Air Conditioner Installation: Everything Homeowners Need To Know | Fort Worth, TX

Air Conditioner Installation: Everything Homeowners Need To Know | Fort Worth, TX

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Air conditioners have become one of the most luxurious technologies in the modern world. As the global temperature increases, the summer’s heat exceedingly becomes unbearable. Opening doors and window units will only help you for a while, but effectively cooling your home will require more than that. With the hot and uncomfortable temperatures of Fort Worth, TX, installing an AC is the only reliable solution during summers.

Air conditioners have become a necessity in most households, thanks to the comfort they provide. Great air conditioning will give you better rest, improve your mental and physical health, and even boost productivity.

However, installing an air conditioning system is not a walk in the park. It is a complicated process that may cause serious harm if done inappropriately. This is why you should always consult a reputable air conditioner installation company to conduct all your installations. If you are located in Fort Worth, TX, contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth today for all your AC installation services. Our certified and experienced technicians will attend to you in no time.

Before installation, it is only necessary to know all the basics of having an air conditioner installed, starting from what it is, the entire installation process, and its benefits. To better understand, we will answer the frequently asked questions regarding the installation and give our professional input.

What Is an Air Conditioner Installation?

The installation is the process of making an AC ready for use in a certain place by making the necessary electrical adjustments.

Some HVAC companies and inexperienced AC installers may fail to follow the necessary steps required for an air conditioner installation, resulting in high repair and maintenance costs in the future. Working with a competent air conditioner company will save you from such future predicaments.

What Is the Air Conditioner Installation Process?

As mentioned before, the installation process is complicated and requires vast experience. It is way easier for some AC installers to cut corners and do shoddy installation works, which is totally unacceptable.

If you want an AC that will last you for longer periods without worrying about constant repairs, you should ensure that the necessary steps are followed during the installation process. However, please note that this is not a DIY guide. We highly advocate for a certified professional to handle your air conditioner installation process. Reading and understanding these steps will let you know why.

Do Your Research Before the AC Installation Process

Knowing the basics of an AC installation is necessary for every homeowner. Such information could include knowing the specific tools needed for the installation or the type of AC to be installed in your home.

Having the necessary data prior to the installation will increase the chances of the task being carried out successfully.

The Arrival of Your Air Conditioner Installation Team

Before our technicians arrive, we will call you to alert you that they are on the way. Some HVAC companies will also send pictures of their installation team before they arrive to increase security.

Evaluation and Removal of the Existing AC

Before a new air conditioner installation, your old system must be removed. During the removal process, our technicians will ensure that the surrounding areas in your home are protected and all the debris is cleared.

After removing the AC, the technicians will evaluate your current cooling structure to see if there are any air duct leaks or other problems that could interfere with the functioning of the new system.

Installing the New Air Conditioning Unit

Once the old system is removed, the actual installation can now start. This stage involves wiring, installing a thermostat, a new furnace or handler, and piping, among others.

Final Inspection and Maintenance Suggestions

Once the bulk of the work is completed, our technicians will advise you on managing your AC, including the normal maintenance practices and setting the thermostat. They will also ensure they do a final check to make sure that everything is working properly.

What Factors Should I Consider Before Air Conditioner Installation?

Consider these factors before calling One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth for an AC installation. They will give you a rough idea of what to look for in an AC.

  • The Size: To get the most out of your AC, make sure its size is appropriate for your room. A large AC will consume a lot of electricity, while a small AC will not sufficiently cool your entire room, especially in the hot summer afternoons of Fort Worth, TX.


  • The Type of Your AC: There are several brands of air conditioners today. When looking for an AC, narrow down your search to the best brands in the market.


  • Energy Efficiency: this is the amount of energy released by every kW of energy consumed. An AC that generates more energy for every kW is regarded to be more energy efficient. Energy-efficient ACs have multiple benefits to the environment, economy, and utility.


  • Running Costs: It is important to determine your AC’s energy consumption before installation. ACs that consume much energy have a higher running cost and vice versa.


  • Noise Levels: Consider the noise levels your AC produces before purchasing it. A home with toddlers and infants will require minimal noise from electrical appliances.

How Long Does an Air Conditioner Installation Take?

Generally, the air conditioner installation process takes less than a day. Several factors, such as the size of your house, accessibility of the storage of your AC components, and the condition of your ductwork, will determine the exact time for your installation. It normally takes four to eight hours.

Should I Hire A Professional AC Installer?

Like all other installation tasks, you can choose to do things your way or seek professional services. However, installing an AC on your own could come with many challenges and hazardous effects. In fact, some states mandate that the AC installation should be conducted by a professional. In this case, personal installations would be illegal.

