5 Common Air Conditioner Problems | Tips from Your Plano, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

5 Common Air Conditioner Problems | Tips from Your Plano, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

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AC is often necessary in summer, especially in the hot climate of Plano, TX. Each town or city in the US has a designated cooling season. This is when most homes and businesses tend to air condition the most as a result of higher temperatures.

Plano’s year-round weather necessitates ac in most locales, but residents, like you, might need extra air conditioning services in the summer. Now when you need extra air conditioning, you might run into more air conditioner problems.

This requires air conditioning service maintenance and repairs from local HVAC professionals near you. You should always make sure to contact professionals if your ac units exhibit the following problems.

Problem 1: Refrigerant Trouble

Your air conditioner relies on something called refrigerant to work. This is essential in cooling and filtering the hot, humid air in your homes. There needs to an adequate quantity of refrigerants for the air conditioners to cool your homes effectively.

If there are leaks in the refrigerant lines, you will have cooling issues. If you face this issue with yourac unit, you should call a professional air conditioning service for repairs and maintenance. The HVAC repairman will need to replace the refrigerant and fix the leaks.

Problem 2: Thermostat Issues

Your thermostat is the device that is needed to control the temperature. It can be used to communicate to the air conditioner that you want a lower or higher temperature. Sometimes, a thermostat can have issues with its settings.

Usually, manual or digital thermostats can be recalibrated or fixed by amateurs. You can simply fix them by reading their instruction manuals. However, if you have problems with this, an HVAC repairman can fix this for you.

Thermostats can have other, more serious issues as well. They might freeze or power off completely or burn out. In these cases, you will need to see a professional to determine whether repairs or replacements are needed.

To get thermostat problems rectified, you should contact an air conditioning service in Plano, TX, at your earliest convenience.

Problem 3: Coil Trouble

Your air conditioner works through two different kinds of coils-the condenser and evaporator coils. Each of these coils can have their own separate issues.

Evaporator coils can, for instance, freeze. They do this because they are usually filled with refrigerant and can get frozen ice on them if there is not enough warm air around them and there are problems with the air flow inside the air conditioner.

When this happens, the coils might ironically not be able to complete their function that is to suck in hot air in the room. They will not suck in the hot air or expel cool air out as they normally should. They will instead stop air flow or cause warm air to be expelled into the room.

It is important then to get regular air conditioning services maintenance for ac parts like evaporator coils.

Additionally, condenser coils can have their own set of troubles. Condenser coils are necessary for expelling hot air from the house and for this they should be clean. If the coils are filled with pollutants, dirt and debris, they might not work correctly and might even cause air conditioners to fail completely.

If this occurs, you should get the ac unit serviced by a professional.

Problem 4: Leaks

Along with refrigerants, your air conditioners can also have leaks in their duct networks. Air conditioners use ducts to supply cooled air to your rooms and then back to the air conditioner. The ducts are usually either in your walls or ceilings and can tend to leak if they face damage.

Now, if the ducts are damaged they will leak the cool air supply into the walls. This would lead to the rooms not being cooled and the cooling energy being wasted. What this essentially means is that you will have high energy bills but no cooled rooms to show for them.

This is why it is important to keep an eye on your ducts and make sure that they are properly installed and maintained. Additionally, you should be weary of rats and other rodents since they can cause damage to the ducts inside the walls.

If you have duct leaks, you should resolve this issue quickly or passing summer afternoons in Plano’s climate might get difficult.

Problem 5: Clogs

Air conditioners can also get clogs. They rely on drains or drain lines to get rid of water building up in the air conditioner as the air conditioner filters the moisture from humid air. This water can get backed up and start flowing and leaking out onto the walls and floors of your room if clogs occur.

If your drain water keeps coming back up, you might face property damage and even damage to the air conditioner, which might necessitate expensive repairs. Clogged drain lines should then not be ignored and should be fixed at the earliest possible opportunity.

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