A Guide To Understanding Emergency Heating and AC Repair Service | North Richland Hills, TX

A Guide To Understanding Emergency Heating and AC Repair Service | North Richland Hills, TX

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It can be hard to envision what your indoors would feel like without heating or air conditioning during the winter or summer, respectively. HVAC systems help maintain favorable interior conditions regardless of the prevailing state of the weather. That’s why some studies show that approximately 87 percent of all American homes feature some form of air conditioning.

Despite their importance, HVAC systems aren’t built to last forever. To put this into perspective, experts claim that an air conditioning system can last for about 12 to 15 years while furnaces have a life expectancy of at least 20 years. Meanwhile, several factors can determine the lifespan of your residential heating and cooling system. They include the type of system your HVAC contractor installed, the weather conditions of the region you live in, and how well you maintain the unit.

Although some HVAC issues can be resolved quickly by your local HVAC professional, others may require you to schedule an emergency heating and AC repair service. However, most property owners know little to nothing about HVAC emergencies. They may lack enough knowledge of circumstances that require emergency solutions and those that don’t. In that regard, here’s a glimpse at some of the things homeowners should know before contacting an emergency heating and AC repair service professional.

When Is an Emergency Heating and AC Repair Service Necessary?

As predetermined, many homeowners don’t know when it may be time to contact an emergency HVAC service provider. While determining whether your heating and AC problem need immediate solutions can be quite difficult, below are some of the issues that should warrant you to contact your nearest emergency heating and AC repair professional.

Complete System Failure

Texans can fully appreciate how adverse the weather conditions can get during the summer or winter. As a North Richland Hills, TX, residential property owner, you should probably contact an emergency HVAC contractor if your system stops working completely under these conditions.

If your home’s air conditioner grinds to a halt during the summer, you may need immediate solutions. Staying too long in the heat could leave you susceptible to a heat stroke. The need for emergency services may increase if you have children and pets within your household since they’re more vulnerable to heat-related complications.

Safety-sensitive HVAC Problems

Regardless of where it occurs, any type of leak should worry a responsible homeowner. When it comes to residential heating and cooling systems, you may need to contact an emergency heating and AC repair expert if there’s a refrigerant leak.

You may also need to call your emergency HVAC service professional if there’s a gas leak within the heating unit. Under such circumstances, prompt solutions may be needed to protect the inhabitants of your household from potential health hazards.

The refrigerant, which is responsible for heat transfer during the cooling process, comprises fluorinated carbons, collectively known as the freon. Mostly odorless and tasteless, exposure to freon can be life-threatening. In some situations, it can lead to breathing difficulties, fluid buildup in the lungs, organ damage, and even sudden death.

That said, you should shun the idea of waiting to see what’ll happen following a gas or refrigerant leak. Instead, if you suspect any one of these leaks, you should prioritize evacuating the building and scheduling an emergency heating and AC repair service.

If you’re ever in a situation where you’re unsure of whether you require emergency HVAC solutions, don’t hesitate to contact your local contractor. A reliable HVAC service provider can tell you whether or not your problem needs immediate attention.

On the same note, although an emergency HVAC professional can help if your unit fails, they may not be the best option if the unit fails at a time when it’s not getting much use.

Common Issues That Don’t Qualify as an HVAC Emergency

Now that you know when to schedule an emergency heating and AC repair service, you should understand some of the issues that don’t warrant the need for emergency solutions.

Cleaning and Changing the Air Filters

The regularity for changing or cleaning AC filters can vary depending on various factors. These include the type of filter in use, the type and number of pets your household has, the level of indoor pollution, and the number of occupants in your home.

However, some HVAC professionals recommend changing or cleaning the filters after 30 to 60 days. If your residence has exceptional indoor air quality, they may recommend performing this action after one year.

However, even though the regular cleaning and changing of air filters may be advisable, it doesn’t qualify as an emergency service unless the dirty filters negatively affect your unit’s operational efficiency. Therefore, it’s probably in your best interests to schedule a duct cleaning service with your preferred contractor during your free time.

Routine Services and Maintenance

During the installation of your residential heating and cooling system, your HVAC contractor may have advised you to have an annual maintenance service to guarantee tip-top performance at all times.

They may have even specifically directed you to service the unit during early spring, before the winter season kicks in, or during late fall. With that in mind, the regular maintenance and servicing of your heating and cooling system doesn’t warrant being treated as an emergency.

As a general rule of thumb, you should refrain from requesting an emergency heating and AC repair service if the situation doesn’t require immediate resolutions. Every time your HVAC contractor procures these services, they may include an extra charge. This is because they essentially have to drop any other activity they were handling so they can serve your heating and cooling needs.

Common HVAC Problems That Require an Emergency Heating and AC Repair Service

As pre-established, you may need to contact an emergency HVAC service provider if the heating and cooling problem in your residence has forced the unit to stop altogether or can put the safety of your family in jeopardy. Below are some common HVAC problems that categorically fit the description of a heating and AC emergency.

