A Guide on Cleaning Your HVAC Unit | Air Conditioning Service in Lewisville, TX

A Guide on Cleaning Your HVAC Unit | Air Conditioning Service in Lewisville, TX

Air conditioning systems were invented to promote a comfortable lifestyle and improve our standard of living. We should be thankful for this appliance that has made our lives convenient, particularly during the sweltering summer season. It is almost unthinkable to imagine a life without a proper air conditioning system keeping us cool at home, work or school. And what is one of the greatest gifts of this invention, apart from keeping us cool indoors, is eliminating any risks of health issues by providing us with clean and purified air.

However, air conditioners come with several problems that can be handled effortlessly if you just keep the air conditioner clean. Cleanliness is essential for all kinds of electrical and mechanical appliances to make sure that they perform well. However, as a layman, you barely have any knowledge about the internal intricacies of your air conditioner which can make cleaning a challenge.

Easy as it may sound to clean an air conditioner, the machine itself is quite complicated and its internal functions, components and parts should be understood properly in order to clean it out. However, this can be too difficult for many people. If you find it impossible to clean your air conditioner, then contact an air conditioning service in Lewisville, TX.

Are you ready to clean your air conditioner? Then take a look at the most useful tips mentioned below to learn your way through.

1.   Learn from the Manual

When you buy a new appliance for your home, the vendor or contractor you purchase from provides you with a user manual as well. Many homeowners recruit professional air conditioning service in Lewisville, TX, to install their air conditioners in their homes and throw away the manual, not realizing how important it actually is. When you buy an air conditioner, don’t throw the manual away!

The manual that comes along with the air conditioner you purchase includes all the details of the internal components of your air conditioner. It comes in handy in learning about the air conditioner so that you can carefully clean it out.

However, be aware that cleaning an air conditioner is not an easy task and involves too many risks. So if you aren’t sure whether you can handle the job yourself or not, then contact a professional air conditioning service in Lewisville, TX, to execute this task for you!

2.   Pay Attention to the Unit’s Air Filters

Air filters are among some of the important mechanisms of the air conditioning unit. They put off all the harmful pollutants, dirt and debris from penetrating and building up inside the air conditioner. By functioning as ‘shields’ against pollution, air filters keep the internal environment pure and clean.

Filters are constantly in contact with these pollutants. It doesn’t take too long before the filters begin performing poorly. However, debris collection on the air filters depends on where you live. For example, if you live in a remote area, they are unlikely to clog in 6 months. But if you live in an industrial city with a lot of traffic, chances of the air filters clogging are significantly higher. They are likely to get clogged in 3-6 months. For the air conditioner to function at its best, you must make sure that the air filters are regularly cleaned. Neglecting this chore leads to poor indoor air quality and eventually, you will have to seek assistance of a professional air conditioning service in Lewisville, TX, to clean or replace the filters.

Cleaning or replacing the air filters is one of the most effortless tasks in air conditioning maintenance. All you have to do is identify the air filter and take them off carefully. Install the new filter in the same place where the old one was. If the air filters in your unit are reusable, vacuuming them is a convenient method of cleaning.

Yet, if you still feel like you’re not skilled enough to clean or replace the air filters, then contact a professional air conditioning service in Lewisville, TX, to do the job for you.

3.   Inspect the Outdoor Unit

Once you are through with the forefront cleaning of the air conditioning unit, it is time to focus on cleaning the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit of your air conditioning unit is more likely to collect dirt and debris. This is because the outdoor part of the unit is located outside of the household where it is directly exposed to dust and other kinds of pollutants. So you need to take your time when and thoroughly clean the outdoor section of the air conditioning unit to ensure high performance.

Cleaning the outdoor unit is not as simple as cleaning the indoor unit of the air conditioning system. In fact, you will have to get equipped with mechanical tools for this task! Grab a wrench or a screwdriver to unfasten the casing. After taking the casing and fan off, use a cloth to clean the inside of the condenser unit (outdoor unit). You can also use a brush to wipe it off and remove any kind of buildup you notice. Another handy tool to clean this dirt is the vacuum which sucks in the piled up dirt. Once you’re done with this, wash out the unit. Keep the pressure of the hose to prevent any unnecessary damage. If you think this is too technical for you, then seek a professional’s assistance instead. Contact a reputable air conditioning service in Lewisville, TXto clean the air conditioning system in your home.

4.   Annual Maintenance

The best way to make sure that your air conditioning unit remains clean and dirt-free is to invest in regular maintenance. Call a professional air conditioning service in Lewisville, TX bi-annually or annually, and ask them to inspect the unit. In case they detect any kinds of dirt buildups, they will clean them off for you.

What to Do?

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