5 Furnace and Heating Problems You Might Face | Tips from Your Frisco, TX Heating and AC Repair Company

5 Furnace and Heating Problems You Might Face | Tips from Your Frisco, TX Heating and AC Repair Company

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If you’ve gotten a heating and AC system installed at your place in Frisco, TX, you can stay comfortable in any weather that comes your way. Gas furnaces keep you protected against the harsh winters. The heating unit draws in cold air, an air filter cleans the air, which gets heated by a gas burner, and then the blower motor pushes the warm air into the ductwork that distributes it in the entire house. Once the heated air gets cool again, it goes back into the furnace by return air grills and ductwork to warm up again.

The service life of a heating unit is dependent on the brand you’re using and if it’s getting proper maintenance. Make sure that you call a professional heating and AC repair in the Frisco, TX area for regular maintenance of your high-end heating unit. Despite that, you’re bound to face certain issues with the system. You can resolve a few of them yourself but as this appliance is dangerous to deal with, you can always call a certified heating and ac repair to help you out. We’ll guide you regarding some common furnace and heating issues you might run into.

Poor Maintenance

In case you tend to procrastinate a lot and keep delaying the maintenance of your furnace, you’re likely to run into quite a few problems. More faults and issues surface up when you fail to keep a regular check which has negative effects on its longevity. By only carrying out simple tasks such as cleaning or switching the dirty air filters every month you can avoid many issues. The system would have to work harder to carry out normal function in case of a dirty filter. If the limit switch that powers the fan gets disrupted, the problem can become worse. Cleaning and replacing the air can be quite tricky and you would need to call in a qualified technician to do that for you.

You can always contact a heating and ac repair to provide regular maintenance for your unit. You would notice that the rate of sudden breakdowns will reduce and it’ll help you save up on costly repairs.

Heating Issues

When your unit isn’t heating or not providing the ideal temperature you require during winters, it’s an indication that there might be something wrong with the system. It’s either the power, gas, the pilot light or the thermostat settings that might be at fault.

The solution depends on the brand of the heating unit and the cause of the issue. Try identifying the issue by giving a quick look at the air filters, the thermostat, the fan or by pushing the reset button on the device. Get hold of a heating and ac repair company to get you through this issue.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

In case the furnace is repeatedly switching between ‘on’ and ‘off’ modes, or you notice significant temperature swings, no heat production or fan issues, it’s the result of a defected thermostat. At times the thermostat only requires a mere battery replacement to resolve the issue. Ensure that the thermostat compliments the type, potential and capacity of your system. An unmatched thermostat could result in a system failure. To find the perfect match, get advice from one of the professionals.

Noisy Furnace

If the furnace is disturbing you with its loud noises lately, there must be an issue with the appliance. Mechanical problems, a blocked burner or reduction in the airflow could be detected by the rumbling and rattling sounds. You need to deal with this problem on an urgent basis, as it could lead to issues in the long run. Whether the noise is weak or deafening, before doing anything else immediately turn off power and gas supply to the system. It’s best to hire a professional heating and AC repair service to resolve the issue.

Broken Pilot Light

We advise you to get hold of a heating and ac repair service to ensure yours and the unit’s safety when dealing with problems related to the ignition. Pilot light indicates the flow of gas inside the tube. A non-functioning pilot light suggests the possibility of a gas leakage. Immediately vacate the space in case you notice a strong odor of natural gas when checking the unit or smell propane close to the floor. Report to your propane dealer of a possible gas leakage. The latest units have inbuilt sensors that are capable to prevent gas leaks, keeping you safe from such these dangerous situations. Plenty of devices can be installed, with the help of any heating and AC repair service company in the Frisco, TX area, that can cut off the gas source once the flames goes off.

Pilot lights outages mostly occur due to unbalanced air supply and irregular gas pressure. Changes in gas pressure can be monitored by the flame; a weak flame indicates shortage of gas, whereas high flame points to high pressure.


We covered some of the most common issues that you might face when using a furnace and heating unit at your place. While some problems may not occur quite often, the frequently occurring problems require regular maintenance. You’d be able to avoid plenty of them and be more prepared for these issues if you’ve sufficient knowledge about them. To keep yourself and your place safe its best to let the pros handle it on your behalf. As gas devices can be tricky to handle and need high efficiency and understanding. One Hour Heating and Air provides heating and ac repair in the Frisco, TX area, and are clearly the best choice. Ready to deal with emergencies, they’re available 24/7 and are just one call away.