Myths Relating to Geothermal HVAC Systems | Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Myths Relating to Geothermal HVAC Systems | Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

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The intense effects of global warming have finally made their way to Fort Worth, TX. The hot weather patterns have forced homeowners in Fort Worth, TX to install air conditioning units in their homes.

We all know what an AC looks like. The rectangular-shaped unit is often attached on the walls. If you have ever taken the unit off the wall and sent for heating and air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, you have witnessed that the part of the wall to which the unit was attached is naked – with the layer of paint completely peeled off.

In addition, when you are installing any equipment for heating and air conditioning in Fort Worth, TX, you have to drill holes in your wall to pass the drain pipes. This is why you think twice before sending the unit to shops that deal with heating and ac repair in Fort Worth, TX as you don’t want your guests to see an ugly patch on your house’s wall.

On contrary to this, imagine living in a house where the temperature is balanced and the cooling system is nowhere in sight. Can you imagine such a system? This serene and seemingly unrealistic vision is now possible – thanks to geothermal HVAC.

Geothermal heating and air conditioning in Fort Worth, TX, rely on subterranean temperatures to provide cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. A geothermal installation comprises a series of coils that are buried underneath the lawn. It is typically fifty to sixty feet underground where the temperature remains constant throughout the year. It banks on these constant temperatures to provide heating and cooling to a building.

If you are concerned about geothermal heating and air conditioning repair in Fort Worth, TX, you must consider hiring One Hour Heating and Air whose professional heating and air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, can help you tackle any kind of problem. The system’s popularity is growing in Fort Worth at a rapid pace. But there are still some homeowners who have not embraced the new technology.

These people are mostly misinformed by the myths regarding geothermal heating and air conditioning in Fort Worth, TX that have been circulating. These myths are stopping people for embracing the technology which has innumerable benefits. Homeowners shouldn’t fall for them and must be aware of so many benefits of the cooling system.

There are indeed different ways of fulfilling the need for heating and air conditioning in Fort Worth, TX, and all these methods have their own advantages. What gives the geothermal system an edge is the energy saving that it provides to the owner. But, unfortunately, there are some myths that are a direct attack on this very feature which gives the system an edge. Here, we have tried to bust the common myths to help you make a well-informed decision.


1.  Geothermal Are Not a Renewable Technology

This claim has no standing. By using only one unit of electricity, geothermal systems move up to five units of heating or cooling to a building from the ground. This makes them quite efficient and even help you cut down the cost of electricity bills. Those who have been using heating and air conditioning in Fort Worth, TX, can better understand the fear caused by the energy bills. Even two- to three-hour use of electricity can shoot the electricity bill to an exceptionally high level.


2.  The Unit Requires More Space

Geothermal HVAC systems can easily be inserted underground in a vertical position. This means that the system needs little space above the ground. If the property already has an aquifer, the system will use even smaller space. This means that the system can easily be installed on properties that are smaller in size.


3.  The System is Noisy

The system is literally so many feet below the ground and it produces absolutely no noise that can be disturbing. You know about different models of air conditioning in Fort Worth, TX. The system doesn’t make the noise similar to the slight noise made by traditional units of heating and air conditioning in Fort Worth, TX.


4.  The System is Temporary

The system depends on the earth-loop which can literally go on for years. Even though it is true that in the past some structural flaws in the design resulted in overheating the ground, the technology has been improved quite a lot and a system installed in your home can work for generations. You don’t have to worry about changing the system every other year. It’s a one-time investment whose benefits can be reaped for years to come. If you are considering installing the system in your house, don’t let these myths deter you from making the important decision.


5.  The System Works in Heating Mode

In the coldest when the entire city is frozen, the system can work just fine. You don’t need an additional source of heat in your home and you can easily rely on the system to keep your indoors warm and cozy. However, there are a few homeowners who do keep a backup source for the days when the temperature has dropped to the maximum. While there is no harm in preparing for the worst, you, as a potential customer, should be aware of the fact that the system can address your heating needs all by itself.


6.  It Cannot Multitask

We love to multitask and we want the machines to do the same. A criticism – albeit unjust – that has been associated with the system is that it can heat the house, the pool, and the water at the same time. The fact is it can. If you want to use it for multi purposes, you have to buy the system that is designed to handle multiple loads.


Wrapping It Up

Geothermal systems are convenient, can be installed easily, and have so many benefits when it comes to providing heating and air conditioning services in Fort Worth, TX. You should tally all myths with facts to reach a well-informed decision.