8 Reasons for Airflow Issues in Heating and Air Conditioning Systems that Need Repair | Plano, TX

8 Reasons for Airflow Issues in Heating and Air Conditioning Systems that Need Repair | Plano, TX

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According to an expert in heating and air conditioning repair in the Plano, TX area, airflow problems are a leading issue faced by their customers. If you don’t pay heed to improper airflow in your home, it can place a massive burden on your system. Moreover, it can affect the health of your family members. Some of the symptoms that you may experience from a weak airflow are the following.

  • Cold and hot spots emerge within your space.
  • Low or no airflow comes out of your home vents. The issue may be linked to the entire space, or you may have a problem with a single AC vent.
  • You get uncommon whistling noises, and your doors are slammed by themselves. Such signs occur when low airflow creates pressure imbalance.

In the worst-case scenario, your compressor may become permanently damaged. Since it is the nucleus of your HVAC system, it is likely that you might have to purchase a new system. Here are the most common reasons that impede the airflow of HVAC systems.

1.  Hidden Vents

It is not uncommon for vents to become blocked. This occurs a lot in offices where there is disagreement on the settings of the thermostats. Therefore, to protect an employee from too much coldness or hotness, certain measures are taken like rearranging a piece of furniture that can block access to the vents and registers. A professional who offers heating and air conditioning repaircan ensure that they remain open and are not interrupted by any piece of furniture.

2.  Blocked Condenser Unit

Air conditioners consist of a component known as a condenser unit. It is located outside of the property. This means that several foreign agents like leaves and debris go through it and slowly accumulate inside it. Over time, condenser becomes obstructed. When this happens, and there is a lack of proper airflow in the air conditioner, it can overheat your system. Therefore, call a professional for heating and air conditioning repair who can clear the unit and take out all the buildup.

3.  Leaky Ducts

Do you know what happens to the dust that is able to pass through your AC filters? It ends up being collected in the ductwork.

A pileup of dust can swell up in your ductwork. As a result, narrow ducts are clogged in no time. Often in old buildings, insects, birds, and rodents construct their nests in ducts of the HVAC system. Their walls are also rampant with cracks and holes, which leak air.

The combination of these issues decreases the airflow of hot and cold air.

4.  Bad Coils

HVAC systems have a component called condenser coils that let the heat flow outside of your home. These coils are located in the outdoor unit and are prone to external exposure. As a result, they can get dirty and can no longer discharge heat. Consequently, this also means that your air conditioner will work harder to provide cooling in your room. Ultimately, HVAC airflow problems arise. To address this issue, you can ask a professional for heating and air conditioning repair. They can clean your coils regularly.

5.  Slow Fan

HVAC systems have blower motor fans, which are responsible for air circulation in your ducts and other spaces. When this motor is inactive, it can hamper the airflow of your HVAC system. Sometimes, in commercial settings, the fan is covered with grime. As a consequence, airflow and operation of the system are reduced. To save your HVAC, have a professional of heating and air conditioning repair your fan.

6.  Thermostat Problems

When the battery of a thermostat is low or when it gets a fault, then the resulting non-operation can create airflow issues. In such a case, request an HVAC technician for heating and air conditioning repair.

7.  Clogged Filters

How often do you replace your AC filters?

An air conditioner filter has a crucial job: it eliminates dust and debris from the atmosphere and prevents them from accumulating in your ducts and other HVAC components. When the filter is clogged or becomes overloaded, it slows down the airflow of your HVAC system. This develops the stuffy air and hot and cold spots that we earlier discussed. Sometimes, debris can halt any part of the HVAC. Hence, call a professional for heating and air conditioning repairwho can change your AC filter regularly and ensure that you have adequate airflow in your home.

8.  Low Refrigerant Levels

When an air conditioner has low refrigerant levels, it cannot only damage the cooling output but also impede the airflow of your HVAC system. This problem is usually found in systems that are either too old or have not been maintained well. In case your unit leaks refrigerant, you can observe both cooling and airflow problems. If slow leaks persist, sooner or later, it diminishes the overall system performance. A professional of heating and air conditioning repaircan check if there is any leak and fix it to ensure that the airflow problems are removed.

Final Thoughts

If you have any of these issues, you must find a dependable HVAC service for heating and air conditioning repair in the Plano, TX area.If you fail to find a reliable workman, then your HVAC system would be damaged beyond any repair. Hence, you must choose a reliable service quickly.

Fortunately, as a Texan, you have the option to call One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning– a company that has been providing heating and air conditioning repair in the Plano, TX area for many years. Over time, they have formed a solid reputation for offering quick, long-lasting, and affordable repairs to several residential and commercial customers.