6 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a New AC Unit | Tips From Your Fort Worth, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

6 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a New AC Unit | Tips From Your Fort Worth, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

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Buying a new air conditioner for your new home can be an overwhelming experience if you don’t know what you should look for. A lot of people fall into the trap of prioritizing color, design, and price and make some common mistakes. If you want to make the most out of your investment, it is better that you do thorough research beforehand. You should have a fair idea of your requirements, so that you can buy an air conditioner which meets them. This little preparation can save you from ruing a purchase later.

Choose a reputable air conditioning service provider to guide you through the purchasing process. If you don’t, you could end up with an air conditioner that piles on your energy bills and negatively affect the overall comfort of your home.

Here are the six mistakes you should avoid while buying a new air conditioner for your home in the Fort Worth, TX area.

1.  Buying the Bargain Unit

If you know very little about air conditioners, you can make this common mistake. There are various AC manufacturers out there that offer sub-standard units at lower costs. These units can be aesthetically appealing and available in a variety of colors, which make them attractive to the common buyer.

Often people buy these bargain units looking to save a few bucks, but end up paying thousands of dollars for air conditioning services in the long run

While buying a new air conditioner for your new home, you should choose a reputable brand. These recognized brands do not cut corners when manufacturing their units. Their machinery is reliable and they’ll usually offer warranty coverage for a year or more.

It is better to pay a market competitive price and enjoy a well-functioning air conditioning unit, than going for a cheap option and spending heavily on repairs. Call a trusted air conditioning service provider and ask them about the best AC manufacturers in town.

2.  Buying the Wrong-Sized AC

This is a common pitfall while buying a new air conditioner unit. People tend to think that a bigger unit will provide better cooling for any room. However, that’s not true. A large air conditioner consumes more electricity so your bills will be higher. It won’t cool a room any better or faster than a smaller unit, as it cannot create a uniform temperature if the on and off cycles are short.

Similarly, buying a smaller air conditioner means that it will not be able to cool the space. It will have to work harder and consume much more electricity than its capacity, which can cause a breakdown frequently too. Thus, a wrong-sized unit, whether smaller or bigger, is of no use as it leads to higher electricity bills, poor air quality, poor performance, and inefficiency.

Calculating the ideal size of an air conditioning unit for any room isn’t easy. You would need the help of a professional. Providers of air conditioning services can help you by guiding you on the right AC size for a space.

They will survey the space, check the walls and roof material, and then recommend the size of the AC you should buy.

3.  Not Paying Attention to the Refrigerant

You don’t want to make an uninformed decision and cause ozone depletion or break environmental laws. However, a significant majority of the population doesn’t know about refrigerant regulations and often make the mistake of buying air conditioners that use harmful refrigerants like the R-22 refrigerant. The R-22 refrigerant had been banned since 2009 as it contributes to ozone depletion.

One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating, the number one air conditioning service provider in the Fort Worth, TX area, suggests using R-410 to its clients. It is an environmentally-friendly and better alternative to the R-22.

The R-410 absorbs and releases more heat and has a lesser chance of burnout. Therefore, pay attention to the refrigerant.

4.    Not Hiring a Professional for Your AC Installment

You should always get your AC installed or repaired by a certified and qualified air conditioning service. 

Today, units are high-tech and sensitive that an untrained installers and repairmen cannot understand. An unprofessionally performed installation can cause severe issues, such as frequent breakdowns and efficiency or performance issues. Therefore, it is safer to hire a professional certified installer from a renowned air conditioning serviceto avoid expensive repairs in the future.

A properly installed air conditioner unit also improves the life of the system.

5.  Missing Rebate Opportunities

Who doesn’t want to save some extra bucks? Yet, people do miss rebate opportunities.

We are moving towards environment-friendly products and appliances. Manufacturers are regulated to give rebate opportunities on high-efficiency cooling systems. This means to encourage people to buy energy-efficient and environment-friendly air conditioning units, manufacturers give significant cash backs.

Talk to your trusted air conditioning serviceand ask them about current rebate opportunities. Some manufacturers, utility companies and states offer rebates up to $1,500.

6.  Not Checking Reviews

In this data-driven world, finding out about the experiences of others has become an exercise that can be done in a matter of seconds. People post reviews about the products they use and also, the services they engage. You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing an air conditioner brand as well as its installment service. So, check online reviews. You can also benefit from the experiences of your neighbors, friends or family members.

A good air conditioning service in the Fort Worth, TX area will have reviews, testimonials and social media following showing you that it is worth it. Contact One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating, if you’re looking for a reputable service provider in the Fort Worth, TX area. Give us a call at 817-283-6911 and book an appointment with our professionals to help you in this process of buying a new AC for your home.