6 Signs That You Need Heating and AC Repair | Fort Worth, TX

6 Signs That You Need Heating and AC Repair | Fort Worth, TX

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If you’re wondering whether or not it might be time for you to get heating and AC repair, these six signs can help you come to a definitive answer. While you might not think you need it now, or your HVAC system is working just fine while showing any of these signs, it’s a good idea to call a technician so they can let you know what exactly is wrong with your system, and consequently fix it.

1.  Your Gas or Electric Bills Are High

It’s obvious but your heating bills will go up as the weather gets cooler. This is because your heating will be running for longer, meaning it will also be using up more energy. Sometimes the bill might seem just too high, or even outrageous. If you think you’re paying more for your heating than you usually do, it might not just be your imagination.

A good way to see if a problem with your heating is causing you to pay more is to compare your previous heating bills with the current ones. Comparing bills from the same time period, like winter, will give you a more accurate picture. If this winter seems way more expensive than the ones that came before it, you might need to call a technician so you can save yourself some precious dollars. We offer a heating and AC repair service.

2.  Yellow Flame in the Burner 

You might think flames are supposed to be yellow anyway. No one would blame you for coming to that conclusion. However, you’d be mistaken. The normal color of the flame in your burner should always be blue. That’s what shows it’s functioning well.

A different color, usually yellow, that means something’s not quite right. That might be the result of pollutants that are messing with its operation. Even worse, this can have hazardous consequences so getting it checked out should be a priority.

If you’re in Fort Worth, TX, and you’ve noticed that your burner is showing a discolored flame, call our heating and AC repair service. In the meantime, shut off the heater.

3.  Brief Sporadic Cycling

This is also known as short-cycling, and it’s not a good sign for your HVAC system. When you see this happening, it means that your system is running long enough to complete a heating cycle.

While it might still be working well and your home is comfortable, one of the bad things about it is that it uses lots of energy with those cycles, meaning your bills will be significantly higher at the end of the month.

4.  Noise

When the noise isn’t that loud, this tends to be ignored quite often. However, it can point to severe problems with your HVAC system, and those tend to only get worse with time. The noises may mean different things, calling a technician can help you to get to the core of the exact issue. If you’re in Fort Worth, TX, we can help.

A buzzing noise may mean that there’s a fault with the electric wiring. Screeching noises might be the result of a worn-out belt that will soon need to be replaced. Hearing pops or bangs is a major cause for concern.

If you’re hearing noises, it’s best to call a heating and AC repair service as soon as you’re able to. Failing to can cause damage to the heat exchanger, which can lead to massive replacement costs.

5.  Thermostat Not Going High Enough 

Turning the thermostat all the way up and still feeling cold means you’ve got a major problem on your hands. In most cases, the problem isn’t even with the thermostat itself.

A seemingly unresponsive thermostat means that the heating system is running nonstop so that it can match your selected settings. While this can be the result of any number of issues that will be discovered when you call a heating and AC repair service, there are sometimes common causes that may be at play.

One of the common causes may be that parts have been wearing down quickly, which often leads to a significant loss in efficiency. If that’s been going on for a while, you might need to have the system replaced. However, if it’s a problem that’s only just begun, calling a heating and AC repair service might be enough to get it fixed. For households in Fort Worth, TX, we are able to help.

This is closely related to some rooms being unusually hot or cold while the rest of the house is at more livable temperatures. While it can be a maddening problem, it’s easy to fix with heating and AC repair. Some changes in the ductwork, as well as the thermostat technology, can lead to a drastic difference in comfort.

6.  There’s a Nasty Smell 

If you’ve noticed a nasty smell coming from your HVAC system, that’s usually a sign that a heating and AC repair is in order. This is usually a harder problem to ignore than noise and other issues as it can affect the whole house. It also makes it very uncomfortable to stay in certain rooms, even if the HVAC system is still somewhat functional.

While there’s a large number of reasons why this could be happening, it’s most often the result of mold or mildew in the drain system. You might be able to check this yourself but calling a heating and repair service is the better call. We operate in Fort Worth, TX.

The smells that come from HVAC systems can vary, and the exact nature of the smell can point to the problem you’re having.

An HVAC system that’s showing any of the above signs is need of some heating and AC repair. The sooner the repair is done, the better it will be for the system’s longevity. You’ll also have lesser costs in the longer run. If you’re in Fort Worth, TX, and you’re worried about your HVAC system, call us.