A Heating and AC Repair Company That Ensures You Are Comfortable In Your Home | Fort Worth, TX

A Heating and AC Repair Company That Ensures You Are Comfortable In Your Home | Fort Worth, TX

When our heating and AC repair company technicians respond to your repair call, they’re bringing with them parts and equipment to get the job done right, along with something very important: experience. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth we hire the best and keep them up to date. Their years of training and work in the HVAC field enable them to answer your questions about your system and help you plan for future care including maintenance, typical repairs, and issues that are developing in your system. They can also help you learn about new technologies and how they can help you save on your energy costs. If your Fort Worth, TX home doesn’t yet have a zoned duct system, you can ask if it’s a good choice for your comfort and what other benefits it provides. Likewise, if you don’t have indoor air quality features making your home more comfortable with more breathable air, they can tell you about all the options we offer and how they fit into your system, now or when you replace your furnace or AC in the future. Our heating and AC repair company technicians have so much to offer today as they use their expertise to repair your system, and also to help you understand it and plan for the future. When working with our company to repair and maintain your heating and cooling, you benefit from your connection with the HVAC industry.

Maintenance for Your Comfort This Year and Longevity of Your HVAC System

There are two important benefits, among many, from annual maintenance that you might not think about. One is to keep your system in good repair so it is less likely to experience an outage during the heating or cooling season. Our heating and AC repair company team can catch problems from small refrigerant leaks and coil damage that will slowly degrade performance and eventually damage the compressor as well. By the way, listen for a loud squeal from the unit that can indicate urgent compressor issues due to low refrigerant. Our heating and AC repair company team also checks the fan motor condition, cleans and checks electrical components, especially those exposed to the weather in the AC system, and checks the ignitor, inducer, heat exchanger, and burner condition of your furnace if you have one. A side note there too, heat exchanger condition and combustion performance checks help protect your family from deadly carbon monoxide, so they are always worth doing.

The second unexpected benefit from our heating and AC repair company maintenance is also available when you keep up with necessary repairs even when your system is “sort of” working. That’s minimizing the wear and tear on your system that reduces efficiency and shortens its service life. Even simply replacing a clogged air filter can have significant benefits for your system, from reducing wear and tear on fan motors and belts to avoiding icing of the evaporator coil in the AC system by keeping airflow steady. If repair costs are getting too high or energy costs are rising and affecting your budget as well, you may find that AC, heat pump, or furnace replacement is actually a good long-term budget strategy. Our heating and AC repair company can help you run the numbers and figure that out. An example of the big difference replacement can make? Furnaces can last 20 or more years, but at that point, efficiency is often 60 percent, from age as well as older design. Newer furnaces start at about 80 percent efficiency and go up to 98 percent for high-efficiency models. They have many new technologies, from dual-stage burners to a variety of fan operation modes such as modulating that can improve efficiency, comfort, and performance by intelligent adjustments rather than simply on or off operation. New AC units have similar new technologies and energy savings, often making them a better investment than increasing repair costs. Let’s talk about it if you’d like!

Zoned Duct Systems Add Comfort, Convenience, and Energy Savings

If your Fort Worth, TX home has a single duct system, you have a single thermostat control that sets the system operation goals for heating and cooling throughout your home. Not only do you have to heat or cool your whole home all the time to keep your active living area comfortable, but your living room thermostat setting also may not be right for your bedrooms or family room even when you’re occupying them. Our heating and AC repair company can convert your duct system into zones, each separately controlled by a different thermostat located in the target area. That allows you to set bedroom temperatures different from the living room and basement zones, and to use intelligent or timer-based thermostats to reduce the target temperature when the space is unoccupied, saving energy and also reducing the demand on your heating and cooling systems, reducing the wear on them. Smart home thermostats can use zones to further adjust your targeted temperatures according to occupancy sensors, automatic shade adjustments, your daily schedule including times when no one’s home until bedtime, even the weather report that indicates whether it’s sunny or cloudy out which affects the heating of your home from the sun. Our heating and AC repair company team can listen to you and help you design a zoned system that fits your family’s needs.