HVAC Electrical Problems

Your residential HVAC system features a complex network of electrical systems that can affect the unit’s effectiveness in maintaining comfortable indoor conditions. You can identify some issues easily, but it’s always recommended that you seek solutions from a qualified professional.

The unit may experience electrical inefficiencies if the circuit breaker is switched off. Under such circumstances, you can check the fuse box if your residence has one. If you find a blown fuse, you should request a replacement from your local electrical service contractor. You should also inspect the emergency shut-off switch to ensure it’s in working condition.

If there’s no sign of problems with these components, you should schedule an emergency heating and AC repair service if you’re still experiencing HVAC electrical issues. The system’s electrical contactor may be damaged, leading to an uneven distribution of treated air, posing quite an inconvenience during adverse weather conditions.

Clogged Air Conditioner Drain Lines

Condensation will naturally occur inside or outside your home’s air conditioner during the cooling cycle. If the unit lacks an effective drainage system, the resulting moisture can gradually accumulate, posing a water damage hazard.

Without the help of an emergency heating and AC repair technician, the water may end up overflowing, eventually damaging your home’s walls and ceilings. Ideally, drain lines allow the condensation to enter the drain pan, which removes the excess moisture. However, with time, algae, dust, and dirt may begin forming blockages along the drain line, impeding moisture movement.

If you notice elevated humidity levels or mold growth and rust inside your unit, they’re signs of clogged air conditioner drain lines. Your indoor comfort may be compromised if you fail to seek professional solutions from your emergency heating and AC repair service professional.

Negative Air Pressure

When a significant amount of air leaves your home without being replaced, it may create negative air pressure. The air could be leaving your residence through the basement, attic, crawl space, or gaps located around your home windows and doors.

Heating units, including fireplaces and furnaces, are also cited as possible causes of negative air pressure within a residence. Past that, HVAC experts claim that residential HVAC units can contribute significantly to the formation of negative air pressure.

Although a trained emergency heating and AC repair service provider can help resolve this issue, you can easily know when to call them. Some of the telltale indicators of a home riddled with negative air pressure issues include unusually hot or cold rooms and the presence of awkward whistling noises.

The doors of your residence may also start opening and closing on their own, getting stuck, or become inexplicably heavy to open. In some cases, you may begin experiencing random air drafts indoors. A licensed emergency heating and AC repair service professional can help you discover more ways to even out the air pressure in your home.

Frozen Coils in the Summer

As they strive to supply cool air indoors to help you cope with the relentless summer heat, air conditioners can sometimes get so cold that the coils begin to freeze up.

If you’ve fallen victim to such a situation, you should immediately switch off the unit and contact your emergency heating and AC repair service provider in North Richland Hills, TX. Continued use of the air conditioning system, while it’s in this state, could lead to extensive damages down the road that may warrant the need for a costly replacement service.

This phenomenon is often the result of refrigerant temperatures dipping below the freezing point. It may happen if you run your AC on an extremely low thermostat setting for a long period.

Regardless, it’s still an issue that requires prompt action from your preferred emergency heating and AC repair service contractor. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat can have detrimental consequences on your comfort and health.

Indicators of an Impending HVAC Emergency

With enough knowledge of some of the HVAC problems that may warrant the need for emergency services, you should understand some of the signs that may inform you it’s time to call your nearest contractor. They’re described below.

No or Low Air Flow

If the furnace or AC in your North Richland Hills, TX, home isn’t performing optimally, it may output mild airflow pressure. The treated air may stop coming out altogether if something disrupts the functionality of the motor.

Minimum to no airflow pressure denotes a problem with the motor component or the air conditioning system. These issues may also affect the temperature of the air leaving the HVAC system.

With that in mind, you should consider contacting your nearest emergency heating and AC repair service technician if the delivery of conditioned air is limited or non-existent. You should also summon them if the air you’re receiving indoors is at room temperature or warm.

Strange Smells and Odors

If you can feel a strange smell or odor emanating from your home HVAC system, it’s probably due to burnt wires or an overheated motor. You may need to schedule an emergency heating and AC repair service if you suspect that your unit may be having scorched wiring.

Issues with the furnace or air conditioner drainage system can also give rise to peculiar odors. Fortunately, your emergency HVAC service provider can help identify and repair the source of the awkward smells.

Unusual Noises

The presence of strange noises within your residential heating and cooling unit should prompt you to request help from an emergency heating and AC repair service expert in North Richland Hills, TX.

Strange HVAC noises may occur due to a component loosening inside the unit. Regardless, leaving them unresolved may lead to extensive and costly-to-repair damages in the future.

In some scenarios, the system may stop working altogether. Additionally, faulty heating and cooling systems can even affect the fuses, circuits, and electrical wiring in your North Richland Hills, TX, residence.

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