Air Conditioner Installation Aspects That Affect Its Lifespan | Southlake, TX

Air Conditioner Installation Aspects That Affect Its Lifespan | Southlake, TX

Are you looking to install a new air conditioner or replace your old one? The last thing you want is for the air conditioner to start malfunctioning immediately after the installation. To ensure that it works efficiently and can serve your Southlake, TX home for its rated lifespan, you should hire an experienced air conditioner installation technician. With their experience, these professionals understand the different installation aspects that will impact the service of your unit. They include:

Air Duct Design

Properly designed and maintained air ducts can help increase the air conditioner’s efficiency and prolong its lifespan. In contrast, poorly designed air ducts can have the opposite effect. This means that they will negatively affect the service life of your air conditioner. One of the main factors that air conditioner installation technicians consider in air duct design is the size and layout of the ducts. Ducts that are too small can restrict air flow, leading to increased wear and tear on the air conditioner. Ducts that are too large can also lead to decreased efficiency and increased noise levels. Additionally, ducts with sharp bends or kinks can restrict airflow and increase wear and tear on the air conditioner.

Poor Ventilation

The other aspect of air conditioner installation that affects the lifespan of your air conditioner is ventilation. Proper ventilation is crucial for the longevity of an air conditioner. An air conditioner not ventilated correctly can lead to a buildup of moisture and mold within the unit. This can cause damage to the coils, the compressor, and other internal components of the air conditioner, which can shorten its lifespan. Poor ventilation can also cause the air conditioner to work harder than it needs to, leading to increased wear and tear. To prevent poor ventilation, it is essential to ensure that the air conditioner is installed in a well-ventilated area and that the unit is sealed correctly to prevent leaks.

Incorrectly Sized Air Conditioner

The size of the air conditioner is critical to its service life. If the unit is too large for the cooling space, it will short cycle, turning on and off frequently. This can cause excessive wear and tear on the unit, which can shorten its lifespan. A unit that is too small for the space will have to work harder to keep your Southlake, TX home cool, which can also lead to increased wear and tear on the unit. To ensure that the air conditioner is appropriately sized, it is vital to have an air conditioner installation professional conduct a load calculation to determine the appropriate size for the space.

Improper Wiring

Improper wiring can be a significant cause of damage to an air conditioner, shortening its service period. If the air conditioner installation technician doesn’t do the wiring correctly, your unit may experience problems such as electrical short-circuiting, which can cause damage to the internal components of the unit. Improper wiring can also lead to an increased risk of fire. To prevent damage caused by improper wiring, it is crucial to have a qualified and licensed electrician install the air conditioner and ensure that all wiring is done per local and national electrical codes.

Location of the Outdoor Unit

Where is the outdoor unit located? Is it under a shade or exposed to sunlight and other elements? If the unit is placed in an area exposed to direct sunlight, high winds, or other harsh weather conditions, your air conditioner’s lifespan can suffer a blow. The air conditioner installation technician should install the outdoor component on a level surface, protected from the elements, such as a covered area or a protective shield.

Quality of the Air Filters

The quality of the filters is another aspect of an air conditioner installation that could impact the unit’s efficiency and service life. A high-quality air filter will trap all the dust, dirt, and other particles that can damage the unit over time, ensuring that the unit functions efficiently. This means that it might serve your Southlake, TX home longer. In contrast, a low-quality air filter may allow dust and other particles to enter the unit, leading to clogging of the coils and other internal components, which can shorten the unit’s lifespan. To ensure that the air filter is of high quality, it is important to replace it regularly and use a filter designed for the specific make and model of the air conditioner.

Protection from Elements

Does your area receive strong winds? Do you reside in a place where snowstorms and blizzards are a common occurrence? Then the air conditioner installation technician should install the outdoor unit in an elevated position. The technician can also cover the unit with a breathable covering to protect it from snow, dust, and other elements. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that the unit is properly sealed to prevent leaks and protected from potential damage from falling debris or other external factors. This can include covering the unit during extreme weather events, such as heavy snow or strong winds, and ensuring that the unit is not placed near areas prone to flooding or other water damage.

Proper protection can also include regular inspections and maintenance of the unit. This can include having the air conditioner installation technician regularly clean the unit to remove dust and debris and ensure that any leaks or damage are repaired quickly to prevent further damage. It’s also important to check for any signs of rust or corrosion on the unit, as these can be early indicators of potential problems that may shorten the unit’s lifespan.

Are you planning to replace your air conditioner or replace your old unit? Ensure that you hire an experienced professional or reputable company. These technicians understand the various aspects of the installation that are critical for its efficient functioning and longer lifespan. For any air conditioning repair, installation, maintenance, or duct cleaning, contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth today.

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