7 Signs Your Air Conditioning System Needs Repair Service | Richardson, TX

7 Signs Your Air Conditioning System Needs Repair Service | Richardson, TX

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A non-functional air conditioner is the last thing that you would want in the middle of a hot and humid summer in Richardson, TX. Regular maintenance and service are necessary to keep your air conditioner in a good condition, regardless of its quality and cost.

Installing an air conditioner is already an expensive investment. To save yourself from the trouble of paying extra repair and replacement costs, you should get timely maintenance done. But it can be tricky to figure out when to get an air conditioning service.

Continue reading this article to find out the seven signs which indicate that your AC system needs servicing. We recommend that you should schedule an air conditioning service in the Richardson, TX area as soon as you spot any of the following signs.

1.  Not Enough Airflow

Have you recently noticed that even if the room is cold enough, there is not much airflow from the vents of your air conditioning unit? Chances are that either excessive dust has accumulated in the filters or there is an issue with the compressor. In any case, your best bet is to get repairs done from skilled technicians who can diagnose the actual issue behind reduced airflow and then fix it.

2.  No More Cooling Air

High airflow at full blast is of no use if the air conditioner is only giving off warm air. For many homeowners in Richardson, TX who use air conditioners regularly, having higher indoor temperature than usual is a cause of concern. If you are facing the same issue, make sure that you have set your thermostat correctly. If there is still no cool air, it is a sign that your air conditioning service at your earliest.

3.  Increased Energy Bills

If your air conditioner has a problem, it will reflect on your electricity bill. An inefficient air conditioning unit works harder to achieve the same results as an efficient air conditioner which eventually results in increased energy usage. Closely monitor your utility bills to see if you are paying more than you usually do and seek professional help to get air conditioning service.

4.  Excessive Moisture or Leakage

In case you have noticed excessive moisture content inside your home near your air conditioning system, don’t ignore it. It can be an indication that your refrigerant is leaking. The leaked water can pose serious health risks if not treated immediately. A leaking drain tube can also increase humidity in your house worsening the indoor air quality of your house on an already humid summer day. Professional air conditioning service can easily detect the leak, fix it and save you from any further inconvenience.

5.  Strange Sounds & Odors

A well-functioning ac unit produces minimal sounds and has no odor. When your air conditioner starts to make noises and you smell unpleasant odors every time you operate it, know that it’s time to call a repair service. A squealing or grinding sound may be because some component of the unit needs lubrication or cleaning while a strange odor may be due to the molds inside your unit. Failure to get immediate air conditioning service can make these problems worse, costing you an expensive repair.

6.  Overheated Unit or Frozen Coil

It is always helpful to keep a check of the outer unit of your air conditioner. A normal functioning unit is generally warm, but an overheated air conditioning unit is alarming. It may indicate damaged electrical components or a broken motor fan. Similarly, a coil is normally cold but a frozen coil may indicate refrigerant leaks or even dirty air filters. In both cases, you should instantly contact an air conditioning service. Do not attempt to fix the issues on your own!

7.  Your AC is Old

You should seriously consider getting a maintenance visit if it has been over 2 years since the last time you got it done. Most air conditioning units last for 10-12 years at maximum given that they are properly maintained. An old air conditioning unit will require servicing and maintenance more often than a new one.

Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance

You must get an maintenance done at least once a year. Some of the most beneficial aspects of regular maintenance of air conditioners include:

  • Great performance at low energy costs
  • Reduced chances of a breakdown
  • Increased dependability
  • Prolonged life-span of your air conditioning unit
  • Function at maximum efficiency levels
  • Operating the unit becomes hazard-free and safe

Schedule an Air Conditioning Service

If you have noticed one or more of the signs in your air conditioning units, you should not waste time and contact the best providers of air conditioning service in the Richardson, TX area.

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