5 Signs You Need AC Repair | Arlington, TX

5 Signs You Need AC Repair | Arlington, TX

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During the summer in Arlington, TX, when the temperature soars to the high ’90s, many residents stay in the house more to escape the heat and humidity. During the summer, you rely greatly on your air conditioner. If it isn’t functioning properly, your home won’t stay cool, and you won’t have an escape from the heat. A complete air conditioner breakdown will make your home extremely uncomfortable until you can get an HVAC tech to your home. The best way to prevent a complete breakdown is to recognize the early signs that you need to schedule an appointment for AC repair.

If the air conditioner in your home is experiencing any of the following issues, it is best to call a professional in repairs as soon as possible.

#1 The Air From The Vents Isn’t Cool

One of the most obvious signs you need to call a professional in AC repair is warm air coming from the vents. Before you make the call, you should check your thermostat setting. The last thing you want is to pay for a service call for something simple you could have handled yourself. First, make sure the thermostat is set to the cooling mode. If it isn’t, your AC won’t produce cold air. Next, check the temperature setting. If the temperature in the house is colder than the setting on the thermostat, the system won’t produce cold air.

If the thermostat is set correctly, you will need to schedule an appointment for AC repair. There are a few issues that could be causing the problem, such as a faulty compressor or there may not be an adequate amount of Freon in the system. If your system is old, it may have reached the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced.

A professional in repairs will inspect your system to find the source of the problem so they can resolve the issue.

#2 Poor Airflow

If the airflow coming from the vents in your home is poor, your home won’t reach the desired temperature. In addition, poor airflow will cause your system to work overtime to keep your home cool, which can cause an increase in your cooling costs. Also, the extra work will put a strain on your system, which can reduce its maximum lifespan.

There are a few issues that could be causing the issue. The most common cause is clogged air ducts. In just one year, up to 15 pounds of dust and debris can build up in the air ducts, causing poor airflow. There could also be a crack in the air ducts, or the system’s fan could be failing.

A professional in repairs will inspect your system and the air ducts to figure out why the airflow is poor so the issue can be resolved.

#3 Thermostat Issues

The thermostat in your Arlington, TX home is your HVAC system’s brain. It tells your system when to turn on and off and how cool you want your home to be. If your thermostat isn’t functioning properly, your air conditioner won’t function properly. There are a few signs that your thermostat is faulty.

  • The thermostat display is non-responsive, even after replacing the batteries.
  • Nothing happens when you turn the air conditioner on.
  • The air conditioner will come on but cut out before your home reaches the desired temperature.
  • The air conditioner constantly runs, even when the home has reached the desired temperature.

If the AC professional determines your thermostat is broken and needs to be replaced, you can discuss your options, such as programmable thermostats, Wi-Fi thermostats, and smart thermostats that can help save money on your cooling costs.

#4 Strange Smells When the System Is Running

If you smell a musty or moldy smell in your home when your air conditioner runs, you should schedule an appointment or AC repair. This issue is more serious than you might think.

The most common cause of the problem is mold growth in the air ducts. Your air ducts are the perfect breeding ground for mold because they are dark and can develop moisture. Because no light hits the air ducts to dry the moisture, mold can grow, which is a serious issue. When your air conditioner is running, mold spores can circulate throughout the home, which can be dangerous. When your family breathes in the mold spores, it can cause allergy symptoms, respiratory issues, and a weakened immune system. If a family member has a chronic respiratory or lung issue, breathing mold spores can be very harmful. There could also be mold growth in the system itself, which is a serious issue.

If you smell something burning when your system is running, you should turn off the AC immediately and call for AC repair. There could be an electrical issue that could cause a fire in your home.

It is best to call a professional in AC repair as soon as you smell something foul.

#5 Moisture Or Liquid Pooling Around the Unit

The area around the air conditioner in your home should be dry. If you notice moisture or pooling liquid around the unit, you should immediately call an AC repair professional.

The issue could be something simple like a cracked or disconnected condensate hose. This is a simple fix, but the moisture will cause water damage or mold growth if you ignore the issue. The issue could also be a Freon leak, which is much more serious.

It is best to schedule an appointment for AC repair as soon as you discover the moisture.

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