Advice From Your AC Repair Technician When Purchasing A Greenhouse Heater | Keller, TX

Advice From Your AC Repair Technician When Purchasing A Greenhouse Heater | Keller, TX

Greenhouse heaters are a type of heating system specifically designed for use in greenhouses. These systems provide a controlled environment to promote plant growth and protect against harsh weather conditions. They can be powered by electricity, gas, or propane and integrated with systems to regulate temperature and humidity levels. Unfortunately, they are constantly exposed to an environment that might result in various issues which need the attention of an AC repair technician in Keller, TX. However, they are an essential component of any successful greenhouse operation, providing the necessary warmth and protection to ensure the optimal growth of plants.

Heating Your Greenhouse in a Smart Way

While there are many different heating options that an AC repair technician may install in your greenhouse, you also can leverage smart technology. You might install smart heaters or integrate smart air conditioning controllers into your existing systems. This will ensure that you further optimize the environment in your greenhouse and maintain an ideal temperature for your crops.

You can pair a remotely controlled heater like a mini-split, portable, or window heat pump with a smart thermostat to get smart features. These thermostats feature the global control feature that enables you to control the greenhouse humidity and temperatures via an application. As a result, this eliminates any need. You must go to the grow tent to check the temperatures now and then.

Additionally, the scheduling feature makes it further convenient for farmers to maintain the right greenhouse climate. This is because you won’t have to worry about turning the heater on or off at designated times. Additionally, you can set schedules to accommodate the nighttime or daytime temperature difference required by most plants. For instance, you can set the night temperatures at 45F and daytime temperatures at 68F. Hence, if you want convenience and comfort, talk to the AC repair technician about installing a smart heater or embedding a smart thermostat in your existing heater.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing a Greenhouse Heater?

You must consider several things when choosing or purchasing a greenhouse heater. Things like temperature control, heating capacity, and the heater’s safety features might come in handy. This ensures that you choose a unit with a long service life and provides optimal performance for your greenhouse. Any AC repair technician in Keller, TX will tell you to consider the following:

Heating Capacity

Heating capacity is critical when purchasing a heater for your greenhouse because it determines how effectively it will maintain the desired temperature within the greenhouse. The heating capacity of a heater is typically measured in BTUs, and it indicates how much heat a system produces. Generally, the higher the BTU rating of a heater, the more powerful it is. However, it’s important to find the right balance when selecting a heater for your greenhouse, as oversizing the heater can lead to wasted energy and potentially even damage to the greenhouse, while under-sizing the heater may not be able to maintain the desired temperature effectively. Hence, consult your AC repair technician before purchasing a greenhouse heater.

You should consider several factors when determining the appropriate heating capacity for your greenhouse. The first is the size of the greenhouse, as larger greenhouses will require more heat to maintain a consistent temperature. It’s also important to consider the climate zone you live in and the intended temperature range for your greenhouse. For example, if you live in a colder climate and you want to maintain a relatively high temperature within your greenhouse, you will need a heater with a higher BTU rating.

Another important factor to consider is the heat loss value of the covering used for your greenhouse. This value indicates how well the covering material can retain heat within the greenhouse. A lower heat loss value indicates that the covering material is a good insulator, while a higher heat loss value indicates that more heat will be lost through the covering.

Temperature Control

The temperature control option gives you through removing the hassle of controlling the heater manually. It also saves your unit energy as it will not run unnecessarily. You can have an AC repair technician install a greenhouse heater having a built-in temperature control that monitors the temperature and switches the heater off and on as needed. The other critical option is to automate the heater by buying a smart air conditioner controller to manage the settings from your smartphone’s comfort easily.

Forced or Static Air Heater

The static greenhouse heaters heat through convection, transferring the heat to the nearby objects from the source. Hence, they only are suitable for smaller greenhouses. Do you have a larger greenhouse? You should have an AC repair technician install a forced air heating system. These systems use air for transferring heat and can warm up a large area easily. Additionally, they are compatible with smart AC controllers and smart thermostats. Hence, it is easy to manage the greenhouse humidity and temperature.

Fuel Source

Your preferred fuel choice is critical in determining the greenhouse heater you will be going for. For instance, if you want an electrical heater, you must confirm that your greenhouse is equipped for that. If the greenhouse isn’t, you can call an AC repair technician in Keller, TX to install the connections or go for gas or propane heaters.


Propane and gas heaters require good ventilation. Otherwise, you might be exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning. Hence, you should ensure that an AC repair technician inspects your greenhouse for proper ventilation before you go for these types. Alternatively, you can choose an electric greenhouse heater that doesn’t produce emissions.

Ensure Your Crops Are Well-Heated

Do you own a greenhouse? Consider installing a heater or air conditioner to effectively regulate climate aspects such as temperature and humidity. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth today to help you. We offer a free consultation on all of our AC services.

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