AC Repair: Common Reasons Behind AC Failure During Summer | Grapevine, TX

AC Repair: Common Reasons Behind AC Failure During Summer | Grapevine, TX

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An air conditioning unit is not a luxury in every home in Grapevine, TX. About nine out of 10 American households have a particular type of AC system, and residential air conditioning adds up to an estimate of 18 percent of U.S. household electricity use per year.

During summer, homeowners use AC systems more often, and the unit may operate for a longer time than usual to keep the room at comfortable temperatures. With this, it’s not surprising that it is the period when AC failures usually occur and the busiest time for AC repair experts. No one would want to have a hotter indoor environment or office space, but that can happen.

Your AC unit can fail at any time of the day, leaving you stuck in the heat until an AC expert fixes the problem. Keep reading to understand why your unit might break down the following summer.

Refrigerant Leaks

Although hot summers in Grapevine, TX, are beautiful, the heat can be intense. That means you will operate the system more frequently to achieve the desired temperature. When the AC unit runs more often, the refrigerant fluid also cycles faster and under high pressure. That may result in a leak, leaving the unit with insufficient refrigerant.

A drop in the refrigerant level affects the efficiency of the system. It can not only result in a home that’s not cool enough but may also result in a frozen unit. If you spot a leak, hire a repair technician to inspect your air conditioner. An expert can locate the leak and fix it. The refrigerant is environmentally unfriendly, and that’s why you should contact an AC repair expert to address the issue immediately.

Dirty Air Filters

Failure to replace or clean the air filter during the repair schedule is the main reason why AC can stop working. The air filter works to keep dust and dirt out of your air conditioner unit. Because you use the system more frequently during summer, allergens and debris can clog the filters.

A blocked air filter causes improper airflow, and the HVAC unit may have to overwork to keep your home cool. That consumes a lot of energy and results in overheating or system failure. Dirty air filters also lower the air quality inside your house.

At times, these clogs may cause the unit to freeze or fail, and you may need to hire a repair specialist to replace it. Experts recommend homeowners change AC filters at least once a month, especially if they use the unit regularly or have pets around. The filters also require regular cleaning to keep out dirt.

Faulty or Incorrectly Calibrated Thermostat

A defective thermostat may be the reason your AC is not cooling your home. It’s a common issue, especially if you own an old dial-type thermostat. If the thermostat is not acting right, the AC unit may not get the necessary instructions to cool your house. If the air conditioner goes on and off when operating, that indicates a thermostat problem.

The best you can do is contact experts from a reliable AC repair company near you. A professional can recalibrate your thermostat or replace it with a digital unit which better cools your space and saves you energy. On the brighter side, some of these devices increase convenience since you can control them remotely with your smartphone.

Drainage Problems

Another reason Your AC might not work is because of blocked drains. Since the system is continuously pumping cold air, it condenses warm air, and the resulting moisture has to find a way out. The water has to go through the drain line and into the drainage system.

A blockage in the line can damage the system or cause water to back up. Left unresolved, you may have to deal with mold problems and damaged floors or walls. Avoid such instances by scheduling a routine AC repair service with a certified technician. Insects, algae, dirt, or molds can block the drain line. You can get rid of such by cleaning the unit more often.

Neglecting Annual Maintenance

Lack of proper maintenance and cleaning is the top cause of HVAC failure or inefficiency during summer. A routine checkup is a key to keeping your system at its peak performance. An AC repair specialist can identify minor issues before they happen.

Homeowners can handle some tasks, such as removing nests and clearing shrubs around the outdoor unit, but others require a licensed AC repair technician to assess them to give you peace of mind when summer hits. Routine maintenance service may involve checking refrigerant levels, unclogging drain lines, and replacing worn-out mechanical parts.

Faulty Fans

Your AC has two fans; one that blows cool air and the other that eliminates warm air. When it’s working well, your home should get adequate cool air as required. However, if the system is not working, the AC will not have sufficient airflow, which results in your room not cooling enough.

Possible causes of fan issues include worn-out belts, improper lubrication, faulty motor, and dirt build-up. Failing to address these issues sooner may lead to compressor breakdown and system failure.

Dirty AC Coils

These are located at the AC’s interior and exterior units and work to transfer warm or cool air to the fan, which then blows it inside or outside your home. Over time, debris and dirt accumulate inside these coils and ultimately clog them. A clogged evaporator coil will trap cool air and will begin to freeze.

On the other hand, a blocked condenser coil traps heat, resulting in an overheated AC unit. Both cases may cause the unit to overwork which decreases the lifespan of AC and increases energy bills. Hire a trained AC repair technician to perform routine inspections and clean the coils.

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