Times When You Need a New HVAC System | Tips from Your Fort Worth, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

Times When You Need a New HVAC System | Tips from Your Fort Worth, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

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If you’re wondering whether or not it’s time for you to call an air conditioning service and get an upgrade on your HVAC system, the answer might be a little difficult to figure out. You want to save on the costs that come with a new installation. At the same time, your current unit just doesn’t seem to be up for the job anymore.

If you’re in that situation, these six pointers can shed a little more light on whether or not it’s the right time to get an upgrade.

1.  Your Home Isn’t Cool Enough

There are two reasons why your home might not be cool enough. The first is an underserviced or poorly maintained system. Failure to maintain your system well can result in the build-up of dirt and dust, which reduces its overall efficiency. You might also experience other problems like lack of lubrication and loose parts.

If you know your system is underperforming because it hasn’t been serviced in a while, be sure to call an air conditioning service and have it fixed.

A service might not do the job, and that’s a sign that you need to get a new system. Perhaps your HVAC system is too small. If that’s the case, no amount of maintenance or good keeping will allow it to work well enough for your home. You’ll need to speak to an air conditioning service so you can get advice on the best fit for your home.

Upgrading to an HVAC system that suits the square footage of your home can lead to a drastic change in comfort. We offer a high-quality air conditioning service to people all over Fort Worth, TX.

2.  Your System Is Getting Repaired Regularly 

Under normal circumstances, you should only be seeing an HVAC professional for regular maintenance. If at all there are any repairs to be taken care of, they should be infrequent. Calling an air conditioning service to conduct repairs on a regular basis means there’s definitely something wrong.

After taking the time to add all the costs you’ve been incurring for the repair costs, you might find that you’ve parted with a hefty amount of money. Compare how much you’ve spent on repairs and if it’s enough for you to get a new system, you’re better off doing that. If you’re in Fort Worth, TX, and you’re tired of an HVAC that’s constantly letting you down, give us a call.

3.  You Want to Create Less Waste

Statistics from the U.S Department of Energy show that the average household consumes as much as 2,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. That translates to 3,500 pounds of carbon dioxide and 31 pounds of sulfur dioxide per year. Those are not small numbers, and neither is their impact on the environment.

If you’re interested in causing less pollution, this information will interest you. There’s something known as a SEER rating, and it essentially tells you how energy-efficient your HVAC system is. Older systems tend to have a SEER rating of six or less. For context, it’s against the law today for a system with a rating less than 13 to be sold.

The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the system is. We provide energy-efficient HVAC systems to households and businesses in Fort Worth, TX.

4.  You’re Paying High Utility Bills 

Generally, an HVAC system’s efficiency declines over the years it’s in use. Not calling an air conditioning service to have a look at the system regularly can result in that decline being quite rapid.

Out of the box, systems today use far less energy than their older counterparts used to. In fact, a system from the 1970s would use 30% to 50% more energy than the newer systems available today.

Even if we ignore the environmental impact that has, it still has an effect on your finances. The more energy you use, the higher your bills will be. An HVAC system can factor into that quite heavily.

If you have an HVAC system that’s 10 years old, replacing it can save you as much as 20% to 40% of what you currently spend on energy costs. Ringing up an air conditioning service to replace your old system can really reduce your spending.

5.  You’ve Had the Same System for Too Long 

On average, HVAC systems typically last between 15 and 20 years. Maintenance plays a big part when it comes to whether or not your own system will be able to reach that mark. You can start considering replacing yours after you’ve had it for 10 years.

Even if you want to squeeze every last inch of life out of it, there’s no harm in planning ahead. Saving earlier means you’ll have more to spend on the newer and more efficient models. Also, the sooner you upgrade, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy energy savings, which can be huge in many cases. We offer an air conditioning service that covers replacing old HVAC systems in Fort Worth, TX.

6.  You Want More Control 

Your old system might be past the age where it’s able to keep your home comfortable for you and your family. You might be wondering how repairs it still has in it before it eventually gives in, but perhaps it’s better to start thinking about a new system that gives you more control.

With ductless systems, for example, you can place heat pumps that enable both heating and cooling. That means you’ll be able to turn on only the heats pumps you need to use, while leaving those in unused parts of the home off. Not only does this give you more control, it also lets you save on energy costs.

For even more control, you can go with a programmable thermostat. This lets you choose the ideal settings for different times of the day as well as different times of the week. If you’re in Fort Worth, TX, and you want an air conditioning service that gives you greater control over your home, give us a call.

Do any of these six sound like what you’re going through? Our air conditioning service can provide you with a new system that gives you greater comfort, more control and large savings on your energy bill.