AC Repair Company: Reasons Behind AC Compressor Issues In Homes | Southlake, TX

AC Repair Company: Reasons Behind AC Compressor Issues In Homes | Southlake, TX

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Air conditioners cannot function at all if their compressor and other components are faulty. The AC compressor is an essential part of the air conditioning unit responsible for compressing the refrigerant gas into a liquid state, which flows to the evaporator coils to remove heat from your house in Southlake, TX.

It raises the temperature and pressure of the coolant gas to create a pressure difference to make it flow. So, if the compressor breaks down, the refrigerant will not flow, and the evaporator coils will not be able to suck heat from your rooms, leaving your family with uncomfortable temperatures during the hot summer days.

Its lifespan is more than ten years, and with regular maintenance, it can survive for that long without malfunctioning. The compressor is susceptible to encounter problems that will require the expertise and skills of a trained technician from a reputable AC repair company. The following are some of the reasons behind AC compressor issues.

Low Refrigerant

The first cause of compressor problems is a low coolant that indicates a refrigerant leak. The refrigerant can start leaking if the refrigerant lines have cracks and holes that allow it to escape. The compressor is responsible for heating the gaseous state of the refrigerant to create a pressure difference that will make condense the gas to liquid to move to the refrigerant coils for heat absorption from your house.

But, if the refrigerant is low, it will lead to an overheating AC that will malfunction, affecting the efficiency of the coils to produce conditioned cold air and remove heat. Failure to contact the nearest AC company to hire an experienced HVAC technician, the compressor will also malfunction.

Therefore, to prevent the compressor from failing and costly repairs, you should have your contractor carry out regular maintenance to ensure every component of the AC is running smoothly, including having sufficient refrigerant charge. The expert from the trustworthy AC repair company will replace the leaking refrigerant.

The U.S Clean Air Act recommends the use of refrigerants that will not lead to the depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer. Some of the banned refrigerants are chlorofluorocarbons and hydrochlorofluorocarbons.

Electrical Problems

The AC is an electric appliance that is prone to have electrical issues from time to time without routine maintenance. The compressor can also develop electrical problems that will require the urgent expertise of professionals from a licensed and bonded AC company.

The first electric issue in the compressor might be due to frayed, corroded, or damaged wiring that affects the electric flow that makes it operate efficiently. An accumulation of acids in the compressor might damage or corrode the wiring in the unit that will require the immediate attention of an expert from a local AC repair company.

Another electrical issue might arise from any of the two capacitors in the AC compressor or both. Any problem that involves electricity flow can have adverse effects on the operation of the compressor system, resulting in a breakdown. The hired electrician or HVAC contractor will identify the electrical problems and skillfully make the necessary repairs for the AC compressor to operate at peak performance again.

Dirty Coils

Another reason behind compressor issues is dirty condenser coils. Since the condensing unit is outside the house, its coils are prone to accumulate dust, dirt, and debris that compromise the smooth running of the compressor and the AC unit. They are responsible for holding the refrigerant in liquid form.

The refrigerant passes through the compressor as gas and undergoes compression, increasing the pressure that changes it to a liquid state to release heat absorbed from your house.

So, dirt makes it almost impossible for coils to remove heat, forcing the AC to use more energy to reach the optimum and sufficient temperatures, overheating the compressor.

At this point, you should call a licensed and insured AC repair company in Southlake, TX, to get a reliable HVAC contractor to clean the condensing coils and identify other compressor issues and repair them.

Failure to reach out for professional help will make the compressor operate continuously, making it fail. A malfunctioned compressor is a big issue that will cause a sizable dent in your pockets to pay an AC repair company to address the problems.

Contaminants in the Compressor System

Additionally, the compressor might have issues due to contaminants. HVAC professionals from a registered AC repair company can install a compressor on the rooftop or outside your home. The places are at high risk of having contaminants such as fungi, dirt, bacteria, leaves, soot, pests, and insects, which might get inside your compressor, causing numerous problems.

The heat the compressor produces provides room for bacteria and other microorganisms to grow. The solution to such issues is to schedule routine maintenance with an AC repair company to ensure trained HVAC technicians clean the compressor and the AC units at least twice a year. They can also diagnose other minor problems and repair them immediately to prolong the life of the systems.

Lubricant Levels

Decreased compressor oils can also lead to compressor problems that will require urgent services from a reliable AC repair company. The lubricants are the blood of the compressor, and without them, it is prone to fail. The oils are responsible for lubricating, removing heat, and sealing the compressor for maximum efficiency during the refrigerant compression process.

So, to avert expensive repair services from a nearby AC repair company, regular maintenance will ensure the lubricant levels are optimal. The contractors will consult with the manufacturing company of the compressor to find out the type and level of compressor oils to use for peak performance.

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