7 Reasons Why Your AC Unit Needs to be Repaired | Air Conditioner Service in Azle, TX

7 Reasons Why Your AC Unit Needs to be Repaired | Air Conditioner Service in Azle, TX

The scorching summer and freezing winters are part and parcel of what living entails in Azle, TX. Once the heat hits full gear, even the most durable of HVAC units become subject to wear and tear.

The last thing homeowners need is a heating and AC unit that doesn’t cool the room like it is supposed to. When this happens, it is common for people to try and take matters into their own hands and adopt the infamous DIY approach. Perhaps they want to boast to their friends and family about how they fixed their air conditioner without professional help or they just want to save money.

But what you see in videos or read in articles tell a vastly different story compared to what your air conditioning unit is actually undergoing. Most DIY misadventures end up damaging your unit beyond repair which even the most knowledgeable professional won’t be able to salvage.

Here are 7 reasons why your air conditioner isn’t doing its job.

A Failed Compressor

The most important part of any heat and ac unit is the compressor; they are also commonly used in refrigerators. Their primary purpose is to increase the pressure of refrigerants that are set in motion inside the condenser coils. When this happens, the refrigerants, which are normally gases at room temperature, are forced into adopting a more liquid structure. This is because their molecules are forced into a tiny space.

When the refrigerants enter into the coils, they expand, allowing them to go back into adopting their gaseous form. But this requires energy. This energy comes from the room in the form of heat. As the gases absorb the heat from your room to turn back into gases, they spontaneously cool your room.

This creates an efficient heat exchanger that absorbs energy from one place (the room) and expels it into another (the outdoors). When the compressor fails, the coolant no longer gets compressed with as much efficiency and the cooling capacity of your unit begins to fall. This kind of repair obviously requires the aid of a fully equipped air conditioner service in Azle, TX. It is advised to the end user, not to try fixing the compressor themselves due to the risk of injury or further damage to the equipment.

The AC’s Cooling Capacity

Many homeowners don’t realize the significant of the cooling capacity of their air conditioner unit. They simply hope that their unit would fare well with larger rooms. The common rating used to measure the cooling capacity of air conditioners is known as the ‘ton’. This roughly equates to about 12,000 BTU per hour. At the other end of the spectrum are users who purchase AC units with very high ratings. This won’t necessarily make them feel cooler during the summers. Oversized units will only cool the room until a set-point before the environments starts getting dehumidified. Least to say, this is far from a comfortable arrangement.

The only solution to such a problem is to forcefully decrease the cooling capacity of the unit or have it replaced with one that has a smaller BTU rating. To solve this dilemma, you can measure the AC cooling capacity you need by purchasing a unit that can provide 20 BTU of energy to every square foot of living space.

Air Filters That are Clogged

In the vast majority of cases, the most common issue is an air filter that has been collecting dust for long period of time. These dust particles increase resistance in the air space, making it difficult for air to properly flow through the unit. This decreases the air conditioner’s cooling capacity. This can be a simple DIY process if you know what you’re doing. Simply clean or replace the air filters, although an air conditioning service in Azle, TXwill be able to perform a more thorough job.

Air Refrigerants Have Decreased in Quantity

The coils have refrigerants circulating around them. Unfortunately, they don’t like staying inside the coils forever. At the slightest chance of a leak, these refrigerants gradually make their way into our atmosphere. Instead of cooling the room, the air conditioners only make the room hotter. Refilling your unit’s refrigerants is the domain expertise of One Hour Heating and Air, with years of experience and proven results.

Dusty Coils

But don’t go blaming your air filters just yet. Another big culprit responsible for decreased air cooling are coils that have been surrounded with dust and foreign contaminants. This is inevitable because dust is always floating in our spaces, but when you give it long enough, they easily end up coating the coils.

The job of air conditioner coils is at the heart of why they are good at cooling your room. The coils literally take heat from the inside of the room and throw it to the outside. Dust particles make it difficult for the coil to cool the room. There eventually comes a time when the room never gets cold enough. Most coil repairs are simple, but they should only be attempted by air conditioning services in Azle, TX.

Thermostat Failed

The thermostat is a controlling device which detects the temperature of the ambient air and spontaneously controls the compressor to regulate the cooling cycle. It is only natural that when the thermostat fails to capture accurate readings, the difference between cold and hot temperatures fades. The air conditioner doesn’t know what to do and stops functioning entirely. Repairs can become difficult because thermostats are complicated electronic devices and can be easily broken if the person attempting the repairs doesn’t know what they’re doing.

A Very Hot Room

Every air conditioning unit has its limits beyond with it can no longer work as efficiently. Once the air temperature exceeds this ceiling, it will throttle the efficiency of what the unit can do. This is due to several factors, including the heat capacity of the refrigerant, the heat exchanging capacity of the condenser and the operating conditions of the compressor.

If you feel that your air conditioner isn’t performing as it should, consider placing a call at One Call Heating and Air in Azle, TX. We audit your unit for free and give the best repairs in Texas.