Ways of Maintaining Your Heating and AC System | Fort Worth, TX

Ways of Maintaining Your Heating and AC System | Fort Worth, TX

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When the summer or winter seasons are fast approaching, using a heating and air conditioning system stops becoming a luxury. It turns into a necessity!

No one would want their heating and AC to malfunction at such a time. However, accidents do happen, and sometimes they do at the most inappropriate time. To avoid constant HVAC breakdowns, regular maintenance by professional companies is advised. Also, there are a few things that you can do by yourself here and there to keep the system operating at its optimal level.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain your heating and AC:

Clean or Replace Your Filters

Cleaning a unit’s filters is not a complicated process. However, this is something that slips the mind of most people. However small the duty seems, it can make a huge difference.

A dirty filter hinders the flow of air hence making the machine work twice as much. A dirty air conditioner filter also means that the air you are getting isn’t clean.

You can as well replace the filters on your unit if they’re worn out and disposable. Disposable filters keep your heating and AC clean. Experts in Fort Worth, TX, recommend a change after every one to three months.

Also, if you have pets around your home, it’s advisable to replace the filters more often.

Clean the Condensing Unit

Most heating and air conditioning systems have a condensing pump on the outside, which has a fan on top to disperse heat in the summer season. The metallic fins on this condensing unit regularly get clogged up with dirt and other particles.

What could be the wisest thing you can do? Spray the outside part of the unit using a hose water pipe. However, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t use a pressure pipe because this may cause permanent damage to your unit.

Check Your Drain Pipe and Drain Pan

A clogged-up drain is one of the most common breakdowns in Fort Worth, TX. Most people learn about it when water starts leaking from their ceiling.

Regularly check your heating and air conditioning system’s drainpipe and clear anything that might be blocking it, such as molds. You can use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to suction out the blockages. Also, consider using bleach to clean the area.

If you aren’t sure where your drain pipe is, then it’s essential to seek the assistance of a service technician in Fort Worth, TX.

Clear Up the Area Close to the Unit

You don’t want to do double work. Therefore, professionals recommend that you clean the surroundings close to the unit. Remove any leaves or plant shrubs that may be close. Ensure that there is a two feet radius in between any grass or plants and the heating and AC.

You can also cover up the unit’s top if you don’t plan on using it for a while. Remember to leave the sides uncovered.

Clean Dampers Annually

Everyone wants some good quality air when using their heating and AC systems.

Malfunctioning of dampers is one of the most common defaults in Fort Worth, TX.

If dampers are not kept clean and lubricated, they stick, and there will be either no free cooling or the coil will be overloaded with too much hot air from the outside.

It’s vital to note that all motor surfaces should be well cleaned and regularly lubricated. Once you have cleaned and lubricated the dampers, it should be run through a full range and be keen to master the set point.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Keep yourself updated with the latest technology! A smart thermostat can function from anywhere using a smartphone. Some models even learn the habits of your heating and AC system and make adjustments automatically.

Using programmable thermostats can cut your energy bill by up to 10% because they can self-adjust in a way that the temperature changes while you are away or asleep. Programming your thermostat means that your system will be less overused, and it’s, therefore, likely to have a longer life span.

Insulate Your Heating and AC Properly

In a bid to keep the treated air within your walls, insulation is your best friend. The less your heating and air conditioning system runs, the longer it lasts.

Insulation levels vary by region. The best way to find out where more insulation is required is to organize an energy audit by licensed professionals. They will guide you on the areas to upgrade insulation within your home. Also, be sure to check for insulation upgrades in the guidelines provided by environmental protection agencies.

Give Your System a Break!

You could use your ceiling fans during the hot weather to stay calm. Also, invest in tinted shades of windows to block the unwanted rays from the sun.

In the winter season, keep the shades open to let the heat flow. Use other means like sweaters and blankets to stay comfortable while setting the thermostat in the heating and AC in low power mode.

Call One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating in Fort Worth, TX for Regular Maintenance

Just like most machines, professional input is essential with a heating and AC system. It’s advisable to call in a service technician in Fort Worth, TX, twice a year to perform preventative maintenance.

Preventative maintenance of the heating and air conditioning system includes services such as flushing of coils, checking levels in the refrigerant, evaluating the operation of the furnace, inspecting the drainage pan and drainage system, monitoring voltage, and also looking for loose wires.

Be cautious to check for a licensed service provider to check your system. It ensures that they identify any fault before it becomes a significant concern.

Don’t We All Want to Enjoy Summer and Winter?

Since the weather seasons are out of human being’s control, you can only adjust to what they bring. A well-maintained heating and AC system is your best friend at these times. It ensures your family’s comfort and saves you money.