One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth Is The Most Trusted AC Repair Company Serving The Greater Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex | Grapevine, TX

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth Is The Most Trusted AC Repair Company Serving The Greater Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex | Grapevine, TX

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Texans enjoy mild and sometimes a little chilly winter, but Texas has an ideal temperature for most people unless they are die-hard snow bunnies. On the other hand, Texas summers can be dangerous and even deadly for vulnerable individuals like children, the elderly, and those with pulmonary issues and diseases like asthma.

Air conditioning in Grapevine, TX during the height of the summer is an absolute necessity. The highest recorded temperature here was a whopping 108 degrees Fahrenheit, while this is an extreme example of weather in our area, the average temperature throughout the summer months tends to fall between the late eighties and early 90-degree temperatures.

Did you know that AC repairs are more often in demand during the hottest months of the year? Coils break, fans bust or the coolant could be empty. This is why we recommend to our clients that they subscribe to a routine package which would check your air conditioner on an annual or semi-annual basis to prevent a repair when the weather is at its hottest!

Routine Maintenance

Air conditioners are delicate and complex machines. Professionals who have trained with manufacturers and specialist schools with licenses to prove their experience and knowledge should ever attempt to fix an air conditioner. It could further damage your unit, costing your repair even more than it needed to.

Our team of AC repair technicians are experts at what they do. We at One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Fort Worth specialize in all HVAC repairs and use the new tools that are developed every day to further care for your units.

Every technician conducting a repair is fully aware that our client’s time is precious and the longer they must endure elevated temperatures, the worse of they will be. That is why we promise our work will have been completed within an hour. If not, we will make sure that you are happy with our work and the price of the job.

The best thing you can do to prevent exorbitant AC repairs is to schedule a subscription service during the shoulder seasons before everyone’s air conditioner needs to have a repair. Our expert technicians will run a full diagnostic on your air conditioner and will make certain there are not any issues and may ask permission to conduct a small repair if there is a minor problem that may lead to bigger and more expensive repairs.

Why Grapevine, TX Trusts Us

Our world can be a dangerous place. Inviting any stranger into your home whether they be an AC repair technician, plumber, or housekeeper, it is important that those people are trustworthy.

We ask all potential team members to submit to a lengthy background check, oversee our own referrals, and talk to the people who know their professional style best, their former employers, fellow colleagues, and clients they have worked with before.

The applicant is also subject to random alcohol and drug tests. We check for any criminal behavior and have a clear code of conduct on how employees are to represent us when they wear our logo or drive our vehicles.

Don’t trust us just because our experts are the best at what they do and are honestly good people, but they have chosen to work for a company that is completely transparent about pricing when it comes to AC repair and any other job the terms and conditions under which our team can complete a one-hour AC repair and the potential remedies if this is an unreachable goal.

Our team will not try to upsell you. It is against our strict code of conduct and team members trying to increase the client’s bill will be immediately fired and then encouraged to find employment elsewhere. We expect the absolute best from our team of technicians.

In response, they get a fair and generous living wage with a work and life balance that allows them to come to work refreshed and happy. We believe that overworking employees is the first slip in a slippery slope to shoddy workmanship and we do not do shoddy AC repairs, or any substandard work, EVER!

Customer Reviews for One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth – Grapevine, TX

“Every year one of our HVAC appliances goes on the fritz. We have been customers of One Hour AC & Heating for several years now. We would not dream of calling another HVAC team! Last May, our central air conditioner just stopped working in the middle of the night. Thankfully, it was not too hot that night, but I called when I woke up sweating and left a message asking them to fit us in as soon as possible.

The very next day before I had changed out of my pajamas, Ted, a friendly technician, was outside my front door at around 7 am. By quarter-to-eight, the ac repair was complete. I was signing paperwork and pleased by the low cost of the repair and wished Ted to have a lovely day!”

Sam Bloch

“We have been having problems with our air conditioner all summer long. We got into a civil suit with another company because we strongly suspected that they purposefully made the air conditioner’s state worse. My husband has video of the AC repair text hitting the rotor with a hammer.

We tried another air conditioning repair team, and that team was One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating. I was so happy that we did not need a new air conditioner and that the new technician mentioned that foul play could have been at fault, but it is difficult to judge the situation without witnessing the event in person. We only trust One Hour now. If you have an HVAC issue, CALL THEM FIRST!”

Suzie Green

For any of your HVAC needs the team at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth today!