Air Conditioner Installation | Fort Worth, TX

Air Conditioner Installation | Fort Worth, TX

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Residents of Fort Worth, TX know just how warm the summer can get, which is why they don’t play around with their AC units in Texas and want to make sure that they are ready to go long before the summer months arrive. AC is not something that you take for granted, which is why if you think that your ac may be on the way out it is better to take care of replacing it during the winter months. Winter never truly comes in Fort Worth, TX, so it is still a great and easy time to replace a unit without worrying about disrupting your cold airflow or dealing with snow and elements.

In fact, the mild winters make them the best time to deal with simple AC tasks such as repairing your unit, replacing your unit, or just booking your AC maintenance visit. In fact, booking your maintenance visit is the best way to make sure that your new air conditioner installation lasts for years to come if you have just gotten a new unit. Others are not quite so lucky though, but that’s okay because now is a very low-risk time to get serious about replacing your unit if it is dubious that it will be able to hold out for one more long, hot, muggy summer.

Wondering if you should be considering a new air conditioner installation? A service visit is actually a great way to find out. During the service visit, the technician will actually inspect the condition of your unit and suggest repairs. They can give you an overall idea of its condition and usually tell you whether or not the time to replace your unit is now. That can make their professional advice invaluable if you are starting to think about upgrading your AC unit before the next summer rolls around.

If this is the first time that replacing your air conditioner unit has crossed your mind, then the following list of factors might be worth considering. In this guide, we walk you through signs it may be time for air conditioner installation so that you can start to think about replacing your unit. After all, proactive replacement is always better than waiting until the middle of winter when AC businesses are swamped to find out that your unit needs to be replaced. Even worse, if your unit breaks down in the middle of summer because you didn’t replace it then you may be stranded without air for a few days or even a week while you wait for the replacement to arrive.

With all of these factors in mind, there is a lot to be said for being proactive about upgrading your Fort Worth, TX home AC system. If you notice any of the following signs that you need to replace your AC from this list, the best thing you can do is contact an AC company to come out and take a look. Sometimes a simple repair is all that will be necessary, but other times replacing your unit is going to be the best option.

As an AC company that has served the Fort Worth, TX region for quite some time, we have never heard a customer regret upgrading their AC systems, but we have heard quite a bit of regret not upgrading sooner. There are a lot of benefits that come with making the switch and jumping into a new air conditioner installation which you will learn over the course of this article. If you are on the fence about air conditioner installation, this simple guide should help you out.

Do I Need to Replace My AC Unit?

Most AC units do not break down in the middle of the summer without giving you some type of warning sign. The following is a list of signs that it is time to replace your AC unit if you don’t want to be stranded without any air while you wait for an HVAC company to fit you into their schedule and then order a unit that will likely be delayed given the current stocking and manufacturing system across the world. If you notice any of these signs, consider calling an AC company now to take care of your air conditioner installation.

Your AC Unit Is Old

Texas summers in Fort Worth, TX are rough on AC systems. Even if you maintain your system every year and buy a premium unit it is unreasonable to expect it to run much longer than eight to 12 years. If you are getting close to that ten year mark and have already had to make a few repairs then it may be time to seriously consider getting ahead of the curve with air conditioning repair. Once an AC reaches a certain age you are playing a risky game of roulette betting that it will make it through the summer without breaking down, and you are most likely paying more for the same amount (or less) of cooling power.

Older systems can’t hold a candle to the newer more energy-efficient models, which is why a new air conditioner installation is actually one of the best ways to lower your monthly expenses. The same way that a broken-down car that is old will eat gas or oil, an old AC will just eat up energy and end up costing you a fair amount that you could easily save if you would just get serious about air conditioner installation.

Emitting Bad Smells

Your AC is supposed to make your home more appealing by cooling it down, not by creating a poor quality of air inside of your home. An AC that is not functioning right will start to emit smoky or foul smells that should be an immediate sign it is time for a new unit. Oftentimes the smells indicate that the wire insulation inside of your unit is burned out which outside of being annoying, can actually be incredibly dangerous and could lead to a fire in your home. For this reason, smoky or burning smells are immediate signs that it is time to consider a new air conditioner installation.

