make some of the more pricey repairs feel a lot more affordable. You also won’t need to worry if you aren’t able to come up with a huge lump sum all at once.

#11. Do You Have Any References?

It’s important to leave the repairs to a reputable company. Before agreeing to any service, you should also ask for references. Make sure that the references provided received services from the company in the past several years. There’s no point in asking about something that happened several years ago, as it’s possible for the service or quality of work to have changed by then.

Other than references, you should also consider looking online for reviews. You should take a look at Google reviews and Yelp reviews, as they will usually provide you with a lot of opinions. You can also take your research one step further by taking a look at their rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Some companies even have reviews from blogs and may have media articles written about them. You can see what their reputation in the community is like.

#12. What Can I Do to Make Sure This Repair Lasts?

In order to ensure that you are not wasting your money, ask the Fort Worth, TX AC repair company what you can do to make sure that the repair lasts. This will usually uncover the culprit behind the problem. For example, let’s say that your AC system was not producing enough cool air because the evaporator coil was frozen. In this situation, you could prevent the evaporator coil from freezing again if you find out the culprit behind the problem.

After a thorough diagnosis, the AC repair company might come to the conclusion that the evaporator coil was frozen due to a dirty filter. The best way to make sure that the repair lasts is to change the air filter and to also schedule a change more frequently. For example, you might have changed the filter once a year before, but to prevent the evaporator coil from freezing again, you might want to change it every 3 months moving forward. This will ensure that the same problem doesn’t happen again.

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It’s important to get your AC system serviced sooner rather than later. If you neglect to get the system repaired as soon as possible, the problem will only have a chance to spread and worsen. By the time that you finally call a repair company, the AC system might not be repairable. Instead, you might be forced to replace it instead. Replacing the AC will be much more costly than simply fixing a small repair.

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