Everything You Need To Know About AC Repair | Euless, TX

Everything You Need To Know About AC Repair | Euless, TX

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Texas is known for long, hot summers, and Euless, TX, is no exception. This cowtown can easily have high temperatures of over 100 degrees in the summer, and that’s definitely not a time that you want to have an emergency AC repair. At One Hour Air Conditioning of Fort Worth, we’re experts in all things cooling.

Today, we’re talking about air conditioning repair, with facts about this service from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, a professional AC repair company serving Euless, TX and the greater Fort Worth area. We’re going through the process of AC repair, plus signs that you need to call a service technician and ways you can avoid emergency air conditioning repairs. We’re also answering many common questions that people have for an AC repair company.

Signs That You Need an Air Conditioning Repair

One indication that you need an AC repair is pretty obvious – the unit stops working. In the middle of a Texas summer heatwave, having your AC break down is no joke. However, before the unit conks out entirely, there are other indications that you’ll need to call a reliable AC repair company for service.

These are some of the more common signs that there’s a problem with your air conditioning unit:

  • It’s blowing hot air instead of cold. This can indicate a refrigerant leak or a problem with the compressor. Both of these issues should be fixed right away to prevent further damage to the unit.


  • Leaks or moisture around the unit. This can indicate a blockage in the drain tube that removes condensation from the air conditioner. While this isn’t an emergency, it should be fixed right away, as the accumulated moisture is an environment that encourages mold growth.


  • Strange sounds are coming from the unit. Your air conditioner should run very quietly in the background of your home. If you hear rattling, grating, clanging, or a whooshing noise, it means that there’s part loose, some of the ductwork is loose, or something is broken in the unit. This kind of issue needs service right away.


  • Strange smells, especially a burning smell, indicate a problem with the wiring in the air conditioner. This needs to be fixed immediately, and the unit turned off to prevent a fire. If you notice a musty smell or the smell of wet newspapers, this indicates the presence of mold, which can negatively affect the health of everyone in the home, pets included.


  • Your house feels humid, or the air feels sticky. Or, you may have water pooling around your windows. Your air conditioner doesn’t just keep the house cool, it also is responsible for reducing the humidity in the air. If it’s not doing that job, then you need AC repair service.

Sometimes there may be more than one thing wrong with the air conditioner. That’s why, when you book an AC repair service call with our company, our technicians thoroughly inspect the entire system, so that we catch all the problems. This keeps you from having to call for multiple repair appointments and makes the unit run better overall. We also check for any safety issues with the air conditioner.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

Many of the signs that we mentioned above indicate one or more common problems with the working of your air conditioning unit. Let’s look more closely at a few common AC repairs.

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant is the coolant that your air conditioner uses to cool and dehumidify the outside air before bringing it into your house. This coolant has to be refilled, usually about once a year, although if you use the air conditioner often, you may need to have the levels checked more often. If you have a refrigerant leak, it can be harmful to the environment and may damage other parts of the unit, so it’s essential to have it fixed right away if it happens.

The AC repair tech will first determine where the leak is and fix that first. They’ll also check the rest of the unit for damages. Then, they’ll test the repairs to ensure that there are no more leaks before adding refrigerant to the air conditioner.

If you have a preventative maintenance or service contract with a reliable air conditioner company, then a coolant check and refill are part of the services included. The tech will fill the coolant to the specifications provided by the manufacturer to ensure optimum performance for the air conditioner.

Sensor Problems

Many newer AC units have a thermostat sensor built into the unit itself. If this sensor mos out of position or stops working, it can’t correctly measure the air temperature coming into the evaporator coils. This, in turn, causes the AC unit to cycle continuously (which means less efficient cooling and much, much higher utility bills for you).

AC sensors need to be next to the coils but not touching them. Luckily, a professional AC repair technician can adjust the position of the thermostat, as well as calibrate it to ensure that it measures the air temperature correctly.

Poorly Maintained Appliance

Even with the best AC repair and care, including preventative maintenance service and annual cleaning, residential air conditioning appliances only have a lifespan of about 10 years. However, if you don’t keep the AC unit in good working order, such as fixing small issues and cleaning it, then the unit will wear out faster.

Wear and tear are typical for an air conditioner, especially ones that have to work hard during the long, hot, Euless, TX summers. If your air conditioner isn’t looked after properly, then it’s likely that several of the components need repairs. One worn-out or broken part can, in turn, cause others to break down, too, leading to an expensive emergency repair.

