Things To Know About Air Conditioner Installation | Southlake, TX

Things To Know About Air Conditioner Installation | Southlake, TX

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Air conditioners are wonderful systems in your home but getting them installed in your home can seem like a daunting process. There is a lot that goes into air conditioner installations because the system has to reach every room of your house. You might have bought a new house recently that doesn’t have an air conditioner or you are looking to upgrade your older system. If that is the case then it is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the process before the installation day. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth serving Southlake, TX would like to provide you with some more information about air conditioner installation to put your mind at ease.

Prior to Installation

There are a few things that need to happen before your air conditioner can be installed. The first step that takes place is the inspection of your home prior to the installation. An HVAC technician will inspect your house and enquire about your current system if there is one. The technician will also discuss the options you have to choose from. They will provide insight into which system would suit your home and your wallet best. A lot of the newer air conditioners are energy efficient which means your energy costs will decrease. Another reason for the inspection is to look at where the various components of the air conditioner will be. The technician will draw up a plan of where the vents, registers, and air ducts will be. The technician also has to take into account where the air conditioner unit will sit as some of those are larger. Once the air conditioner installation technician has given you a rundown of the prices, models, and plans for the installation then you can decide which option would be the best for you. You can think it over and call the offices again to give them your decision. They will order the air condition unit for you which will take a few days to arrive. The technicians must be available as well. During the busier times of the year, it can be difficult to get an installation appointment shortly after the assessment.

Preparation for Air Conditioner Installation

When it comes to the actual installation of the air conditioner then you will not have a lot of this to do because the HVAC technicians will take care of everything air conditioner-related. There are some things that you can do before the technicians arrive. You should make sure that there is enough parking close to your home for the technician’s vehicles. This will make carrying in the tools a much simpler process. You should make sure that any objects are out of the way of the technicians such as furniture or children’s toys. You can also put your pets away so that you don’t have to worry about your pets escaping while the technicians come and go. The pets will also not be able to distract the contractors while they are working.

Duration of Installation

The duration of the installation would depend on how big your house is and how complex the system is that you want to be installed. Another factor that can contribute to it is if there is an old system that needs to be removed. On average air conditioner installation take between four and eight hours. Your house will need to be available for those hours and you should make sure that your kids or animals are kept away from the workers. This will prevent distractions and injuries. You do not have to spend the whole day at home but One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth serving Southlake, TX recommends being there before the work starts and after the work is finished to make sure everything was done that was discussed.

Process of Air Conditioner Installation

Now that you are more familiar with the steps that come prior to the installation, it is time to look at what happens during the installation. If you have an old system in your house then the air conditioner installation technicians will remove the refrigerant which can only be handled by them as it is a dangerous chemical. They will dispose of the refrigerant in a safe manner. After they have removed the refrigerant then they will disconnect all the electrical wiring that connects the air conditioner to your home’s electrical system. The technicians will assess the area in which the new air conditioner unit needs to be installed. In most cases, the location will remain the same and some components will be replaced by newer models. New AC units are bigger than the older units thus the floor might need some work to ensure it is leveled. Once they have placed the air conditioner unit and made sure it is steady the technicians will move into the condenser unit. The condenser unit should not be moved after it has been installed so the technicians will make sure that it is securely in place. Once they have completed these steps they will look at the rest of the system that is inside your home. The contractors will replace the evaporator coil that sits above your furnace and connect the refrigerant lines. These refrigerant lines run from your evaporator coil to the outdoor unit. They replace the outdoor unit as well and make sure that everything is working properly. They will make sure that all the components have been installed correctly before turning on the air conditioning unit. They will check the airflow to make sure it is adequate.

Now that you know a little bit more about the air conditioner installation process, you can make more informed choices that will improve your home. If you have decided that you are in need of a new air conditioner then One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth serving Southlake, TX has everything you need. Their air conditioner installation technicians are skilled at installing most models and brands. They will also answer any additional questions that you might have.

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