AC Repair | Keller, TX

AC Repair | Keller, TX

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If you live in Keller, TX, you will not need reminding just how hot and humid it can get during the summer. During the day temperatures will often reach above one hundred degrees and it will not be any cooler at night. Most air conditioners will be on all the time, and this is when they are most likely to break down and need an AC repair. Thankfully, One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth has expert NATE-trained technicians available around the clock.

How to Prevent an AC Repair

Having your air conditioner regularly serviced is the best way to avoid an unexpected breakdown and AC repair. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth recommends that you schedule a service during a quiet period like the early spring.

This way you ensure that your air conditioner is in tip-top shape before the workout it will receive during the long scorching summer. The service will save you money as your air conditioner will now be more energy-efficient, it will also give you greater peace of mind.

What Can Cause an AC Repair to Be Needed?

Your Air Conditioner Is Over Ten-Years Old

Even a well-maintained air conditioner will not last forever, you can expect a useful working life of between ten to fifteen years. An older unit will start needing increasing numbers of repairs to keep it going. It will become less energy-efficient and produce less cool air. If it uses (R22) as a coolant, this will become increasingly difficult and expensive to replace as this gas isn’t made any longer in the USA.

There will reach a point at which it may be more economical to replace your old air conditioner than to keep repairing it. It is important to select the right sized model for your needs and budget. With so many makes and models on the market, it is not always easy to select the right one for you. We have many years of experience in the installation of new air conditioners and are happy to help to decide what unit is best for you.

Your Energy Bills Are A Lot Higher

If you use your air conditioner all day and night during the summer, you can expect your energy bills to increase. But if they go up by more than you expect, there could be a problem with your air conditioner. As your unit gets older it will cost more to run.

A problem with one component will cause the others to work harder, use more energy and increase the likelihood that it will break down and need an AC repair. A regular service will help with the energy efficiency of your unit but in the end, you cannot fight Father Time.

Short-Cycling Is Happening

Each air conditioner has a cooling cycle, typically this is ten minutes when the compressor switches on and ten minutes when it is not. This allows for the maximum cooling effect. if your compressor is turning itself off too quickly, your home or office will not reach the desired temperature.

Short cycling is caused by dirty air filters, frozen evaporator coils, and low coolant levels in your unit. These issues will address during a regular service, but if ignored eventually the unit will break down and need an AC repair.

You See Frost Formation on Evaporator Coils

The coolant in the evaporator coils absorbs the heat from the warm air blown over it. This cools the air and removes the moisture from it. The air blown back into your home is now cooler and less humid. If there were a fault with the fan, less warm air would reach the coils. You will start to see frost and ice form on the coils. Another cause for this reduced airflow is dirty air filters and these need to be cleaned and replaced regularly.

Low coolant levels are another cause of frost and ice forming on the evaporator coils. If the layers of frost and ice build-up, there is a good chance that the coils will completely freeze over, and the air conditioner will shut down. You will need to turn the air conditioner off for up to 24-hours to allow the coils to thaw. If the evaporator coils repeatedly freeze over, you will eventually need an AC repair.

Less Cooling Effect

A faulty fan, dirty air filters, and low coolant levels will all reduce the cooling effect of your air conditioner. Less cool air will blow back into your home and office, resulting in higher temperatures.

Raised Humidity Levels

As the cooling effect reduces you will notice that the humidity will rise. This is because warmer air carries more moisture than chilly air does.

You Notice Water on the Floor Near the Air Conditioner

A probable cause of this water is a loose water connection inside your air conditioner. Another reason the AC drain line or drain pan is blocked is that the water has overflowed outside the drain pan.

The warm air cools the water deposits in the drain pan and later flows outside via the AC drain line. The excess moisture inside your unit can encourage the growth of moss and algae, which can cause a blockage in the AC drain line. The water in the drain pan will overflow into your unit and then onto your floor. The water could cause an electrical short inside your unit and you will need an AC repair for your Keller, TX home.

Faulty Fan

A faulty fan restricts the airflow over the evaporator coils. Any grinding or squealing sounds could indicate you have a worn-out fan belt or bearings. Any loud pounding sounds could be due to a loose or bent blade hitting the inside of your unit. Checking the fan for damage is part of the service.

At Trusted Air Conditioning Company

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth has been serving the people of Keller, TX for years. We realize how important it is to offer a speedy AC repair service during the hot Texas summers and we will not leave your home until you and your family are safe.