Another smell that could indicate you need to start thinking about a new AC is a moldy or mildew smell. Musty smells are not normal and are not simply present in your home because you own an older home. Usually, they stem from mold or moisture that has built up inside of your unit or inside of your ductwork. You might consider calling an AC company to book a duct cleaning service, but if that doesn’t fully remove the smell from your home it is probably time to seriously consider air conditioner installation.

Unsettling Noises

Smells are not the only thing that you should worry about when it comes to the condition of your AC system. Noises can be just as troubling to deal with. While some noises can happen from time to time such as a whistle or a pop when the AC shuts off at the end of a cycle, other noises should be an immediate cause for concern. Loud pops or bangs for instance are always a concern that you should consult with a professional over. They can indicate a serious problem and an impending breakdown if not dealt with right away.

Squealing is another noise that should be taken seriously because most of the time it indicates that a belt has snapped or broken down and/or pieces are rubbing on each other creating a large amount of friction and a time bomb that will explode. Scraping and loud constant whistling are two more noises that you don’t want to ignore and likely will indicate that the time to replace your AC is near. As always, it is best to let a professional HVAC technician take a look and offer you final advice on whether your unit can be repaired or if it’s time for a new air conditioning installation.

Energy Bills Are Jumping Up

If your energy bills are jumping up and you are not consuming any more power than you usually do, then there is a good chance that your AC is not working as well as it used to. During the summer months, your AC consumes the most electricity within your home. Therefore, all it takes is a slight change for your energy bills to leap up. An aging AC will do more than slightly change your electric bills, they have to work much harder to produce the same amount of cool air which means they will cause your bills to go sky high.

In addition, even if the thermostat says that it is a certain temperature in your home it may not feel like it if your AC is not working effectively. This is because older ACs are fighting an uphill battle to cool homes. Oftentimes they stop effectively removing moisture from the air which means it may be muggy and sticky in your home making it uncomfortable even if the temperature is slightly lower than it is outside. This can cause you to continue to turn down the thermostat as you attempt to get comfortable resulting in even more energy consumption without actually getting any relief.

The bottom line is if you are paying a large amount of money to cool your home and it is not working, then you need to start thinking about a new air conditioner installation. Essentially at that point, you are throwing money away and not getting anything back for it in return. A new air conditioner installation will guarantee that you are finally comfortable in your home and make sure that any money you spend on energy will actually be worth it. When you compare a new model to a model from ten years ago, the newer model will always be more energy efficient even if it is a basic model.

A lot has changed in the last year including the government requirements of the SEER rankings on AC units, which means that you will get a better model making your choice to go ahead with air conditioner installation really pay off. What is more, a lot of government programs and utility companies will actually give you tax credits or rebates if you choose air conditioner installation for a model with a certain SEER rating. This is something you may want to look into to help offset the costs of air conditioner installation and save even more down the road on your home improvement.

Constant Need for Repairs

As your AC ages, you should expect to have to repair it from time to time. As mentioned earlier, regular service visits are a great way to stay on top of simple repairs that will keep your unit functioning for years to come. However, if it seems like all you do is repair your AC then it may be time to think about air conditioner installation. Occasional repairs are a much different story than a few repairs every year. At some point, you have to consider if you are just throwing your money away buying time until you eventually bite the bullet and have to pay for a new air conditioner installation anyhow.

Plus, you need to consider the fact that if your repair only buys you a little more time it may not be worth it. Expensive AC repairs, in particular, should be carefully considered, because if a unit is already older than eight years, it doesn’t make sense to put more than half of its value back into it. At that point, it is better to simply cut your losses and go ahead with a new air conditioner installation so that you can at least rest assured you won’t be spending any more money any time soon.

If you are ready to opt for a new air conditioner installation in Fort Worth, TX, give One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth a call and we can review your options.