5 Signs Your AC is Not Working Properly | Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX

5 Signs Your AC is Not Working Properly | Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX

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Taking care of our air conditioner units is the key to prolonging their working life. It’s not easy to afford new electrical appliances from our hard-earned money all the time. This is why we must ensure that we service our air conditioners on time and detect even the slightest problems in them quickly. Once we know something is wrong, we can quickly contact an Air Conditioning service in Richardson, TX and have them fix the problem.

We have explained some of the most obvious signs below. You don’t need to be a technician to be able to tell if you’re AC is not working properly. There are many signs that our air conditioner may give us when it’s facing any internal technical issues. These are the signs which are red flags for us so when we observe these signs, we should know it’s time to call an Air Conditioning service in Richardson, TX immediately. You can contact One Hour Heating and Air for immediate service at any time of the day.

1.  No or Insufficient Cooling

This is one of the most obvious signs. If your AC has been switched on for several hours and it is still failing to cool a room, it’s indeed time for a service. Many times we ignore such evident signs. The whole point of having an air conditioner is for it to cool your room. No matter how hot it is outside, the AC should be able to cool your room to a great extent after some time.

If it is failing to do so, please don’t waste your money in paying high electricity bills without receiving any comfort in exchange. Contact an Air Conditioning service in Richardson, TX to visit your home immediately. A professional service provider like One Hour Heating and Air will do a detailed inspection and find out exactly what’s wrong with your AC.

2.  Air Conditioner is Not Blowing Enough Cool Air

This may be harder to notice than the first sign. This is when your AC is, in fact, cooling the room but you cannot feel it any noticeable cool air coming out from it. This means the fan inside may not be working properly. This can cause an exertion on your AC and the compressor will have to work twice as hard to cool the room. If you notice this red flag then don’t delay calling an Air Conditioning service in Richardson, TX.

Delaying proper service or inspection by an Air Conditioning service in Richardson, TX can cause serious long term problems. This extra exertion on your compressor will cause wear and tear of it and your AC will depreciate much faster. As a result, the working life of your AC will reduce significantly and you will have to replace it sooner rather than later. You can avoid all this by getting the timely service your AC needs. Simply contact an Air Conditioning service in Richardson, TX to fix any problems with your air conditioner’s fan.

3.  Air Conditioner Leaking Water Inside

This sign is a common red flag almost everyone knows about. If the indoor unit of your AC is leaking, then there has to be a problem. This can cause a lot of water damage to your flooring and walls. To avoid costly floor repairs make sure you call an Air Conditioning service in Richardson, TX on time!

While it is normal for an air conditioner to produce water, it is unusual for it to leak. There is usually a proper condensate drain line to get rid of this water. If the water is not going through the drain line then it must be clogged. A trained Air Conditioning service in Richardson, TX will fix this problem for you by replacing the drainpipe with a new one to ensure the smooth exit of any water produced in your AC.

4.   Water Leakage When Turned Off

This is an alarming situation. If your air conditioner is leaking water even when it’s turned off, then this could have two reasons. Either your AC is running low on refrigerant or the filter is dirty. This has caused the system to freeze while it’s working. So once it’s turned off, the frozen system starts to melt and leaks water.

Don’t risk damage to your walls or floor due to your faulty air conditioner. Try to clean your filter and see if this rectifies the problem. If not, don’t turn your system on again till the problem is solved. Ignoring such problems often worsen the situation.

Moreover, try to contact an Air Conditioning service in Richardson, TX immediately. A trained technician will inspect your AC thoroughly. They will change your filters or refill the required refrigerant and this way your water leakage problem will be fixed for good.

5.  Air Conditioner Won’t Stop Running

If you turn off your AC and it keeps running, this means something is wrong with it. Air Conditioners face difficulty turning off when they are working too hard and have an improper cycle. So the next time you notice this happening, try to clean or replace your filter.

If replacing your filter does not fix the problem, then there is a more serious problem which can only be fixed by a professional. So call an Air Conditioning service in Richardson, TX and inform them of this problem. Sometimes the overworking of your air conditioner may be because the system is too old.

Furthermore, if your air conditioner is not the right size according to the room’s size, then this can also cause it to overwork. Your best option is to contact a technician who has the expertise and knowledge to find the root cause of this overworking.

Overall, these are the subtle signs your air conditioner may give you to indicate that something is wrong. Just like living things, domestic appliances also need the care to function properly. A timely service can surely do wonders for your AC.