The Reasons To Avoid DIY AC Repair And The Benefits Of Hiring An AC Repair Company | Fort Worth, TX

The Reasons To Avoid DIY AC Repair And The Benefits Of Hiring An AC Repair Company | Fort Worth, TX

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An air conditioner is a vital electrical appliance in your Fort Worth, TX home. It ensures your home is comfortable by ensuring it is well cooled or warmed, depending on the season. The comfort of your home means that your family will be happy spending time within.

Air conditioners are not cheap. Therefore, maintaining the air conditioner is vital. Although it ensures you avoid frequent repairs or more protracted issues, maintenance to the air conditioner also lengthens its lifetime. Hence, you will not have to call an AC repair company for its replacement. How often do you have the HVAC inspected?

The regular AC inspections ensure the technicians detect any underlying issue on time. It prevents the problem from deteriorating and turning catastrophic. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, we recommend that you maintain the HVAC unit annually or semi-annually.

However, some people are tempted to repair their HVAC systems themselves. In our routine maintenance work, people ask, “Can I repair my HVAC system?” However, we caution them against this for various reasons, as indicated below.

Reasons to Never DIY Your HVAC System

There are many DIY tutorials on the internet. People who watch them learn how to make or repair some products. While DIY skills may be vital in other applications, you should NEVER attempt it on your HVAC system. Many clients ask why we caution against this practice, even though they have the skills. Below are the reasons repairing your HVAC system yourself is a bad idea.

1. It Is Likely to Void the Warranty on the HVAC Unit

Not hiring a licensed AC repair company to carry out various repairs on your HVAC unit may void the manufacturer’s warranty. HVAC manufacturers require the air conditioning unit to be installed and maintained by a licensed technician. You should also be able to prove it.

The warranty is the manufacturer’s way of telling you they trust and believe in their products. A warranty is a manufacturer’s guarantee that its product will last for a particular duration. If not, the company undertakes to replace or repair the unit with no charges. To enjoy this benefit, you have to meet conditions like an annual repair from a licensed technician.

No HVAC unit can operate for its lifespan without proper maintenance. Like changing the oil in your car after a certain mileage, a professional AC repair company should inspect and maintain your HVAC after some duration, preferably annually. It will save you a fortune by claiming the warranty.

2. It Is a Dangerous Undertaking

The HVAC training and certifications are not for the show. They are there to protect the air conditioning repair technicians and the homeowners. Attempting DIY HVAC repair can injure you and harm those around close.

The HVAC systems use different gases as refrigerants. The unit also has furnaces to burn either natural gas or oil. Natural gas furnaces and coolants in the air conditioner are displacers of oxygen. It means they will displace oxygen in a small space.

If you breathe enough of either of the gases above into your lungs, the oxygen cannot be able to force them out. You lose consciousness, which may cause death. Natural gases are also highly explosive. Even when the air conditioner springs a leak that will not hurt you, it still means that the AC will not cool your home. It defeats the whole idea of repairing the HVAC system yourself in the first place.

HVACs are high voltage appliances. It should not come as a surprise since HVACs are among the highest energy consumers. Such a high voltage exposes you to a risk of electrocution if you attempt DIY repair on your air conditioner.

Even if you do not care about many other things, your safety should be of utmost concern. Why expose yourself to such deadly risks, only to maybe damage the HVAC unit even more? Enlist the services of a licensed and experienced AC repair company like One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, TX. Our technicians have experience handling such voltages and gases without exposing your family or themselves to such dire risks. In case of anything, they have insurance covers.

3. You Lack the Proper Tools

HVAC repairs, installations, or replacements are delicate operations that need the necessary tools to accomplish. While you might have watched your DIY instructor on YouTube do the repair effectively, you might not have paid attention to the tools they are using. It could turn into a problem if you disassemble the unit only to find you do not have some tools to open the inner components or have lost some screws.

After trying DIY HVAC repair, you may not have the proper tools. It does not mean you can run and buy a hammer or a screwdriver. AC Repair Company technicians use tools you cannot purchase in just any hardware store. They also use mobile HVAC software, voltage testers, multimeters, reciprocating saw blades, among other repair tools.

Even small projects may be quite complicated if you use the wrong repair tools. Cleaning the ductwork is a vital part of your HVAC system maintenance. Unless you have a special vacuum cleaner, you will only reach several feet into every vent. It means that most of the ducts are left uncleaned. After the dust accumulates inside, it reduces the indoor air quality at your home.

Sometimes you might not reach the component you need to fix in the HVAC system. An EPA study revealed that most HVAC systems do not have enough Freon. Although you can add some to the HVAC unit, you may have difficulty finding one unless you are a technician. What if there is a leak? All the added Freon might go to waste.

Hiring an AC repair company is the best way to repair the cooling system. They equip their repair techs with modern tools to handle all your cooling needs.