Hiring a professional air conditioner installation service comes with a series of benefits. Did you know that your electricity bill can rise by as much as 30% if your AC is not installed correctly? When you install your AC on your own, you are likely to miss a procedure or two during the installation process. Aside from high electricity costs, personal installations may lead to damages to your unit altogether.

On the other hand, working with a professional air conditioner installation company ensures that the installation is done correctly. You are also guaranteed a warranty in case of any malfunctions. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, our technicians are highly qualified and experienced in the AC installation field. Their commitment to offering you the best service ensures that they conduct the installations in the safest way possible.

Other advantages of working with us are:

  • You will avoid damaging the warranty of your AC.
  • Professional installation services that save time.
  • Our technicians will handle all the tasks for you.
  • We will take the necessary safety precaution measures during the installation
  • We offer professional advice and input regarding air conditioner installation, repair, and maintenance.

Where Should I Install the AC In My Home?

As you get a new AC for your home, knowing exactly where to install it is equally important. If you had a previous AC and wished to change its location after replacing it, the best time would be to install your new AC.

For wall-mounted ACs, here are some considerations you should take before installation;

  • Place your AC system away from heat sources: Such sources could be kitchen appliances or a unit that gets exposed to the sun. If you install your AC too close to these sources, the thermostat may record a false reading.


  • The air conditioner should be in a place that receives no interruption in the airflow from the AC: In other words, avoid putting obstructions behind a door or furniture that will interfere with the airflow from your AC.


  • The AC should be installed in a position that does not block the passageway: Ensure that split-type ACs are installed 7 feet away from the floor’s level.


  • The air conditioner installation should not be done in areas close to electrical appliances.


  • Installing the AC at a central location in the room will ensure even air distribution throughout the room.

For portable and outdoor air conditioners for your patio and decks etc., consider these tips:

  • The air conditioner installation should be done in a shaded location. Installing your AC in hotter temperatures means that it will require more effort and energy to cool your home. Ideally, you should install the AC on the north or east side of your home for it to provide natural shade to the AC during hot weather.


  • Surround your AC with mulch or grass. Unlike mulches and grass, cement and stones absorb heat from the sun, which will not radiate more heat.


  • Install your AC in locations far from your outdoor activities. It is advisable to install your outdoor AC in areas with less interference.


  • The location of the air conditioner installation should be far from dogs’ reach. Ensure you have a barrier that prevents the dogs from getting close to your AC.

What Are the Benefits of An Air Conditioner Installation?

Nothing compares to the comfort air conditioners provide in the hot summers of Fort Worth, TX, but did you know that installing an air conditioner has several other benefits apart from comfort.

Close to 90 percent of homes in the United States use an air conditioning system. Having a new air conditioner increases the value of your home. This is because home buyers are willing to spend more money to have a comfortable and cooler home in the hot weather. According to a 2018 Zillow analysis, the costs of homes with an air conditioner were 2.5 percent more than those without.

If you are still not convinced of the importance of an investment in a new air conditioner in your home here are some other benefits.

  • An air conditioner creates a more secure home: Once you have an AC, you don’t need to open your doors and windows to regulate the room temperature naturally. This, in turn, increases security.


  • Improves your overall productivity: Hot weather can become uncomfortable by causing irritations to the skin due to the excess heat. With an air conditioner, the hot temperatures are released outside, and the internal environment becomes cool.


  • Air conditioners provide better sleep: It is quite impossible to get sleep when it is too hot. Sleeping in a cooler room (around 18.3°C) allows you to sleep much better and maintain your sleep throughout the night.


  • Improves your health: The filtration process that an AC goes through purifies the air by holding back dust and pollen particles that would otherwise stir allergies and breathing problems like asthma.


  • Air conditioners lower humidity: Air conditioning results in low humidity, thus home items like furniture and decorations can stay longer since they cannot be damaged by mold and bacteria that thrive in moist environments.


  • Less damage to electronics: Overheating damages electrical appliances. When temperatures in the house are low, the longevity of electrical appliances is increased.


  • Reduces dehydration risks: When the temperatures are low, the chances of us sweating are minimal. We may not realize that as we sweat, we are losing a great percentage of our water consumption. An air conditioner will cool a room, thus reducing the rate of perspiration.


  • Air conditioners reduce the chances of heatstroke: People have succumbed to heat strokes not just in Fort Worth, TX but other regions in the world. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), air conditioning is the top protective gear against heat-related illnesses and deaths.

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