Outdoor Cooling Tips and Techniques from Your Azle, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

Outdoor Cooling Tips and Techniques from Your Azle, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

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Azle, TXtends to have high temperatures throughout the years. This can make it hot and uncomfortable to be indoors let alone outdoors.

If you own a business venue in the Azle areayou will then need to think long and hard about air conditioning services. Air conditioning is essential for any restaurant dining area, mall shopping area or concert hall in Azle, TX.

And if you offer services out

side during the summer, you will need to think about outdoor cooling options. Yes, there are outdoor misting and cooling technologies you can use to decrease the temperature in your outdoor venue.

This can be especially useful if you have lawns on your venue or if you are hosting an outdoor event in the summer, especially in Texas climates.

Events such as weddings,can be greatly helped by misting because it will just be a simple process of releasing cool sprays into the air to make the heat more bearable.

You can even use these options in case you provide outdoor activities like camping and the weather turns out to be hot during the day.

Just as you would be sure to provide indoor ac, you should provide outdoor cooling for these activities.

Which Units Should You Install?

So what kind of outdoor cooling units can you find for your venue? What functions do they have? How can they be set up?

Well there are many outdoor cooling units that are easy to set up and will cost minimal installation and maintenance costs, even though some units might need storage space.

Most outdoor cooling systems and technologies use misting or moisture to spray cold moisture into the air in small amounts. All the surfaces and objects in your venue, from chairs to trees, will be covered with mist. This can lead to significantly cooler temperatures.

Although each outdoor cooling unit can be customized and set to temperatures that are needed, they are usually meant to make the outdoor environment comfortable and set a comfortable temperature level.

They should be installed by a professional air conditioning service if you are looking to protect your clients from the blazing summer sun and stifling heat in Azle, TX summers.

So, what are your options when it comes to outdoor cooling?

Well for one, you have flash boxes.

Most outdoor cooling technologies will use what is known as a pump system. This sets into motion a cooling process through a procedure called flash evaporation. The outdoor cooling unit is similar to indoor units in its ability to absorb heat but differs from indoor units due to its reliance on misting.

Flash evaporation works to decrease the temperature in the atmosphere, cooling the air and reducing the temperature by a set number of degrees. Now the evaporation part refers to mist which evaporates as the outdoor cooling unit absorbs the heat in its surroundings. They can be set to high pressure settings.

The flash evaporation systems are not meant to make the outdoor venues extremely cold, as in the case of indoor air conditioners which can make rooms very chilly. To see if a misting system is appropriate for your space, you should consult with a professional air conditioning service.

Along with flash evaporation systems, you can also install cooling boxes in outdoor venues.

Anyone looking to cool outdoor venues, should look at cooling boxes. These are excellent units that have pre-installed blowers that give powder coat finishes.

They can be attached or flush mounted from the ceiling in a nearby outdoor patio. You can put these into brackets to make the units blend in with the outdoor landscaping or design aesthetics.

These units are especially recommended if you want to cool an outdoor space without the constant presence of moisture. Moreover, they can be used in place of other cooling units that need space for ducts and tubing.

However, these are not the only options for outdoor cooling.

High pressure misting fans are another way of cooling an outdoor venue in the summer or year round. High pressure misting fans can be set up by any competent air conditioning service.

As their name suggests, the fans rely on pressure pumps to dispel the mist in a manner that it flash evaporates. This occurs because the water dispelled from the system in usually set up to have low volume but high pressure, causing the mist to burst out quickly.

The purpose of the low volume of water is making sure that there are not palpable and inconvenient jet streams of mist in the air that might hit your clients.

If the moisture just sprays too quickly and in a large volume, it might also collect visibly on objects and a wet environment is not necessarily a comfortable one. High pressure misting fans are then recommended for any business owner who wants to ensure the comfort of their guests and clients.

Misting fans in fact might be more appropriate for more formal events like society charity events or corporate meetings held outdoors.

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