Only the Real Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Professionals Can Handle Such a Tough Job | Fort Worth, TX

Only the Real Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Professionals Can Handle Such a Tough Job | Fort Worth, TX

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One of the best possible advantages of purchasing a heat enabled AC is that the unit is capable of working just like an HVAC system. In other words, it can not only cool down a room in midsummer but also turn on the heat on a bitterly cold winter evening.

But should your precious heat enabled AC stop working, the chances are that you will have to experience a lot of discomfort. This holds particularly because you lose both the heating and cooling aspects of your climate control system. If it happens at a place where you spend a lot of time, such as your home or office, you may not even be able to survive in the heat (or the cold) for long.

However, it does not have to be this way at all. Not if you play your cards right and hire the real ‘true blue’ professionals at One Hour Heating and Air of Fort Worth, TX.

After all, an air conditioner that only dispenses cold air in a room right in the middle of winter is not very useful. Here, it is important to realize that your full DC inverter-equipped and ‘state of the art’ air conditioning unit is actually a very delicate appliance. This is due to the fact that it contains a lot of highly sophisticated components.

 Don’t Rely on ‘DIY’ Techniques

Any ham-handed DIY (do it yourself) efforts might be liable to do more harm than good, especially if you an amateur without any prior experience in AC repair work. This is precisely why you should only trust the real pros at heating and air conditioning repair.

There is however no cause to panic, even if the heating function of your air conditioner does not work at all.  After all, the highly-trained specialists at heating and air conditioning repair do this kind of work for a living. This is why they have plenty of experience in repairing even seemingly inexplicable problems.

You should remember that the average HVAC (heating ventilation and air-conditioning) unit or even its simply AC counterpart is the same as other electronic appliances out there. That is, it also requires maintenance and service-related checks, throughout its lifetime.

In fact, this holds even more true for today’s era of cutting-edge climate control systems. The more modern and heavily digitalized the appliance, the smaller and more delicate is its internal circuitry. This is why it would always require the unmatched skills of duly trained technicians who are singularly adept at the science and art of heating and air conditioning repair.

Ultimately, all of these fragile components also have their own limited service life. And once it is over that particular part does not work anymore. This means that it has to be replaced, otherwise the AC or HVAC unit will not be able to work properly. However, most of these delicate parts require the expertise of a well-trained and highly skilled AC repair technician who already has a lot of experience in heating and air conditioning repair.

The really good AC repair outfits almost always have such people on their payroll. This is why you can rest assured that they will repair your appliance to its factory new condition.

Troubleshooting Tips

However, there is no need to call in the experts at heating and air conditioning repair every time your unit stops working. This is because there are times when the problem might turn out to be so easy that you will be able to resolve it yourself.

As a general rule, your device’s operating manual has a troubleshooting checklist that you should use to ensure that your air conditioner has not developed any major problem. Especially one that will require the expertise of the people responsible for heating and air conditioning repair.

Some of the common HVAC troubleshooting tips include the following:

  • Always double-check the polarity of the batteries in your appliance’s remote control. It is always better to swap the old batteries with new ones if the unit has not been used for a long time.
  • You may try to switch your climate control system on and off a couple of times to find out if it is receiving any power. It is quite possible that the electricity line connected to your climate control system might have tripped or perhaps blown a fuse. In this case, you can call in the experts responsible for heating and air conditioning repair. They will check and subsequently replace the errant fuse. You must never try to the job yourself because all live electricity wires are very dangerous.
  • You should check the filters of the unit. If you see that there is a lot of dust and grime, it is a clear indication that the filters are choked. If your AC is denied access to clean air it will not work properly. You should call in the professionals at heating and air conditioning repairto either repair or replace the filters.


It is possible to find more relevant and up to date information regarding the repair and servicing of both HVAC as well as AC units. You can log on to the One Hour Heating and Air of Fort Worth, TX website.  These ‘true blue’ experts are the very best in their line of work.  They are known to conduct all kinds of heating and air conditioning repair in Fort Worth, TX.