4. You Lack Enough Training

As pointed out earlier, HVAC repair training is not just for the show. To use the special tools, the technicians from the AC repair company undergo a lot of special training that you do not have. HVAC systems are complex machines with different moving parts. Although your YouTube instructor may have trained you in repairing specific components, the training might still not be enough. You cannot compare an hour YouTube lesson to the months and years of training the AC repair company technicians to undergo.

Because of the lack of specialized training, you might do something wrong. It is also even more likely that you might not notice the other problems within the HVAC unit. When the cooling system is not functioning correctly, there may be more than just a broken belt or fan. Most DIY videos train you on fixing only one issue. However, this will not enhance the efficiency or effectiveness of your HVAC system. You might end up making things a bit worse.

The lack of proper training can also put your life on the line when you try repairing the HVAC unit yourself. HVAC units are high voltage appliances. Therefore, touching the wrong part may electrocute you, not forgetting that the coolants are harmful.

Enlisting the services of an AC repair company is the only way to ensure your safety. What may seem like a money-saving action by repairing the AC unit yourself can turn into a catastrophe quickly.

Why Hire A Professional Air Conditioner Repair Company?

Now that you have seen the reasons why DIY repair to your HVAC system may be a problem, do you think it is still worth it to repair the AC unit yourself? Many benefits come with entrusting repairs to a professional AC repair company like One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth. Below are some reasons you should invest in HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance by a professional technician.

1. Convenient Scheduling of Appointments

When you try scheduling an appointment to do HVAC repair in Fort Worth, TX, you find most of the professionals are unavailable or already booked at the peak of summer. In mid-summer, there is a high demand for AC repairs and installations. Experiencing frequent delays in the provision of this vital service can be frustrating.

However, if you enlist the services of a professional AC repair company, they have adequate staff. Therefore, you will be happy to get prompt appointments, and also, the appointment will be at a convenient time when you are available.

2. 24/7 Availability

Sometimes we want to have something done but never find the time to execute it. AC repair companies like One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, TX, ensure that we repair your air conditioner when you are available. What if the air conditioner malfunctions at night? You only need to call our technicians to come and sort out the issue.

You will not have to miss a vital appointment, work, or even have your AC repaired. Just call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth whenever available. The AC Repair Company technicians will be delighted to help you.

3. Professional Inspection

The other benefit you get by hiring an AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX, is their skilled and professional technicians. For instance, by retaining the services of One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, our AC repair technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your HVAC system. They will use modern tools and techniques to diagnose any problem in one investigation and fix any present issue.

It means that the AC will serve you for some time before you require the services of an AC repair company again. You will not call us after a week because the technician did not inspect the unit sufficiently. It is a one-time thorough inspection to prevent any future inconvenience.

4.Cost-efficient Solution

When you attempt DIY repair on your HVAC system, you might end up deteriorating the issue. It means that you will ultimately call a repair technician, but will also pay more. Choosing a reliable AC repair company to repair your conditioner in Fort Worth, TX, will save you the problem. Their technician will inspect and resolve the problem at once. You pay the AC Repair Company once. The services of their technicians will be of high quality

By choosing the unlicensed professionals for their low cost, you expose yourself to even higher costs in the future. The problem will keep reoccurring and piling up. Therefore, what you thought would be a cheap task turns expensive in the long run. Why not trust professional AC repair companies like One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth?

5. On Time and Hassle-free Solution

While the monetary costs of the frequent repairs impact you financially, the constant stress may be an even worse problem. The constant repairs that mean you wait for the technician affect your daily routine.

Time is essential in your daily routine. No one enjoys wasting their time to fix the same problem repeatedly. Why not let One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth save you time? While we are available 24/7, our services are of the highest standards. Therefore, when our technician leaves your Fort Worth, TX home, the issue will be resolved to your satisfaction.

6. Prolonged Lifespan of Your Air Conditioner

Routine repair and maintenance can affect the performance of your AC in the long term. Timely repair to your air conditioner is vital to its prolonged lifespan. During a routine maintenance visit, the AC repair company’s technician will inspect the unit for any existing problem. They will also fix any prevalent problem before they leave your home.

When professionals do the repair work, they fix any imminent and prevalent problem. They might also offer a work guarantee on their services. Entrust One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth to maintain your air conditioner, and you will see its performance improve and its lifetime prolonged.

Your Trusted AC Repair Company in Fort Worth, TX

From the above, hiring an AC repair company is more beneficial than DIY work. Having seen the dangers of DIY work, why would you even think about it? While DIY work may work in some products like furniture, we do not recommend it in HVAC repair.

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, we have experienced and qualified technicians equipped with proper equipment to handle AC maintenance, Repair, or installation.

Does your AC need any repairs? Call us today to enjoy the benefits above. DO not attempt a DIY repair on your HVAC system.