Problems with the Unit’s Wiring

We’re going to say this loud and clear: Fixing the wiring of your air conditioner is not a DIY project. Electrical wiring can be tricky, and repairing it is definitely a job for a trained AC repair specialist.

If the AC was installed by someone who didn’t know what they were doing, or someone who didn’t do the wiring very well, then you should call for AC repair to fix the problem. They’ll often reinstall the appliance and re-wire it, making sure that it’s Euless, TX code-compliant and safely installed. Bad wiring is a fire hazard and can be dangerous. Plus, it stops the AC from getting the power it requires to run efficiently.

Issues with the Outdoor Fan of the Air Conditioner

The outdoor fan is one of the more essential parts of the air conditioner. It sends the heat from the inside of your home to the outside. If the fan isn’t working correctly – or if it’s not working at all – then it prevents efficient heat transfer. If your air conditioning unit can’t effectively transfer the heat from the inside out, it can overheat, causing it to break down entirely.

The Unit Itself Has Frozen

A few different issues with the AC unit lead to it freezing up. First is frozen evaporator coils. If this happens, it often means that the unit is low on refrigerant. This is a relatively simple AC fix – the AC repair tech will defrost the coils and top off your coolant levels. If you have an annual service, refilling the refrigerant is part of the service.

Another this that causes the AC to freeze up is a problem with the AC airflow. A dirty filter, for example, restricts the airflow in and out of the house since the accumulation of dust and debris clogs the filter, so the air can’t flow properly back and forth. If the blower fan is broken or otherwise not working correctly, that’s another reason the unit will freeze. In this situation, the cold air remains inside the AC unit and freezes the various components of the machine, including the coil.

The AC Repair Process From One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating

Don’t trust anyone less than the best for your residential air conditioning repair. When you choose service from the NATE-certified professionals at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, you know that you’re getting prompt, reliable service from factory-trained experts.

Your service starts with a call to our friendly customer care team, who can help you with flexible appointment times that fit your schedule. Our AC repair techs arrive on time and in uniform, ready to work. We have a warehouse full of parts of all major brands and models of air conditioners, and our techs have vans stocked with all the parts and tools they need to complete your repair in one trip, saving you time and money.

We carefully inspect the unit to determine the problem and then get to work. Once we’ve finished the repair, we test your air conditioner to ensure that it’s working correctly again and then give it a thorough clean-up. You know that you can trust us to provide accurate, transparent quotes with no hidden fees. If our AC repair technicians find something else wrong with the air conditioner beyond the initial service call, we’ll show you and explain the cost and process to fix that, too.

Our Other Services

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, we aren’t just a team of AC repair specialists. We also offer preventative maintenance and service packages, cleaning your air conditioner and ductwork and inspecting it to make sure that it’s ready to tackle the soaring heat waves of a Euless, TX summer. We also top off the refrigerant levels and check for any leaks.

Good preventative maintenance and care can prolong the life of your air conditioner, which means that you won’t have to replace it as often. Plus, when you have service every year, the techs can catch minor problems, like a loose bearing or worn-out part, before they become big problems, leading to a costly repair or a complete breakdown of the unit. You definitely want to avoid having an AC emergency in July!

However, residential air conditioners only last for about 10-12 years, even with the best of care. Even before they break down completely, the air conditioner will begin to lose efficiency, causing you to spend more money on utility bills for a house that’s less cool.

We can install all major brands of air conditioning units, including ones that work with Smart Home technology or Nest appliances and systems. We’ll work with you to find a suitable unit for your needs and budget, including setting up “zones” where you can regulate the temperature in different areas of the home.

Our air conditioning installation and replacement service includes removing the old unit, safely disposing of it, and then installing the new one. We make sure that the wiring is code-compliant and then test the unit to make sure it’s working right. Once we’re finished, we clean up and then show you how to operate your new air conditioner and troubleshoot it.

Don’t need your air conditioner serviced? We also repair, maintain, and install furnaces and heat pumps. We’re certified to work on all major brands and can help ensure that you stay toasty warm in the wintertime.

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Our techs arrive with fully stocked vans, ready to complete your job in one visit. We diagnose the problems with your air conditioner and make the right recommendations to repair it. We also back up our jobs with a satisfaction guarantee.

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