The Importance of Your Air Conditioner’s Timely Maintenance | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

The Importance of Your Air Conditioner’s Timely Maintenance | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Air conditioners are subject to a tremendous amount of strain and stress, and overtime they accumulate dirt, dust and even mold. This is why regular maintenance is important to ensure that your air conditioner keeps performing at optimum conditions. This not only saves you costly energy bills in the long run, but also minimizes the risk of running into a costly repair that could make a hole in your wallet!

Granted there are several easy to follow steps that the average home owner can take to maximize the life span of their air conditioner, there are certain functions they simply cannot perform without the aid of a professional air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

The truth however is that most homeowners don’t feel the need to hire expert help. They believe their air conditioner is getting along just fine. But the old adage, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” can prove to be a costly mistake. Let’s take a look at some statistics provided by the Department of Energy.

  • Air conditioners account for more than 6% consumption of all electricity produced in the United States, costing about$30 billion to the homeowners.
  • When homeowners don’t take proper precautions, they end up releasing about 118 million metric tons of greenhouse gases into the air every year.

It is true that the use of air conditioners necessitates at least some expulsion of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, it is also true that its impact can be minimized when due maintenance is given priority. This requires the use of professional air conditioning services in Fort Worth, TX. The end user gains two benefits, saving energy costs and inhibiting the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Taking good care of our planet will take us one step closer to a greener earth. But even if climate change doesn’t bother you, think of the health risks associated with poor air quality expunged out of compromised air conditioners. The accumulation of viruses, bacteria, and dust and dirt sediments can increase the risk of viral toxins into the air.

The Harms of Foregoing Maintenance: Increased Energy Costs

Air conditioners lost on average, about 5 percent of their overall efficiency because of lack of maintenance. This results in an abject increase in energy costs that can be taken care of by air conditioning services in Fort Worth, TX. Proper maintenance will restore up to 96% of your air conditioners overall efficiency.

A Typical Air Conditioning Inspection Has Several Features

  • Every mechanical device has moving parts and air conditioners are no exception to this rule. All moving parts require freedom to operate within their designed parameters. The key is to ensure that there is as little friction as possible for fans. Technicians will see the extent of damage from friction is and if there is need of lubricants.
  • An air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX that specializes in maintenance will also give special attention to the electrical specifications of the unit. This includes amperes, capacitance, resistance and voltages that are currently outputted by the air conditioning unit versus what the manufacturer actually recommends. Even the smallest discrepancy in these readings can raise a red flag about your air conditioner. In general, electrical readings give a quantitative measurement of how bad the unit has degraded.
  • The motors powering your air conditioner’s fans are integral to high efficiency. Their job is to help absorb the captured heat from coolants and safely dispose them off into the environment. If the air conditioner is not working properly, it will fail to keep the heat out. It will become harder for the unit to reach desired temperatures and all components will be grinding extra hard to achieve optimum cooling levels. This obviously results in an increase in consumption of energy and shows as a spike on your electricity bills.
  • The quantity of refrigerant in the unit against a set standard. Air conditioners commonly lose their cooling capacity due to several reasons, the most prominent of which is a leak taking place somewhere in the unit. This slow and gradual release of refrigerant in the environment results in decreased performance and also shows up as an increase in your energy bills. The impact is so dramatic that researchers have found that just a 10 percent decrease of refrigerants can cost home owners a 20 percent increase in their energy bills.
  • It is common for drain lines to get clogged with debris and dust sediments. When this happens, the pathway condensed water from the atmosphere gets blocked. This is not good for the air conditioner itself. If the water doesn’t flow ‘out’ of the drain lines, it will flow back ‘in’ to where it came from. This cold water will freeze up the coils, thereby dramatically decreasing the efficiency of your unit. One tell-tale symptom of your air conditioner’s coils freezing is when water droplets sprinkle out of the unit.

Many homeowners try to circumvent their air conditioner’s maintenance by performing rudimentary procedures such as cleaning out the air filter with a dry toothbrush or helping the dust away from the unit’s flapper with their hands! This simply isn’t enough to substitute what a professional air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX can help to achieve.

A professional electrician with years of experience and knowledge will know what to look for in the air conditioner’s maintenance. At One Hour Heating and Air, you will get access to the best experts in the Fort Worth, Texas are. These individuals are highly trained at what they do and will make sure that your air conditioner goes back to maximum efficiency to help drive down the energy costs. Our experts know the importance of the environment and will take the necessary precautions to ensure that your air conditioner minimizes its carbon footprint into the environment. We care for the environment and for your bills. Give us a call now for a free checkup!