Indoor Air Quality for More Breathable Air

Our heating and AC repair company offers information and equipment that can change the way you experience your home’s indoor air. Technology that once was used mostly by commercial buildings is now available as add-on features for your home’s heating and cooling system. A popular one is humidity control, which provides accurate adjustment of your home’s moisture level. Heating and air conditioning affect the moisture level, but often not in the way you need them to, so adding a humidifier, dehumidifier, or both can give you better control for moisture that affects your skin and breathing. It also helps you avoid mold, protect your plants, books, wooden furniture, and other moisture-sensitive items, and even help avoid extremes of humidity that can affect whether materials stick to the walls of your ducts. You may be familiar with HEPA air filtration, which removes even sub-micron particles from the air and is popular in medical and laboratory settings. Many Fort Worth, TX homes have a portable HEPA filter for bedrooms or spaces where people with respiratory issues spend time. They remove dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and other allergens and particles that can cause reactions or simply affect your breathing. Rather than run those portable units and chase down replacement filters for each one, you can have whole-house HEPA filtration installed and maintained by our heating and AC repair company. We also provide air purifier equipment that traps and removes particles and other airborne substances such as chemical fumes and odors for clearer, fresher air as well as more breathable indoor living. Germicidal UV lamps neutralize airborne organisms so they don’t reproduce and spread, including bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. They’re common in medical facilities and food service facilities, and direct the UV light on the air passing through your ducts, rather than into your room where the light is indirectly visible. Ask us about these and other indoor air quality features as an addition now, at maintenance time, or to plan as part of your next equipment upgrade by our heating and AC repair company. Even though city air is often worse than EPA standards, studies have found that indoor air, constantly recirculating, can be up to five times as bad as outdoor air. It’s no wonder people are choosing these options in increasing numbers!

Ducts: An Important Starting Point for Indoor Air Quality and HVAC System Performance

Your standard furnace air filter or system air filter that should be replaced monthly traps the larger airborne material such as quantities of dust, hair, fabric materials, pillow stuffing, feathers, fur, whatever gets airborne and also gathers where you need to dust, vacuum it from vents, sweep it from under beds as “dust bunnies,” and otherwise clear it out in quantity. The rest circulates through your ducts, along with airborne cooking grease, chemical fumes, mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, pollen, and other materials that gather together and stick to duct walls, some of them even growing or multiplying in place. Duct systems that haven’t been cleaned in a decade or more can be amazingly dense with materials lining the walls, looking like heavy felt that actually narrows the air passages of the heating and cooling system and affects system performance. We recommend having our heating and AC repair company experts visit every few years for a thorough duct cleaning that helps your system perform and reduces the material that can break free and continue to contaminate your indoor air. This is especially important if you don’t have indoor air quality options that reduce airborne material further than the standard filter.

When our heating and AC repair company cleans your ducts, we do so with professional equipment and techniques. This keeps the material under control so we can remove it in sealed bags. We loosen it and vacuum it from the depths of your ducts, which travel throughout your home even in inaccessible places like your attic. We’ll also be checking for damaged ducts and leaks, as well as lack of insulation in places like the attic where cool air traveling through a hot attic can otherwise waste significant amounts of energy. Our heating and AC repair company can follow up with duct system repairs to maintain proper air pressure and balance as your ducts distribute warm or cool air throughout your home. Without sufficient pressure, you may find rooms at the end of the duct run don’t get enough heating or cooling, and sealing leaks restores the pressure. Leaks and blockages can also cause more pressure from some room vents, less in others, creating an imbalance that also affects your comfort. Our heating and AC repair company technicians can measure airflow to locate problems in addition to our duct cleaning inspection. In some homes, mechanical dampers adjust airflow and we’ll also look for malfunctions in those doors, located inside the ductwork. Don’t forget, your air inlets and vents, especially if they’re located on the floor, are subject to obstruction as well from clothes piled on them in kids’ rooms, furniture moved over them or in front of them when they’re located on the wall, and of course dust accumulation. Our heating and AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX can suggest any modifications to your floor plan to help your air circulate and increase your comfort.

Planning Your Five-Year or More HVAC System Strategy

Rely on our heating and AC repair company for help in determining your system’s current status and efficiency, especially after the duct cleaning, air filter changes, and other maintenance are performed. We can provide information to create a plan for future maintenance, upgrades for comfort and efficiency, and eventual replacement, using our extensive experience with other Fort Worth, TX homes and comfort systems like yours.

Your Expert Heating and AC Repair Company in Fort Worth, TX

There’s no heating and AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX like us when it comes to helping you get the best comfort for your budget. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth we are known for our prompt response when you need our services right away. We’re also experts in care and maintenance for your current system, helping you with the right information about its condition and likely future repairs so you can plan replacements and upgrades. These days, we also help homeowners understand the major differences in new HVAC equipment that can affect their comfort, energy costs, convenience, and even indoor air quality. There’s a lot to consider, and we’ll make sure you have help in planning your home’s future. Give us a call for quick service, routine maintenance, or long-term HVAC care and replacement planning!

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